Domains Of The Silver Spire

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    1. The Glorious Kingdom of Celetil

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    ~ Kelekroth ~
    Quenya and/or Sindarin, meaning Ice-Delving.

    Kelekroth was Founded by Kin Armorin, grandson of King Berkin II. Due to it's stunning success, contrasting the decline of the citadel of Celetil, it has become the capitol of Celetil while the citadel is restored.
    2017-11-15_16.56.51.png 2017-11-15_16.54.17.png 2017-11-15_16.54.42.png 2017-11-15_16.58.38.png

    ~ Gul Dirak~
    Orgin unknown
    In the fiery hearth below us all is a dungeon filled with power. Here resides the spirit of a necromancer of old, and a hazy purple mist clouds this dungeon. Our scholars have found that one can use the power that forms the hoards of monsters that spawn in the midst if this spirit to forge... uh... very shiny weapons. With state of the art machines to extract this power, Celetil's tools of war shall become more plentiful than ever.
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