Creed Eleracy Summary: 8/16/309

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    The Salvation Temple of God Empress Ness moments before its destruction

    Faithful citizens of the Empire,

    Today on the Sixteenth day of the Eighth month, Three-Hundred Four years since the Founding of the Empire, Three-Hundred Two in the Light of the Everwatcher, a Creed Eleracy was convened in the Arch Temple of the Everwatcher to address the events of last evening. During our hour long session, we have reached a consensus between the Schisms on the following points.

    • On the Subject of the Salvation Temple of God Empress Ness, we the priesthood of Celates regrettably announce the destruction of this Temple of Union. Having been assaulted by demonic forces last evening, a preliminary investigation by myself has determined that the Temple grounds are no longer safe for usage. While much of the foundation remains, we do not fully know the damage done to the timber framing supporting the stonework. For the safety of all, we recommend that nobody climb the steps to the Temple ruins, unless it is to conduct legally sanctioned investigations into the attack.
    • On the Subject of Holy Ground, while the Salvation Temple has been destroyed, we must remind ourselves that it remains rested on holy ground. Timber frames may be re-erected and stonework replaced, and through our faith in the Everwatcher and by the blessings of Elia, we may persevere and rebuild better than before.

      With that said, we also note that many loved ones still have memorials set up within the gardens of the Temple. We believe that all should be able to pay respects to those who came before us, and believe the gardens should remain open to public, both to respect and to seek the guidance of a Celate, as we shall continue to administer priestly duties next to the Temple to the best of our abilities. We do however invite the Violet Order to determine the relative safety of the area so that the citizens of the Empire may wander the grounds in peace.
    • On the Subject of the Sacrosankt, we regret to inform the public that the Sacrosankt of Theomar has been fully destroyed in the destruction. We are aware that the Purification Ritual was conducted by both priests and laity via the Sacrosanct in times past, offering salvation to those afflicted with the Sanguine and Shattered Curses. However, we believe that Elia shall provide strength to those who fight to protect against the forces of darkness, while Juvin shall grant us wisdom to know how to avoid the temptations of these corrupting forces. For the Demons that cause these curses have no power over those who ae vigilant and trust in one another.

      This said, we are not ignorant to the fact that many have seen the Sacrosankt as the only means to purify the afflicted until now. We therefore place our trust in the Violet Order, the chosen protectors of the Emperor's people in this city, to be guided on newfound means to combat the curses of darkness, and we pray that they may find success in this endeavor.
    While it is difficult to comprehend the many challenges that have plagued our Empire as of late, we must be reminded that the Everwatcher has chosen the Regalian Empire as its chosen civilization. While Demons may plague continents, destroy entire cities, or destroy our Temples, they will never destroy our faith. We have been given challenges that our forefathers could never comprehend, and the banner to carry to the next generation that comes after us. Therefore, even as destruction may try to shake us to our very core, I urge both the faithful and the nonbelievers to put your faith in the Empire, and we shall overcome. Give all you can to your duties, and serve the Emperor with all your might, aiding His Imperial Holiness and his chosen governors to lead us into a new future.

    For those who are not as swayed by prose, I urge you to seek out a priest to question on this event and other events which may plague your life. While we may disagree on theological differences, we all believe in aiding our fellow Alorians as best we can. Even if you are not a Unionist, you still have a role to play to aid the Empire.

    May The Everwatcher guide our way as we carry the banner of our forebears into the future, overcoming all challenges that are thrown our way.

    His Divinity
    Dr. Henry Stevsonson
    Arch-Celate of the College of Divinity

    The Grand Duke Tessoliki, College of Ionism
    Lord Atum Morathes, College of Divinity
    Alexi Petralia, College of Ionism
    Amdilin dei Savarolesta, College of Clastism
    Abrielle Cendre Nèe, College of Clastism

    OOC Notes
    • Demons destroyed the Salvation Temple
    • The grounds of the Temple where the graves are at are still able to be used. Only the ruins themselves should be off-limits.
    • Consult the Violet Order for dealing with Vampires and Cahal, and be safe.
    • See a priest if you have questions about the destruction as it applies to your spirituality, or for any other reasons. Give us rp. please.
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