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    A few posters made their way around Crookback proper, colorful and eye catching, and scrawled out in nice ink. The seal of the Crookback Council adorns the top of their pages, signifying it as official and whatnot.
    〚 ◈┇ ════════════ - ‹ •◦ [X] ◦• › - ════════════ ┇◈ 〛​

    The Crookback Council has long lorded silently over Crookback, only stepping in in emergencies, and otherwise allowing Crookbackians to do as they please. We the council are pleased to announce that those days, starting now, are over. The following has been released by the Crookback Councils, and details the purpose of the current members of the council, how the council will structure itself, the start of Crookback Assemblies, voting and representation, and more.


    On The Council and its Positions

    The Crookback Council is divided into Hands and Representatives. Hands are people appointed by the Crookback Representative herself, and often perform specific tasks, or oversee certain systems or entities within Crookback. Representatives are elected by the council and are proposed by Crookbackians. Representatives are meant to represent certain groups, and give them a voting seat on the Council when it concerns passing new orders, taking on new council members, or anything else the Council may see fit to vote on.

    These are the currently sitting Council members

    Valarosta Ino-femnun┇Crookback Representative
    The Crookback Representative brings any issues from the Crookback Council to the Noble Assembly. This position is set in stone, as the Council nor Crookbackians are free to choose their Representative.
    Abigail Tucker┇The Hand of Glee
    The Hand of Glee oversees entertainment within Crookback and ensures that the people of Crookback remain happy. The Hand of Glee has the secondary job of organizing and overseeing Council events, particularly Crookback Assemblies.
    Harlow Ketch┇The Hand of Justice
    The Hand of Justice heads the Militia and ensures that it continues to function in a fair and just manner. The Militia is tasked with enforcing that the mercenary companies, Guards, and Parthas bounty hunters are not making arrests or taking bounties without the proper warrants.
    Hessolis Cavven'karr┇Kaahl Representative
    The Kaahl Representative is the elected official meant to represent the Kaahl families within Crookback. This position must be maintained by a Kathar. The current Khaal Representative has been elected by the Lord Chancellor, but can be voted out.
    Anathema┇Magi Representative
    The Magi representative is a general representative for Mages and magical beings in Crookback that don't quite fit into any particular in-group.
    [EMPTY]┇Crimson Representative
    The Crimson Representative ensures cooperation between the Crookback Council and the Sanguine Covens of Crookback. This position is currently empty. This position does not offer impunity from guard bounties or the law. Misbehavior may result in ejection from the council via the Crookback Representative’s decision of Veto. This position must be maintained by a notable Coven head, or can be attained by a common sanguine through petition to the Hand of Glee.
    [EMPTY]┇Cerulean Representative
    The Cerulean Representative ensures cooperation between the Crookback Council and the Werebeast packs of Crookback. This position is currently empty. This position does not offer impunity from guard bounties or the law. Misbehavior may result in ejection from the council via the Crookback Representative’s decision of Veto. This position must be maintained by a notable Pack leader, or can be attained by a common werebeast through petition to the Hand of Glee.

    On the Hands

    The Hands of the Crookback Council are not locked positions, and new positions are made as people apply, or as they’re deemed necessary. If a hand is no longer needed, they are let go, and if a new one is required the Council will announce its search for applicants. Unlike representatives, this position is not one that is voted in publicly, often the Council decides to take on hands in private, or the Crookback Representative takes on the Hand by directly hiring them.

    Aspiring Hands should seek out the Crookback Representative or the Hand of Glee to argue their position within the Council.

    On Representatives

    Crookback is a diverse place with diverse peoples, and the Council wishes to ensure that those people have a say in how their home is governed. This is why there are representatives and they, like the Hands, get a vote in council affairs. Unlike the Hands, however, the Representatives are not tasked with hyper-specific jobs. Instead, the Representatives are tasked with ensuring the people they are intended to be representing remain happy with how the council operates within Crookback. A good representative is expected to be vocal at Crookback Assemblies, and is expected to bring forth ideas and proposals that would be liked by the people they represent. Representatives absent from more than two assemblies in a row without sufficient reason ((OOC reasoning will be handwaved ICly)) will be ejected from the council and have their position opened for a more enthusiastic individual. As it currently stands, qualifications for becoming a representative are loose, with some positions having restrictions on who can fill them, for example, Crimson and Cerulean positions requiring a Sanguine and a Werebeast respectively.

    Representatives, unlike the Hands, are elected by the directive of the Crookbackians. Crookbackians cannot vote themselves, the Council and Representatives vote, but the Crookbackians can demand for a vote at crookback assemblies, suggest new representative positions, and request replacement representatives.

    The votes for the Crimson and Cerulean representatives will be happening on the afternoon of this Saturday. ((May 22nd, 4pm CST)).

    On Crookback Assemblies and Voting

    The Council will be striving to hold one Crookback assembly every two weeks. Shortly before sunset on Fridays ((5:30-6:00 pm CST)) are when they are to typically start, however, the day and time can be adjusted to fit Council member schedules as needed. The first council meeting, for example, is starting on a Saturday. Adjustments will be announced publicly, and the Council will avoid making adjustments within 24 hours of an assembly. Assemblies are held in the building directly behind the Crookback Emporium.

    Assemblies work as follows: The Hand of Glee stands atop the stage and announces its start by giving a short speech, announcing what the focus of the assembly will be, and so forth. That focus is always addressed first. If there is no focus for the assembly, or when the focus has been properly addressed, The Hand of Glee announces the floor being open to the Crookbackians. It is at this time anyone who wishes to bring grievances, make proposals, suggest representatives and so forth may do so by standing on the soap box before the stage. Only one Crookbackian may speak at a time, and only a single proposal can be made at a time. After all who wish to speak have done so, the Crookback representative, or the Hand of Glee should they be absent, will make a closing statement. The Council votes are done in a manner similar to the assembly, where the Council members with a vote cast a slip of paper with a YES or NO vote, votes with a majority are passed. Votes that come to equal numbers are HELD and are re-voted at the next assembly.

    The Council will ensure the safety of any who attend Assemblies, and the Hand of Glee will personally provide snacks and drinks to any Crookbackians that show up.


    Closing Statements

    The Council looks to break its silent streak, and the Hand of Glee intends to continue to host assemblies and release missives for however long the council exists. The Assemblies, system for voting, and representatives are still experimental, and hopefully the purpose and position of the Council can be refined to further serve Crookback as time goes on.


    Valarosta Ino-Femunn @Athelois
    Abigail Tucker @Lizmun
    Harlow Ketch @fantuinn
    Hessolis Cavven'karr @CRASHIR
    Anathema @Birdsfoot_Violet
    Shout out to @BiBiBirdie for making this look pretty for me!
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    - The Crookback Council has been split into 2 jobs, Hands and Reps. Hands have specific jobs, Reps interact with people and can be voted on / voted out. Both get a vote in the council.
    - The council votes in public Crookback Assemblies.
    - Crookback Assemblies are once every 2 weeks. Commoners/Crookbackians can come to them and gets tuff changed there.
    - Crookback Assemblies are slated to happen every other Friday starting at 5:30 - 6:00 PM CST.
    - The first Assembly is this Saturday at 4PM CST.​
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    Eugenio de Fuerzainter puts down the missive onto his desk. The man contemplated the establishment of Crookback elections as he remembered past calls for a new and elected Crookback Council. He slept peacefully that night, seeing another political reform of his finally enacted; only this time at the Crookback-level.
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    The Tech Prince read through the paper in hopes that change would ensue. And to his relief, he met his eyes to the foundations of the change he had so yearned for. With his thoughts hopeful, The Cratosian would swing open his gates. Almost a calling for the Crookback Council to meet with them if they sought interest into him becoming a representative.

    "The time for change has arrived. Let's hope they do not break these foundations."
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    Candles were arranged to cascade around a tall polished effigy to Draga Ifrit near the center of Crookback, they lit and sparkled against the onyx exterior in the late evening sky. As most of the rabble turned in for their night, Coren chose to sit before it and read with the dying light as he licked his wounds from a prior engagement. His eyes skirted over the sections which jumped out to him, then ultimately as it grew too dark set the copy of the ledger he had with him down.
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