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    Commoner Executive’s Report
    Third Commoner’s Assembly

    Records of the Commoner’s Assembly from the 22nd of June, 309 AC, the proposals, and responses are listed below in this report. Thanks are extended to those that attended the Third Commoner’s Assembly, especially for the increase in proposals compared to last gathering. The respectable and mature attitude that most displayed is highly appreciated.

    The Fourth Commoner’s Assembly will meet on the 5th of July, 309 AC, which is in roughly two weeks. It is recommended to begin preparing proposals and backers at this time. If there was a proposal that was missed in the previous assembly, the Executive thanks you for your patience.

    Public Announcement
    Made by Lord Commander Viggo Sorenvik.

    There are reports that a united front of vampires will be roaming the city on the 23rd of June, 309 AC. The Violet Order will plan against it the best that they can, although it is advised to avoid traveling on your own and to stay home as possible. If shelter is required, Greygate can be used as shelter, should the Violet Order permit.

    This warning is in effect throughout the 23rd, the 24th, and 25th of June, 309 AC.

    Proposal I
    Made by Ana Cervantez.
    Supported by Lord Commander Viggo Sorenvik and Reynard Benac.

    The proposal was to create a public registry with names and working locations of Regalian curers with the rising Sanguine problem.

    Following response from the Lord Commander, who was present at the Assembly, the Violet Order will make a private register of known curers within Regalia, alongside locations where they can be found. This register will only be available at Greygate, although copies can possibly be requested for recognized clinics.

    Status: Approved.

    Proposal II
    Made by Yisha Nienstraal.
    Supported by Reynard Benac and Arayaa Leslyaan.

    The proposal was to provide a plot of land for the Minoor Altalar so that they may grow crops for the city in exchange to afford this land, as well as support a barter system with local businesses. This would be on the outskirts of the city. Additionally, a request for State funding is made if there are no nobility willing to support this act.

    Backer Benac made the additional comment that this proposal would add a new form of trade and culture in the city, along with supporting the local economy and horticulture.

    After correspondence with the Alms Minister, it was clarified that a barter system is not currently recognized within Regalia. It is recommended to discuss with a private gardener or joining the Alms Ministry if one wishes to work in Horticulture.

    Status: Null.

    Proposal III
    Made by Arayaa Leslyaan.

    The proposal was a request for a building permit in order to add religious statues alongside a new Temple of the Pantheon within the Altalar district. Additionally, State funding was requested if there was no nobility willing to support.

    Following a response from the Alms Minister Sivrid Sorenvik, who was present at the Assembly, there are already statues that are due to arrive in the Altalar district and any delay cannot be solved by the Alms Ministry. Additionally, the Temple of the Pantheon reconstruction is due for the future without any Alms assistance.

    Status: Null.

    Proposal IV
    Made by Eloi Playero.
    Opposed by Arayaa Leslyaan, Ana Cervantez, Yisha Nienstraal, Triss Aduro, and Reynard Benac.

    This proposal was a request to implement a requirement in which every Altalar residing in Regalia must sign a ‘pledge of allegiance’ to the Regalian Crown in order to root out any possible spies, traitors, and those involved with the individual who stole the Crown of the World.

    Opposition Leslyaan spoke against this proposal, claiming that Playero had no right to declare Regalian Altalar required to state their support for the Empire due to the fact that he encouraged the death of Regalian Citizens in the past.

    Opposition Cervantez claimed that this would be a waste of paper due to the sheer amount of Altalar found just within the Crown City.

    The Commoner Executive would like to state their own response to this proposal to clarify that, based on census numbers from several years ago, there is approximately 150,000 Nelfin solely in the Crown City, a large majority of whom are Altalar. To require all Altalar to sign this ‘pledge’ would mean weeks worth of paperwork that would eventually amount to nothing due to this pledge doing nothing to change the fundamental beliefs of an individual. Additionally, there is nothing to stop “traitors or spies” from signing their allegiance in order to obscure their true beliefs.

    Lastly, the Crown of the World is still an illegal artifact and the individual that has it in their possession is still breaking Regalian Law. Hiding this individual or working with them is to assist a criminal, and is in turn breaking another Regalian law.

    Status: Rejected.

    Proposal V
    Made by Eloi Playero.
    Supported by Reynard Benac.

    This proposal was a request for all Daenlock district signs to feature the street names in both Common and Daendroque due to a large portion of Daenlock residents being illiterate in Common.

    After correspondence with the Alms Minister, all signs within the Daenlock district will have an addition of Daendroque wording added. This will be done in the near future by a hired painter.

    Status: Approved.

    Signed by,
    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Duchess of Westerhal
    Commoner Executive
    Minister of Academia

    Miss Emery Houle
    Executive Assistant
    Academia Secretary

    • The next assembly is July 5th at 5pm EST.
    • Thanks for the turn out :-). We will be continuing to meet every two weeks…… for now………..
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