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    House Luvenis of Rauru
    1 Point [5]


    +1 Diplomacy

    Weathering the harsh winter colds as best they could, Rauru’s affairs focused mostly internally, or were directed toward their close allies of House Athius with intent. After Luvenis herself lost a few good men to a skirmish with Valeur’s troops, she became intent on maintaining the support of her people and allies, with several shows of wealth and power.

    Upon the grounds of land privately shared between Luvenis and Athius themselves, Raururians prepared a ball and feast unparalleled outside of Regalia. A celebration of the ice and snow, and a hope that it would soon break into the vibrant colours of spring. While the guard of both Houses maintained constant vigilance throughout the festivities, no troops from opposing houses emerged. Instead, many sent emissaries to entertain the hosts, perhaps hoping to garner favour from the Lady Luvenis herself. Though in the end, she simply retired to her study, Lady Belelrose in tow, with a stomach full of the finest food and wines her subjects could offer.


    House Valeur of Valorian
    3 Points [24]


    +3 Diplomacy

    The loss of House Valeur’s allies in House Amaran and König proved to be a potential undoing in Lady Valeur’s plans, however the Valorians seemed to take their new found position in their stride, taking in a few renegades from Solarian’s surviving ranks to bolster their own forces and forging an unlikely alliance with House Wyndmire of Wyvern. With their overwhelming military power, House Valeur began to strike at the heart of their enemies; the capital of House Athius, and Insani. To fund this ongoing war, however, new taxes were levied against the population, most with bountiful wealth ready to be taken by the crown to fund their war effort.

    Yet all was not easy for Lady Valeur. Enduring hard fought counter offensives by House Athius’ strong willed warriors, and even opportunistic raids from war bands formed from fallen Houses, Valorian’s lands began to show scars from the toll of battle. Crops began to burn, shields began to crack, yet the will of Valorians held out, and once more Lady Valeur was to be coronated over all of Hadar, considering any and all beneath her.


    House Burgandy of Lyrah (Fallen)
    0 Points [-6]



    Hard times had befallen House Burgandy. Their normally bountiful harvests destroyed by plagues of insects, in turn leading to a populace unable to maintain itself. With poverty and famine running rampant, dissent was evident among the usually bustling streets of Lyrah’s marketplaces. With growing unrest against the ruling powers, an opportunistic group ravaged the royal coffers, leaving them almost bare, and taking what supplies they could from the rest, abandoned House Burgandy to lead their own way.

    Taking a solemn stroll through his streets, alone, Lord Burgandy vowed to himself that though what was once could never more be, Lyrah would rebuild itself, reshape its own future through hard work and diligence.


    House Athius of Insani
    2 Points [12]


    +2 Diplomacy

    Due to their location within a natural bay along the coastline of Hadar, House Athius’ prosperity and Insani’s trade never diminishes through winter months, keeping regular stock of Regalian goods for himself and his people. However, constant warfare had taken its toll on the people and their supplies, and Athius himself was all too often considering his own position in Hadar. However, his defeats were not without his victories, and the war of attrition between themselves and House Valeur was still very much a stalemate, both sides maintaining nigh insurmountable casualties.

    Yet for the constant ravages of war, Insani was consistently a bustling hub of trade and commerce. Their people were happy, unfazed by the conflict occurring just outside their borders. Athius’ position was a strong one, as always, never allowing his enemies to step ahead of himself, yet always maintaining sight of his goals, aspirations, and people.


    House Wyndmire of Wyvern
    4 Points [5]


    +3 Diplomacy, +1 Economy

    Within the borders of perhaps one of the strongest in all of Hadar, an eerie calm settled. Skirmishing frequently with the remnants from House König, however Wyndmire found himself somewhat lost on the grand scald. His goal to wipe out Solarian had ultimately ended in a disappointment, instead of dismantling their house and line of heirs, they faded into nothingness, and thus Wyvern’s Dragoons needed a new foe, a new enemy to pour into their malice and lust for power. This hunger for war was satiated by the unlikeliest of sources, house Valeur. Lady Valeur herself attended a meeting with Wyndmire, discussing at length their mutual enemy in Insani, and how they desired her wealth, and fortified coastal position. Her proposal was hastily accepted, and within a matter of hours, a force was deployed to intercept Athius’ trade routes.

    Unlike the other houses, however, the constant warfare took a considerably lighter toll on Wyvern’s forces, who are by nature constantly vigilant for battle. However, as a new foe resurfaces, Wyndmire’s forces are once more militarised, their eyes still firmly set upon the Throne of Hadar.


    House Amaran of Cadun
    4 Points [5]


    +1 Members, +3 Economy

    Upon arrival to the lands of their ancestors, a sense of nostalgia filled the hearts of Sarostar’s faithful. They had sworn an oath to protect their lady, and with it finally find their way back home, to Cadun. Lady Amaran quickly set about delegating tasks; restoration, construction, military training, expansion, and farming, yet giving Meriel time to wander the cobbled streets of her old home. Funding this would have been impossible, were it not for the resourcefulness of the Lady, locking away coffers in their haste to leave Sarostar initially, they were opened and their bountiful riches extracted. However the Lady herself was dedicated to another, more arduous task. She wished to find and rekindle the bond between herself and an old friend, the warriors of sun and moon. However, her most faithful Jhin and Meriel advised against it, instead looking to themselves and their own for the strength they would need to pull through in times of hardship.

    Yet House Amaran’s position on the map of Hadar was once more solidified. No more were they the nomads, exiled from Sarostar. They had their true home back from the ashes of old, and in their hearts were willing to defend it from any who opposed them.

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