Court Circular #5

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    What is the art of battle if not a great clashing of wills? The soldier must follow orders - while the Generals determine the pieces on the board with tactics and guile. But as history has taught us - every leader can be out maneuvered if they don’t think at least one move ahead of their opponent.

    Thus the board was set as the retreat entered their second week. Grand Duchess Milena Cadieux hosted the Chess Ball - seeing the peerage sport black, white, and red on the dance floor until dawn. So many glittering people in one place made for an illustrious evening. The Dukes Cadieux swept many ladies off their feet, while the Grand Duchess Viduggla was a vision on the dance floor. Duchess Acelina Litvinova made her debut - a celebrated beauty who most whisper shall be one of the most desirable debutantes of the season.

    Meanwhile, during the Assembly, the Ithanian Ambassador was received by most to lauded applause and gratitude for their gracious presence. Although some members of the assembly raised their voices in insult and recriminations towards femme charmante, declaring her a traitor for bringing the designs of the King of Ithania to the assembly. Grand Duke Peirgarten was vehement in his disagreement and was served a slap to the face from his own matriarch’s husband for the favor.

    The assembly and the rigors surrounding it have been much discussed at Milais this week, as well as the families seemingly poised to take power as the retreat dispersed this evening. An interesting concept from the Lord Chancellor’s lips that escaped the desire to create a section where nobles who spoke ‘out of turn’ at the assembly could go to be silenced until the end of the session. A move that would prove popular to some, and crippling to those who have only just begun to climb, or who are in the minority opinion in the assembly halls. Then again, it could only be weariness from the Lord Chancellor that made her express such an opinion - twice over. As many have noticed, the Lord Chancellor de Azcoissia has been looking quite tired.

    The retreat closed with a spirited speech from the Mistress of Ceremonies, Grand Duchess Amelina Peirgarten, fireworks, and the announcement of the most lauded singles of the season! The ladies of the moment are Lady Eva Wulfmacht, Lady Maliyah Kassambara, Lady Isabelle Cadieux, Duchess Acelina Litvinova, and Duchess Haeddi van Hal. The gentlemen who are up and coming are Grand Duke Abelhard Petrou, Grand Duke Fabien Cadieux, Duke Florian Peirgarten, and Duke Howland von Schwarzkrau. These nobles have been sparkling examples of nobility, charm, and ambition over the last two weeks. This diamond cluster of the peerage represent those to watch, those to court, and those to model in the weeks ahead!

    There is much more to unearth from this Retreat, but as the mind wearies after a few words such as these, more is to come in the next issue. Fear not, curious reader, for the Queen has yet to be removed from the board!
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