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    Commoner Executive’s Report | Second Commoner's Assembly
    Records of the Commoner’s Assembly on June 6th, 309 AC and its proposals and ministerial responses are listed below. Those who attended the Second Commoner’s Assembly are especially thanked for their interest. However, in the last Assembly a total of six individuals (two of whom were nobility) arrived. If this is to continue the Commoner’s Assembly will begin to meet monthly rather than bi-weekly.

    The Third Commoner’s Assembly will meet on June 20th, 309 AC, and it is recommended that those who wish to make a proposal make note of the day and prepare their speeches now. Be sure to come with backers if you need them, as well as any information that is pertinent to your suggestion.

    Additionally, there will be a list of examples that the populace can make proposals on, although nearly anything can be discussed. Hopefully, this helps to spark ideas or help convey suggestions brought to the Assembly in the future.

    Proposal I
    Made by Silver Sywftfurusat.

    The proposal was to make the noticeboard at Greygate Prison more visible, rather than hidden away at the gate.

    Following correspondence, the Lord Commander agreed that the noticeboard was in an inconvenient location and has made note that it may be moved in the future to a more visible spot outside Greygate.

    Status: In-Progress

    Proposal Examples

    In order to provide guidance to the populace on what they could possibly make a proposal on, the Commoner Executive has created a shortlist of examples.
    • Requests for new Laws or Law Changes
    • Suggestions for Building Projects or Additions
    • Complaints on City Structure
    • Questions on Rights or Laws
    Generally, anything that is deemed individually important can be brought to the Assembly.


    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Duchess of Westerhal
    Academia Minister
    Commoner Executive

    Miss Emery Houle
    Executive Assistant
    Academia Secretary
    • The next assembly is on June 20th at 5pm EST.
    • If the Assembly continues to be slow, we’re just gonna meet once a month until things pick up. x
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    [ This has been changed to June 22nd at 5pm EST due to the Commoner's Executive being unavailable at the Noble Retreat. ]

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