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    Confusing Wordage
    "Upon being physically harmed by any Mundane Attack or Ability, or upon hitting another person with any of these, the Character triggers a battle-state."

    The sentence above is confusing because as stated in a recent ticket the ability triggers on the first interaction. However, the structure of the sentence doesn't indicate that at all. The usage of the word "upon" I believe is to guide people to do it instantly but that isn't translated across well. To me personally and several others I've seen use it, the sentence indicates that you can use the ability when you feel like it as long as you've been hit by someone else or you have hit someone.

    I think a more clear indication should be put in that it instantly triggers. Like "This ability triggers instantly on the first hit or attack on another person." So that no liberties are taken by people misinterpreting the ability.
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