Crisis Of Nobles - A New Era

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    Crisis of Nobles
    Crisis of Kings for many months was a project that helped to bring purpose to factions on MassiveCraft. It provided goals to reach for and a competition to keep the gameplay fresh. Crisis of Kings began in August of 2017, the first progression for Crisis of Kings was published on the day this post was written. Crisis of Kings was a last ditch effort to ensure that MassiveCraft Factions survived, and more importantly, MassiveCraft PvP survived.

    The first few weeks of Crisis of Kings were heavily focused on PvP. While this may sound like the perfect competition for PvP’ers, it wasn’t. The competition eventually grew stale, combat slowly died out and Crisis of Kings was on its last legs. At the time, the Game Department realized that providing a gamemode purely focused on PvP was too narrow minded for factions. The PvP community is volatile, and sadly a competition based off solely PvP was not going to be enough. Players needed content to work with, more than just PvP. MassiveCraft Survival is a diverse community. It stays loyal to the principles of Minecraft, the principle of doing what you want and when you want to do it.

    This realization brought about change. Crisis of Kings was soon turned into a much larger project within the Game Department and thus time and dedication was given to reviving it. Eventually, a more in-depth system of gameplay was introduced. A point system that focused less on PvP but more on creating a balance of different aspects in the competition. Things such as buildings, economy points, provinces and member points are a few things that were introduced and developed on to provide a more immersive experience.

    This rekindled Crisis of Kings for a time, points were re-evaluated, some were capped and rules were loosened in an attempt to ensure the competition stayed fresh and enjoyable. The Game Department would be lying if Crisis of Kings lacked much interest from factions in early April of 2018. The same issue had come back to bite us, PvP had come to a stand still. Meetings were organized, changes were suggested and while some were implemented, this may have not been the correct approach to take.

    As you all know, the legacy server was closed in July of 2018. Direction were informed in June and Game Leadership at the same time. It was already a given at the time that Crisis of Kings would need to close for the time being, but only temporarily. During this time, Game Staff sat down and thought out strategies to bring back Crisis of Kings, in a more fulfilling and enjoyable way.

    This introduction was very long and now it is time to get into the changes that we want to make to Crisis of Kings and what we will believe this will do to help and rejuvenate the competition is explained below.

    Name Change
    The first aspect of Crisis of Kings that is being changed is, in fact, the name. The name is incorrect, irrelevant and most of all, ironic. The name Crisis of Kings has no meaning when none of the great houses in Crisis of Kings can actually take the title of “king”, therefore, Game Staff have opted to change the name to “Crisis of Nobles”, this is a rather trivial change but is in an aim to clean up any confusion, discontent and irony among faction players.

    Overarching Changes
    While Crisis of Nobles is a system of closed participation based off application, we still want to integrate all factions in certain ways. Therefore, we have made certain changes to how Crisis of Nobles affects the factions. Namely, the status of non-participators and the application requirements.

    • All factions are now considered provinces. These provinces can be autonomous or swear fealty to a great house. We are still hoping to implement more integration for provinces that swear fealty to great houses, such as contributing to the points of that great house, making it so that provinces have a greater purpose.
    • Autonomous provinces can now be declared upon in war declarations. This means we are now re-opening war declarations to everyone. All factions can now demand other terms of other autonomous provinces.
    • The requirement to become a great house has been modified. We have taken into account the recent economic changes and have made the modifications as follows:
      • We have lowered the required member count of 25, to 20. This is subject to change but this is what we believe a currently healthy faction has in terms of population.
      • We have changed the regal cost to join Crisis of Nobles significantly, and we have lowered it to 100R. This is based off current economic analysis and is subject to change and most likely will change.
    • We also have a new command in-game that displays the competition leaderboard. Do /CoN in-game to display the leaderboard. The leaderboard displays the position of each faction from the last month. Point counts of current months can be found on the forums.
    Point Changes
    Points are the lifeblood of Crisis of Nobles. It is the system of calculation that selects a winner for the month and crowns them as rulers of Essalonia. We have decided to rework some of the points in CoN to ensure that we provide some fresh gameplay. These point reworks are also focused around suggestions provided by players in faction meetings before the server reset.

    Faction Growth/Members
    The member points for CoN were changed recently due to the 50 player cap instated on factions. We have decided to rework the member points again to ensure freshness.

    • A faction that has between 20-34 members will receive no points.
    • A faction that has between 35-44 members will receive 1 point.
    • A faction that has between 45-50 members will receive 2 points.
    • These members points will be tallied on a weekly basis.
    • There is no cap on the amount of points a house can earn. A house with max population can earn 2 points per week and thus 8 points per month.
    Diplomacy Points
    Diplomacy points will be calculated as follows:

    • Each alliance with another great house will amount to 1 point. You can have a max of two allies.
    • Each province you have will earn you 0.5 points. There is no cap to the overall amount of provinces you can have or the amount of province points you can earn, however, they are subject to the overall point cap.
    • An alliance with a noble house in Regalia is worth 2 points. You can have one alliance with a Regalian noble house.
    • Diplomacy points will be calculated and added to your point tally in the final week of the month.
    • There is a five point cap for diplomacy points per month.
    Economy Points
    Economy points have been refined due to the fact that there is now a different economy, and old figures of judging a factions economic health is no longer viable.

    • For every 100R a faction earns, it will get 1 point.
    • For every 100R a faction loses, it will lose 1 point.
    • A faction can gain a maximum of 5 points and lose a maximum of 3 points.
    • Economy points will be calculated on a monthly basis.
    Lore and Faction Canonisation Points
    Lore and Faction Canonisation will remain largely the same except that Crisis of Nobles now takes place on Essalonia.

    • For every approved faction lore progression, you will gain 1 points.
    • Faction lore canonisation is a one time 5 points.
    • Lore points are capped at 5 points per month.
    Building Points
    Building points remain unchanged all rules still apply.

    • Build submissions can still be submitted through a Google Form, which is accessible here.
    • All submissions must contain valid coordinates and its world, or it will be denied.
    • All submissions must be claimed by the faction submitting the build. It cannot be under another person's faction or a sub faction.
    • All submissions will be judged by World staff members on a scale of 1-3. This scale of 1-3 translates to build points. Meaning you can earn (if your build isn’t rejected), a minimum of 1 build point and a maximum of 3 build points per submitted build.
    • 5 build points equate to 1 CoN point, meaning you need to submit at least two builds and achieve 5 build points between them.
    • Build points are capped at 25 build points per month, meaning you can earn 5 CoN points maximum.
    • You are allowed to submit builds within a city, such as cathedrals and castles. You cannot, however, submit each house in the city as this is seen as abuse of the system. You are allowed to submit an entire city for judgement. All judgements are final and subject to World staff discretion
    Token Points
    Token points will be discontinued for the time being until we see a viable solution to reintroduce them, at all.

    War Declarations and Battle Points
    Battle points have remained untouched and unless there is a demanding need for sweeping change to them. With the introduction of “every faction is a province”, this brings some interesting new possibilities and some familiar concepts. We also have a brand new concept that has been highly demanded by players in the PvP community.

    Forced Surrenders
    Forced Surrenders were a concept at first that were originally rejected by Game staff as being too easily abusable. We have decided that Crisis of Nobles needs a bit of rekindlement in terms of PvP. We also wanted to try and stop complaints about “wars being endless”, due to the fact that players could just keep losing battles, but earn points elsewhere and thus no negative consequence (i.e. surrender or falling from CoN) comes from this quasi-isolationism. The introduction of forced surrenders allows for more dominance to be exerted by factions who are strong enough to dominate. There are rules and certain guidelines that are followed.

    • A great house must win a minimum of 10 battles for a forced surrender to be possible.
    • A great house must also have 30 kills total, across all their battles with their enemy.
    • So, if a faction has 10 battles won and 21 kills, a forced surrender is not invoked until the faction achieves 30 kills across all battles declared.
    • A faction must have a 10 kill lead over the defending faction for the forced surrender to be invoked.
    • Draws will not be counted in kill tallies. If a faction draws 5-5, neither faction gains any advantage on their kill tally or battle victory tally.
    • A faction must provide at least one regal sum and one alternative surrender term. Surrender terms must also be reasonable. Joining as a CoN ally is fine. Enforcing a truce is also acceptable. Forcing a losing faction to drop from Crisis of Nobles is not.
    Forced surrenders only apply to great house vs great house and great house vs liege province.

    War Declarations
    Now that each faction is declared a “province”, autonomous or otherwise, they can now be declared upon by both great houses and other provinces. This returns us to the days of old war declarations but also allows for more integration within Crisis of Nobles. The following are the rules for new war declarations.
    • Forced surrenders do not apply when it is province vs province. House vs house and house vs province do have forced surrenders.
    • A war declaration must include at least one regal sum and one alternative surrender term. Again, surrender terms must reasonable and this “reasonable” will be at staff discretion.
    Crisis of Nobles Siege
    Crisis of Nobles Siege (CoN Siege or Siege), is a new mass PvP event for Crisis of Nobles participants. It is essentially a standalone, unique event for Crisis of Nobles and allows for integration into the point system. There are rules and guidelines on to how it will work.

    • The event will take place in a castle. We will change this castle every so often to ensure that it remains fresh and enjoyable. This castle will allow for plenty of wiggle room for PvP, while also accommodating our more sly-minded, hiding participants.
    • Every participant gets a custom token, with an identifier on it for their faction. The aim of the event is to collect as many tokens as possible from the opposing team.
    • This event is made to accommodate PvPers and roleplayers. World staff have been requested to integrate hiding spots into the castles to allow for roleplayers and regular survivalists who may not PvP, to hide within them and hold on to their teams tokens.
    • The great houses must be at war with each other for them to challenge one another.
    • The attacking faction are called the “challengers”, while the defending faction are called the “defenders”.
    • The inventory of CoN siege is shared with Essalonia and thus you must bring your own equipment.
    • Item drop is on and armour is kept on death.
    • A player cannot log
    • The map is dotted with resource signs that allow for various resources to be redeemed
    • A siege cannot be turned down by the defending faction. Staff will organize a time that best suits both participants.
    • If a time is organized and no members from either side shows up, both houses will be penalized with -3 CoN points.
    • If a time is organized and no members from the attacking faction shows up, the defending faction will gain 5 points.
    • If a time is organized and no members from the defending faction shows up, the attacking faction will gain 5 points.
    • The event will run for 30 minutes, once the event is over. All tokens will be submitted to staff and the house that has the most of the opposing teams tokens wins.
    CoN Siege is currently still being worked on and there will be an announcement when it is ready!

    Prizes Revamp
    We have multiple prizes that will be up for grabs for the winners of Crisis of Nobles! These include some old prizes that will remain and also some new and improved prizes.

    Custom Lore Item
    The original and first prize of Crisis of Nobles will still remain intact. For every month your great house wins, you can redeem one custom lore item. This lore item can be discussed with Game3 staff members but is subject to their discretion. If your faction has won the month, please contact a Game3 staff to redeem this prize.

    Free Warzone
    Every faction that wins Crisis of Nobles is entitled to one free warzone. This means, when you win a month of CoN, you can claim a 4 chunk max warzone that is completely free and will be permanently in your possession, regardless of your future participation within the competition. The warzone can be redeemed here.

    • You must have the arena for the warzone prebuilt. We will not ask our World Department to build arena's for you, that must be done yourself. We only create the warzone for you and claim it.
    • You must be a winner of Crisis of Nobles. To be eligible for this, you must have already won a previous month.
    • If you already have a warzone, you cannot request a second warzone. You can, however, request your warzone to be expanded in size. You can also request an expanded warzone if you already won a previous CoN month.
    • It is required that there is an entrance to the warzone and the warzone must also be clearly marked.
    • If your great house falls, the warzone will remain intact. However, if your faction disbands, the warzone will also be disbanded.
    • The warzone will follow the same naming conventions. If the faction 'Carl' wins CoN, then the warzone will be named 'CarlWarZone', nothing else.
    • The warzone must be in an area that is encompassed by the requesting factions claim.
    • Only the leader of a faction can request a warzone for CoN.
    New Chat Symbol
    Our new Tech team have implemented a great new feature into Factions called FactionAchievements. While this plugin could be expanded on in the future, it’s current use is for implementing a chat symbol in-game. This chat symbol (♕) will display beside the name of all players in the faction that has won Crisis of Nobles.

    This achievement needs to be manually set by a staff member, so if it has not been done so already, please contact a staff member through a ticket so it can be applied.

    Crisis of Nobles Crate
    The Game Department felt it was time to introduce a more novelty reward, a specialized CoN crate! This crate has CoN themed lore items, that we will rotate regularly. Every officer (including leader) of your faction will be given one, if your faction wins one month of Crisis of Nobles. The leader can also nominate 3 members (they must be member or recruit) to give crate keys to. Officers who join after you are declared Rulers of Essalonia, will not receive the CoN crate key. Known alts will not be allowed to claim CoN crate keys and any known abuse of this will lead to severe punishment on the server. This crate is not purchasable on the MassiveCraft store, and all items are unique to winners of Crisis of Nobles! The crate can be accessed at /tp Crates under seasonal crates.

    Power Boosts
    As part of our continued expansion of our Crisis of Nobles rewards, we have decided to implement power boosts. Power boosts are granted to factions under the following conditions:

    • For every month a house wins Crisis of Nobles, they are entitled to a 10 chunk powerboost.
    • A winning house can gain 5 extra chunks for every category they earn the most points in.
    • A winning house can gain 10 extra chunks for every 10 points they beat the runner up house by.
      • What this means is, if faction Tea wins month 5, earns the most points in buildings and battles, along with beating the runner up Coffee by 20 points, they will earn a 40 chunk power boost. Calculated as follows: 10 + (5*2) + (10*2) = 40.
    • This powerboost adds on to your overall factions claims, meaning, if your faction has a 40 chunk powerboost, they can claim a total of 1540 chunks, instead of the maximum 1500.
    • This powerboost will disappear once the faction is disbanded. This powerboost will disappear once that happens, once the faction is gone, the powerboost is gone too.
    Category Rewards
    These rewards are considered “lesser” than the main rewards listed above, and these are for the winners of every category in Crisis of Nobles. This means that the house that won Crisis of Nobles, may not win each category. This is to encourage participation, and is to reward factions who excel in certain areas. We also have certain standards or point minimums that need to be met to be crowned as “winners” of that category.

    • Building
      • The winners of the building category may redeem an entire chest of building materials, pre approved and designed by Game staff. These materials will not be overpowered.
      • The points minimum for buildings is 5 CoN points. Meaning a faction must earn the maximum amount of points in this category to be crowned winners.
      • In the event of a tie, every faction who reached 5 CoN building points will be assigned a number and one number will be picked randomly. Whatever house number that was picked, will receive the building reward.
    • Battles
      • The winner of the battles category will receive 1 war themed lore item. This will not be OP but will be a decent weapon or armour piece of some sort.
      • The points minimum for battles is 10 battle points in a month.
      • In the event of a tie, every faction that reached 10 battle points will be assigned a number and one number will be picked randomly. Whatever house number that was picked, will receive the battles reward.
    • Economy
      • The winner of the economy category will gain 100R extra.
      • The points minimum for economy is 5 CoN points. Meaning a faction must earn the maximum amount of points in this category to be crowned winners. A faction must also earn 850R in a month.
      • In the event of a tie, every faction who reached 5 CoN economy points will be assigned a number and one number will be picked randomly. Whatever house number that was picked, will receive the economy reward.
    • Members
      • The winner of the members category will receive a lore item and a 5 chunk power boost.
      • The points minimum for members is 10 CoN points.
      • In the event of a tie, every faction who reached 10 CoN member points will be assigned a number and one number will be picked randomly. Whatever house number that was picked, will receive the member reward.
    These are the only categories that we currently have rewards planned for, but please feel free to suggest any improvements in the Feature and Idea Discussion section of the forums. It is your responsibility to contact staff in regards to claiming your prizes. Most rewards can be claimed by going through staff members of a certain rank. Others are obtained through a semi-automated system (faction warzone). Please create a ticket in-game with /ti c <request here> to discuss anything about the prizes.
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    Realized the economy points would be hugely cyclical. Modified the following:
    • Brought the category reward down from 250R to 100R. Half of next months economy points are already earned before the next month starts. Reducing this will make it less of an effect.
    • A faction must also earn 850R in a month. So this means they must earn 500R for the 5 CoN economy points plus 350R to prove that the faction actually has a strong economy.
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