Dealing With New Roleplayers On Massive

Discussion in 'Massive Tutorials' started by OasisRP1, Feb 10, 2018.

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    So, you are roleplaying and someone walks up to you with a Taco Skin with the name "Floppidy Flopulous", and you do /seen and can see that they are a new player. What do you do when they start trying to talk to you in character, or begin asking OOC character questions in the IC chat? Do you get angry and try and tell them to leave because "They are disrupting RP?" with the threat of reporting them? Do you just ignore them? Do you roleplay with them regardless and then let them go on with their day? I have a way on how to deal with them in a positive manor.

    If a new player comes up to you and begins attempting roleplay (and is failing), start by bringing them to one side in OOC (explaining how to OOC as well) then explain about the lore, with the races, and their naming custom and the like (or just toss em the necessary Wiki pages and tell them to read certain ones). If they get confused by one bit explain it to them in your own words to help them out. Then, if their skin is incorrect, perhaps give them suggestions on what skin should go with their name and or race, and PM them a link. Then move on to explaining how to do all the other little commands in roleplay like the + or the * commands, and explain how they have to use full words (rather than just U for you and the like). Then when this is done, and you think that they understand, and have changed their skin and name to a more correct one, then begin roleplaying with them one on one. If they have any hiccups in their roleplaying call them out on it as positive and helpful as possible, without sounding too mean or overbearing.

    Now, if your busy, this might be hard, but seeing how large the city is and the amount of players playing at one time is so big that anyone around you can also help. You can even give them the name of an online Lore Staff person in order for them to get an even more in-depth understanding of the lore.

    The key points is to not get angry, or frustrated because a player is new and is "ruining your roleplaying experience". If your mean and laugh at them, or tell them to leave and not roleplay with you, you are ruining THEIR experience all because they don't know the lore, rules, and such because they are new. And that isn't fair. I have seen so many new players come on and have been driven off of roleplay due to the sheer fact that other, more experienced roleplayers simply just shoo them aside because they aren't as good as them, and thats not right. Give new people a chance and help them to become as good as you might be, and they too can find a love for the world MassiveCraft has created over the years, just as you most likely have as well.​
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    You would be surprised at what can happen with such a simple act as reaching out to a newer player. Taking 5 minutes out of RP to help someone out could translate to 5 months of RP from them, just for showing them the ropes.

    I'd avoid linking the wiki as much as possible, but I would link the Synopsis if anything.
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    Honestly, when I was new I went around for about 2 weeks not knowing to use a nickname, until someone showed me how to use nick and OOC, and then bam 2 years later.
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    Great post @Waterstag, helping new players rather than inhibiting them is the right thing to do. We all need to make sure that we remember, we were new once too. If anybody needs a skin to get into roleplay, send them my way, I can't guarantee that I can whip up every new player a free skin, but if I'm not busy, I'll try to put something high quality together.
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    When i started playing here i had no clue on what i was doing, it took me around 2 days to realized how to get the mechanics and the commands memorize before i start learning about the lore and rules of the roleplay
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    Nice words and all, though all too optimistic for my taste. Let's be honest here, MassiveCraft has no whitelist and there's frequent trolls appearing for the sole purpose of annoying players. I do agree that being open can help a lot, but at the same time, there's a firm difference between obvious trolls and new roleplayers.

    When someone in a Jake skin shambles into the Shady Lady and starts spamming "dicks", I don't really have any motivation to tell them it's wrong. What I'll do is go straight for ignore and a staff ticket. And from three monhts' worth of playing, I can pretty much say nineteen out of twenty are simply here for trolling.

    The answer doesn't lie with players, not fully. It has already been discussed that the new-player-spawn-welcome-area has to be re-designed and updated.

    Another thing I'd suggest for the server, instead, would be to provide incentives for skin-makers to create "stock" skins and make a library of them on PMC, with links to it from the forums. I did notice the most jarring part of entering roleplay is finding the right skin. And in a way, this would make it all the more easier to differentiate between trolls from /the other realm/ and those who wish to learn.
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    I just jump right in and start roleplaying with them. Usually the new ones don't have a nickname set, so I do a whois. If they are new to the server I welcome them to MassiveCraft. If they are trying to respond in character, that's when I start to tell them about nicknames and ooc chat and such.

    You can tell within a few lines if they have any interest in RP if you stay in character and see how they react.

    Keeping new players around is incredibly important for the longterm growth of the server. Nothing helps keep new roleplayers like dumping them right into the action. So they mess up and don't know the lore. Give them a break. Have fun and don't bury them in rules. If you have the temperament for it (it takes a lot of patience*), consider putting aside some of your roleplaying time to help introduce our server to new players.

    * I once had what must have been a very young person struggle for at least 20 minutes to understand the difference between a colon and semicolon on the keyboard. To the point that I had to explain how to push shift at the same time, etc. Remember some people who start here are VERY young to the point of not knowing very much about how a keyboard works. Encourage them! Don't discourage them!
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    I don't think there's anything wrong with being optimistic about new rpers? The fact is, it's quite easy to tell when someone is trolling and when someone's being genuine. Obviously no one's going to try to explain lore intricacies to someone who's spamming "dicks" because that's...obviously not attempting to roleplay. This is not what this thread is advocating for.

    Instead, what's important is that when someone's roleplaying as something incompliant, or has a modern skin, or isn't using good grammar, or is roleplaying as a canon character we shouldn't jump on them like harpies, saying "PURPLE HAIR IS NOT ALLOWED ALSO THAT CHARACTER IS INCOMPLIANT READ THE LORE HONESTLY OR IM GONNA REPORT YOU JUST READ THE WHOLE 500+ PAGE WIKI". We should say, in a polite, friendly tone: "Hi there! I've noticed that you're rping, and I think it's great that you want to join our community! Sadly, roleplay as a demonkin creature from Ao No Exorcist is not actually lore compliant. Massivecraft has an expansive wiki which details our server's lore. Now, I think that given what you're roleplaying, you'd really enjoy playing as a [Insert Race Here.] Some other helpful things would include looking at this wiki page on rp rules and character creation, or joining the forums."

    Also, I completely support having a skin database like what you suggested but I don't think its likely that a lot of new rpers will use those skins because they'll have just found the server on or something and won't really know about it. Even if they're using an edgy anime vampire kawaii desu girl skin, if they're trying to rp we should try and help them.

    Because all of us are part of this community together, we all have a duty to make new players feel welcome. We can't just leave it to staff member's because that's unrealistic.
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