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    Commoner Executive’s Report | First Commoner's Assembly

    Records of the Commoner's Assembly on May 23rd, 309 AC and the proposals and ministerial responses to them are listed in this report. Those who attended the First Commoner’s Assembly are thanked for their pleasant attitude, lack of argument, and well-prepared proposals.

    The Second Commoner’s Assembly is on Sunday, June 6th and it is recommended that those who wish to speak ready their proposals. If you are unable to attend, the next Commoner's Assembly will be held in approximately two weeks following Sunday the 6th.

    Lastly, a thank you is extended to the Alms Brute Squad who attended the First Assembly. Your presence and work is always appreciated, and will continue to be in the future.

    Proposal I
    Made by Cottona das Praias.

    The proposal was to revamp the Regalian University as it currently feels inactive and should include courses that reflect current events such as labs on agriculture in light of the Shattel Blight.

    The Commoner Executive would like to note that this would involve hiring professors willing to show up. Efforts will be made to redecorate the interior of the Regalian University to provide an environment suited for individual research or learning outside of university offered courses.

    Status: In-Progress

    Proposal II
    Made by Lord Yshfa shel Morathas.

    It is important to note that Lord Morathes made this proposal before his family was formally recognized as nobility within the Regalian Archipelago. His proposal is being transferred to the Alms Minister directly. No proposals made by nobles will be recognized as they have access to the Noble Assembly.

    The proposal was to renovate Claw Court square into a Sun Court (village-green) as well as add a notice board.

    The Alms Minister was consulted on the matter and advised Lord Morathes to find a noble sponsor as well as to send a full description of changes requested. Due to his House’s titles now, the Commoner Executive will soon be reaching out to direct this proposal through the correct avenues outside of the Commoner’s Assembly.

    Status: Null

    Proposal III
    Made by Cazha Gahan.

    The proposal was to add more patrols to Petal Court due to an increase in vampiric attacks and infections.

    Following correspondence, the Lord Commander informed the Commoner Executive that there had already been increased patrols in that region.

    Status: Completed

    Proposal IV
    Made by Aeawyn.

    The proposal was to establish a law against vandalising district gardens following the Petal Court Gardens being ransacked on multiple occasions.

    The Commoner Executive informed Aeawyn that this was likely already considered theft. The Lord Commander stated in correspondence that if they are stealing, then it is against the law. If they are vandalizing, then it is also against the law. Reports are still needed for any legal action to be taken, and the Commoner Executive further advises Petalcourt residents to hire mercenaries due to limited resources in the guard.

    Status: Completed

    Proposal V
    Made by Ana Cervantez and backed by Cottona das Praias.

    The proposal was to dedicate a bench to a murdered Playero woman alongside a plaque indicating the woman’s name, birth and death dates, and murderer. It was indicated that Cervantez would also pay for this bench.

    The Commoner Executive recommends that the bench be done on the proposer’s own time and without interference from the Alms Ministry unless Cervantez would like to approach Alms Minister Sorenvik personally.

    Additionally, the Commoner Executive recommends that Cervantez not put up a memorial for an individual who was killed by a Violet Guardsman to defend his own life after he confiscated illegal items on Playero’s person and was attacked by her. For those that have any future reports on guardsmen, it is recommended to locate the dropbox within Greygate, approach the Lord Commander, or the Commoner Executive personally.

    Status: Rejected

    Signed and Verified by,

    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Commoner Executive
    Duchess of Westerhal
    Academia Minister

    Miss Emery Houle
    Executive Assistant
    Academia Secretary

    • The next assembly is Sunday, June 6th at 5 PM EST.
    • Prepare your proposals before arriving at the assembly.
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