Cressida 8 Year Anniversary!

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    Eight years?
    That’s a hell of a long time.
    And an important number for Cressida for so many reasons.

    I didn’t think for one second that the faction we were about to create eight years to this day would still be around even one year later, no matter eight.
    I’d love to have hosted an event for the occasion but life is busy for us all right now so, a forum post it is!

    October 20th 2014: Me, Violette, Xogoth and Zakaji left the faction we had started out in with a few of the friends we had made whilst there to create something of our own.
    I was amazed when, around two years later, we had a number of full cities well underway, was very comfortably near /money top and had grown to a very respectable size with around 80 active members, quite often seeing around 20 of them on at the same time each day.

    A lot has changed since then and we may not be as large or as active as we used to be on Massivecraft but we’re still going strong as a group and that makes me truly happy!
    I found my partners of six and a half years who I dearly love, plenty of interests that helped shape me as a person and a friend group that has stuck together through thick and thin and only continues to grow.

    And now a year since returning to Massive, one year ago to this day, at the behest of AzureShoyru, we’re in contact with old friends and have made rather a lot of new ones as a part of the Dominion!
    Seeing people I used to know, used to see around or even players who started out in Cressida, still playing and thriving is a wonderful thing!

    All of that from a Minecraft server.
    I have my fair share of issues with things on Massive, I think anyone who has played for any length of time inevitably will do, it’s certainly not perfect but I still owe a hell of a lot to this community, even as a smaller part of my life than it used to be, it’s the reason I keep coming back and finding new things to work on and new things to create!

    Thanks to Zakaji, Xogoth, AzureShoyru, Jareth, TehCatalyst, KingofStandby, The_Lilim, Ascal, HowSwanky, PsychoticVoid, Violette, Sevak, the Kings Council, the rest of the Dominion, Allies old and new, Cressida members past, present and future and so many more!

    Here’s to eight incredible years
    and here’s to eight more to come!

    Praise the Moon!


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    8 years is amazing for a faction!
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    All the respect for you all... nearly here for 4 years now and I understand exactly what you are writing. so congratulations to all !
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    I had a great time as a member back in the day, here's to many more years of cressida!

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