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    Commoner Executive’s Report
    Sixth Commoner’s Assembly

    Records of proposals and responses from the Commoner’s Assembly held on the 2nd of August 309 AC are available below in this report. The Commoner Executive extends her thanks to those who attended the assembly. Should assemblies remain slow they occur monthly until the amount of proposals increases.

    The Seventh Commoner’s Assembly is scheduled for the 16th of August 309 AC, which is approximately two weeks from the date of publication. Come prepared with your proposals or suggestions to avoid unnecessary pauses in proceedings. Those that wish to apply for Raised Rank or Merited Citizenships are required to do so through the Assembly or via correspondence with the Commoner Executive.

    Proposal I
    Made by Wan-Xia.

    The proposal was for the law regarding a ban on aspects of Sihai architecture, such as rounded windows and doors, within the city limits be removed in order to accommodate the Sihai citizens that live within Regalia.

    After inspecting the Regalian Law Book, it was determined that this ordinance is an outdated one and no longer in the books of today. Thus, there is no ban to edit or remove. Rounded windows and doors, with proper approval from city builders and/or the Alms Minister, and entirely legal.

    Status: Null.

    Proposal II
    Made by Cazna Gahan.

    A request was made that there be more open means for citizens to contribute to the wax-intruders crisis that occurred last Saturday, the 31st of July 309 AC. Additionally, it was asked that word was sent to the Occult Ministry to inquire if any research is intended for this issue.

    There are plenty of means for citizens to assist in combating these creations that appeared. Concerned citizens may apply to join the Violet Guard with the Lord Commander, register as a Mercenary with the Mercenary Executive, or join the Brute Squad via conversation with the Alms Minister. Positions in Ministries are managed by their respective Minister, and may not be immediately available.

    Additionally, there was no direct response from the Occult Minister, although these issues were mentioned within the latest Declaration of the Occult Ministry, Article I. Please refer for further detail and get in contact with the Occult Minister or a recognized consortium for further assistance.

    Status: Complete.

    Proposal III
    Made by "Unity".

    Inquiry was made regarding the status of why Capital Law 8, “To attempt to break out of prison, or liberate another prisoner, is illegal”, was lifted into Capital Law.

    Due to the proposer being a Construct and hosting a Jacobin name [previously "Anarchy"], the proposal was closed from consideration or commentary. The Lord Commander explained that the law was raised due to an increase in attempted breakouts, and noted that criminals should accept their fate.

    Status: Null.

    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Duchess of Huilendom
    Commoner Executive
    Privy Officer
    Miss Emery Houle
    Executive Assistant
    Privy Secretary

    • The next assembly will be on the 16th of August at 5pm EST.
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