Consultation Of Grievances

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    "As all citizens of the Empire, we're embraced."


    (to set the mood)


    Dutiful messengers of Digmaan Cro-Yaotl with haste seek out all parties involved personally, and publically decree the wishes of their Digmaan by streetside to the general populace of the Holy City.
    "In conjunction with recent affairs on the crumbling atmosphere between both Charter and Patrician families, to all parties involved, the Digmaan Cro-Zzhin Yaotl wishes to host a conference in tandem to end the animosity within the streets of the Holy City.

    His Digmaan humbly requests the gathering of all parties involved shall be hosted upon neutral grounds, cordially invited to the Rainbow Halls of the Digmaan-Rassa-Allar Embassy. This shall be a civil discussion, any threats or signs of violence will be quelled.
    Lord François Francisque de Bressuiveé de la Mont Bertu d'Goss
    Commander Reynier d'Goss of the Black Regiment, retainer to Lord d'Gosselin
    Lord Inquisitor Gena Livanov, and Head of House Livanov
    Lord Henghest Harhold, Head of House Harhold
    To the Collective Holiness of the Synod, a representative of the Holy See

    Lady Nadina Haaven of the Alchemia Order, and Head of House Haaven
    Lord Hamelin D'Vaud, Head of House D'Vaud
    Lord Commander Garth Viduggla of the Crown Isle Wardens, and Head of House Viduggla
    Sir Aldwyn Howlester of the Vigilant Shield
    Lady Marie Peirgarten of Fier et Calme Teahaus and Lady Amelina Peirgarten, Head of House Peirgarten

    Any parties misinterpreted or forgotten may approach the conference held within the Halls and appeal for entry with the Jogro of Digmaan Cro-Zzhin Yaotl who shall defend the sanctity of this gathering. The proceedings shall take place this afternoon.

    To hope that a conclusion may be formed to this endless political nightmare, to bring solution, and start the mend. May the Imperial Spirit bless you all, and may you join the Digmaan in this request as citizens and nobles of the Empire."

    The Allar speakers disperse and return to the Hadarian District, their Digmaan resting within his throne as he anticipates the hour of arrival.


    ((The proceedings will take place at 5pm EST today.))

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    Amelina Peirgarten is the Matriarch of House Peirgarten, unless you meant both Marie and Amelina.
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    Gena RSVP’s with no delay.
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    Any Reverends about at the mentioned time will be attending as we are a collective of various opinions.
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    Hengest Harhold's scribe makes it known to the Digmaan's court that his Lord will be in attendance.
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