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    Welcome to the Department Round-up!

    Welcome to our fourth Department Round-up where we’ll be bringing you a sneak peak of what each department did this week via extra helpful staffers who helpput this together! Get ready, folks. This one’s gonna be a long one.​

    Lore Staff

    This week, Lore did plenty of work, and while few of us were actively involved in developing its lore, the 20s-style AU was also a big piece of Lore content that came out!

    • Tibertastic: Well, things kicked off with a murder in the theatre. The Constabulary quick to declare a crime scene as the officers shot and killed the culprit. Accusations flew about what caused it, some said the mob, some said a crime of passion, some even whispered about a Dyatlovist uprising. Things went peaceful with the occasional murdered bystander, the police being accused of mass-corruption by the papers. There are even whispers of a massive drug smuggling operation organised by clowns...?
    • HydraLana: This week a lot of content was pushed out. While not officially announced, a lot of the old content related to the Ch'ien-Ji is being updated to fit Sihai lore. That includes materials like Jade, but also animals and plants. While not quite everything is out yet, by next week an official announcement should cluster all the pages together for a full rundown on what is new. Aside from that, work on a new Great Vampire Wars page has been finished. A History article, it details the collapse of the Hedrylli Empire into the Kingdom of Hedryll known today at the hands of Vampires, but also explains how Vampirism came to spread across the world when they once had a vast population and a nation to call home.
    Game Staff

    Our Gamestaff has introduced a weekly event hosting system called “Tal Tuesdays“ let's hear from the creator himself as he makes his debut on the round-up two times!

    • Talantius: Tal Tuesdays was something I just thought up of out of the blue. Ever since the reformation of the Game department, the hosting of events has kinda died down and I wanted to change that. It's a simple thing just doing an event per week but I just wanted to give players something to do for an hour. It's just a nice little way to generate content while waiting for some of the larger projects to be completed. Today, we finished our first event for Tal Tuesdays and I think it went quite well. We had quite a large amount for players who showed up and participated. I hope players had fun with it and I hope we see some familiar faces at the next event. I look forward to the many more events we have to do every Tuesday.

    World Staff

    Our Worldstaff has been very busy with the 1920’s AU and decorations. Here’s a word from the ever diligent EdnaMode.

    • EdnaMode: Last week and this week I didn't do too much since university has started for me... I was able to start a little bit on the Tyrannian Country Estate, I laid out some walls to later on start decorations. Also! With the release of the Petalcourt expansion, I've been offering to help out anyone with their houses and decorations. Mostly setting their shops or their characters houses so they can start roleplaying in them and hopefully use the new space.

    Tech Staff

    Techstaff is always all over the place with the different tasks and plugins. Here’s a word from one of the most reliable Tech Staff members who’s been on the round-up three weeks in a row!

    • RustyTrumbone: This week I continued to work on MassiveHelp. A plugin that will provide answers to FAQs through an in-game chest interface. (Think about how /tp works) This plugin is a bit beefy in terms of overall logic needed to make work. I’ve been having a good time thinking through how to make it all come together. So I’ve been creating the repetitive stuff you need for all new plugins and braining through how to store all the information MassiveHelp is going to need. We’ll see how the next week goes.

    Quest Staff

    Quest is always creating new stories and adventure for players to experience. Special thanks to Talantius who tackled two departments in one round-up. Lets hear what he has to say.

    • Talantius: This past week was a productive week for quests. I was writing several quests that create fun little stories for players to run and and complete within the new Essalonia spawn. The quests I created you find by just kind of exploring the town and messing around with things. Some of them will be easy to figure out where the Easter Egg is from and others might be a little tricky. This was my first time really creating quests that players could see, and I enjoyed it a lot. My first few weeks as a quest aspirant were sort of behind the scenes , working on a quest or two that dealt with teleporting players. I really enjoyed being able to write silly quests that give silly rewards that I think players will enjoy. I hope that when someone finds these quests they chose to at the most, to give someone hints on how to find them, so that they may also enjoy these little hidden gems. It was truly a blast to be able to use my newfound knowledge of quests to create an experience that I hope players will enjoy.

    PR Staff

    Finally, how could we forgot the elite task force that is PR? Here’s a few words from the busy-man Battlebrawn himself. Who’s claimed a spot on the round-up for the second week in a row.

    • Battlebrawn: This week's been pretty busy for me with our returning focus to advertising on Planet Minecraft and having lots to announce. I updated our PMC page to better reflect the server in its current state then posted a few notices on there and Twitter for our new 1920s AU roleplay world, which I also took screenshots of for the official announcement. I then posted a thread for the new Essalonia spawn.


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