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    In the recent weeks, staff have received many concerns and questions about the future of Essalonia and what will happen after the release of the new factions world. This post aims to clear up uncertainty regarding the direction of the Factions-Survival worlds.

    Essalonia is not going to be deleted anytime soon!
    Essalonia is going to be around for roughly a couple more years before deletion is even considered. We plan to have at least 3 factions-survival worlds available to players before deletion is considered as well. If and when that time comes, we plan on allowing some builds to be carried over to the newer worlds, but no set criteria or restrictions are in place yet. We encourage players to continue to thrive in Essalonia.

    As staff, we aim to conduct ourselves in a manner which most benefits the server and those who invest their time into it. We will not dictatorially delete a world out of the blue, leaving the immense amount of hard work and dedication by the players left to be lost to history. We will work with the players and listen to all concerns if the time for deletion comes, years from now. We will not abandon you. We do not want to lose the incredible factions and accompanying builds on this server any more than you do.

    Update on the New Map
    There are two limiting factors hindering the map’s release: better quality bo2s and a world spawn build. We have heard your requests for improved bo2s. They have mostly already been built and will be placed on the map shortly. The world spawn is under construction. To save time, we have decided to build a smaller logging-camp type spawn which will dynamically change and grow over time after the world’s release. You will witness new builds occasionally pop up and the town becoming gradually more modernized overall, including possible rentable player houses. We may even host a build competition where the players can contribute their designs. The spawn town is being touched up by the World Department and is nearing completion.

    The Game Staff


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