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    The Crisis of Nobles war system functions quite differently to how the old Crisis of Kings system functioned. The major differences are the forced surrenders system and the reintroduction of universal war declarations for ALL factions, regardless of participation status in Crisis of Nobles. The Game Department has realized it may be hard to comprehend the new system in such a large thread, thus we have opted to post this thread which hopefully will explain how Crisis of Nobles Wars' will function and how non-participant factions are effected.
    • First off, the system of declaring war between great houses is rather unchanged. The only part of that system that has changed is the surrender system. Specifically, the forced surrender system. The idea is rather simple and is explained on both the main relaunch thread and the war rules thread. There should be no concern there for factions worried about declaring war against another great house.
    • All factions (that are not great houses) are considered provinces; either autonomous or swearing fealty to a great house (liege provinces). These liege provinces have 2 requirements: have a medieval name and have a minimum of 10 legitimate members.
    • Now that all factions are considered provinces, we decided to allow war declarations to be a universal system, rather than a system that excludes half the playerbase because they are not necessarily a faction that wishes to take part in a large scale competition.
    • Provinces can declare on provinces, the same with great houses. The system functions the same as the old war declaration system. There are no forced surrenders or battle points in this system.
    • Forced surrenders and battle points only exist between battles among great houses or against liege provinces as it was the only feasible way to ensure that the internal paperwork for the system is manageable. If every faction could earn battle points, Game Staff would spend excessive hours confirming these battles, so it was decided to restrict it to great house vs great house.
      • For example, if Great House A attacks Province B, whom are a liege province of Great House C, this can be claimed for points. If Great House A attacks Province D, whom are an autonomous province, this cannot be claimed for points.
      • If Province B attacks Great House A, they can claim points on their war declaration and these battle points will go to to Great House C.
    • This doesn't mean a great house can declare on a autonomous province and can't demand they join them in Crisis of Nobles. That is perfectly legal once the requirements for becoming a liege province are met.
    • It is the responsibility of the war leaders to record the amount of battles and scores they have won or at least, have a rough estimation. They can then request that a forced surrender be invoked, Game staff will check past battle reports and either reject or accept the request.
    • We have plans to introduce a more automatic system of battle recording in the future - but we hope to see the current battles system succeed first.

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