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    Competition brought to you by @Lyee

    Snow blanketing houses, people going from house to house caroling and children building snowmen. All the sign of the coming of Christmas, except something’s missing… The decorating, of course!

    This winter put your building skills to use as you compete in the Winter Decoration contest.
    This competition will take place in Regalia and in the Faction world to accommodate those without homes in Regalia! This competition tasks the players with decorating their home or faction base with the MOST Holiday spirit! Hang those ornaments, string up the lights, and don't forget the mistletoe!

    Players are encouraged to participate and they will have until December 12th to post screenshots of their Holiday home! You may also post coordinates to your home and we will come look at them as well.

    This competition will be judged by us in PR and also bring on the help from our lovely World Staff because who else knows decorating more than those worldies?

    1st Place will take home a holiday themed lore item and Regals
    2nd and 3rd place will get a nice Regal prize for their work!

    • Decorate ONLY in Regalia/Faction worlds.
    • No creative plots allowed.
    • No teaming up.
    • One home/faction build per entry.
    • Entries must be in by December 12th!
    We can't wait to see your Holiday homes and we hope you all enjoy the many wonderful things we have planned for the season!
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Discussion in 'Massive Competitions' started by seoulmate, Dec 3, 2017.

    1. Emkaloua
      So is this just for decoration of a previously existing house or can new houses be built in a faction world to further the Christmas theme?
    2. aprader1
      Can we use a different resource pack to enhance our build
    3. seoulmate
      If you wish to build a house in faction world go ahead just be sure to give us the coordinates to it!

      You can use whichever resource pack you'd like!
    4. Lyee
      Pretty neat! =)
    5. _Torivor
      I don't have snow where I live ;.;
    6. Lyee
      That's okay, neither do I (usually). It's a good thing this applies mainly to Regalia where it's been snowy since Halloween.
    7. Jalapeno690
      Why apply mainly to regalia?? Good way to alienate the faction/survival community further
    8. Enkiduu
      You took the post out of context. She's referring to this description:
      The competition itself, as stated in the rules, applies to both Regalia and Faction worlds.
    9. Lyee
      As Enkiduu said, I was referring to the description at the beginning of the post. Apologies for any confusion.
    10. _Torivor
      I was referring to where I live on Earth, not Regalia. But I guess that works too.
    11. Lyee
      I know. Wow, what I wrote seems to have been mis-interpreted... I was saying that where I live irl doesn't get snow either, but the post was referring to Regalia. I was meaning it as a joke.
    12. _Torivor
      The internet has that effect on allot of people including me.
    13. Julu8
      Christmas at the Ilifina-Silevon Residence
      Christmas is around the corner! And the Ilifina-Silevon Residence is ready!
      Outside the house, you can see decorations hanging from the windows. Infront of the big window that's facing the road, you can see a Chrismtas tree.​

      Behind the house, you can also see decorations hanging from the windows, and it's snowing!

      Inside the house is decorated with the Christmas flower poinsettia, and chandles to set the mood.
      When you walk inside, you immediately see a poinsettia(Yes it's a poppy, but use your imagination!) sitting on a table.

      Turning to your left, you see the amazing Christmas tree! It is decorated with baubles that are decorated like slimes, and apples! And of course the most important thing of a Christmas tree, the Star! It might be a blaze's head, it might not be!


      Going into the kitchen, you'll see baked goods on the counter, who doesn't love home-baked cookies and cakes during Christmas?

      Going from the kitchen and towards the stairs, you'll notice a table with snow on it! This if for setting up your own little Winter Wonderland with tiny houses and figurines.

      Small presents have been places around the house as a surprise for the whole family.

      Even the office has been decorated for a little Christmas spirit while the hubby(@TakeDown__) works!

      The door will be left open for anyone to come by and visit while I'm offline!
      The address is at Minstrelsquare3
      Have a happy holidays! <3
    14. Snore
      Love the flower picture. It is to particular.
    15. Viscar
      Yeah it's been snowy in Jorrhild for even longer!!!1!!1!
    16. Jalapeno690
      No way!!! Has it?? Never noticed
    17. seoulmate
      Winner of this competition is @Julu8 you will receive your prize soon!

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