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    From the desk of the Commerce Minister, Grand Duchess Tuija Nordhjem
    28th of November, 309 AC

    I. Preamble
    This past month has been quite busy for both the ministry and businesses preparing for that oh so lovely time of the year, Wintertide. This is a perfect opportunity to be looking for a seasonal job to get some extra coin to spend on yourself or a loved one during the holiday season.
    II. Help Wanted
    All of these businesses are in need of reliable workers who can open multiple times a week! All of these places are highly recommended to anyone interested in a good-paying job and great work experience.​

    - Nook & Cranny Inn
    Mister Terrowin Steeljack is in need of anyone skilled in culinary arts (of all shapes and sizes!), musicians and singers, as well as bouncers for this lovely and well known establishment.
    Wanted Skills: Baking, Cooking, Mixology, Musical Arts, & Combat
    Pay: 25 Regals Hourly (This does not include tips!)​

    - Buzz & Bumble Sweet Shoppe
    A creative and fun candy store created by Lalima Lymila with many interesting treats for any and all to enjoy! After all, alchemy and sugar go well together so why not help this lovely store continue to prosper.
    Wanted Skills: Baking, Cooking, Alchemy, & Friendly Faces
    Pay: Depends on position being filled so letter in if interested!​

    - Uncommon Scents
    This prestigious store strives for perfection with every bottle sold. Ran by the lovely Safrina, this perfumery and specialized store gives much to be desired for their high-quality products and upbeat workers.
    Wanted Skills: Alchemists, Herbalists, Glassworkers, & Painters
    Pay: 60 Regals Hourly
    Does Not Accept: People with bad attitudes, Kathar, or Apostates​

    - Die Wulfsgarage
    Owned by Valentina Wulfmacht, the Die Wulfsgarage specializes in clockwork, steamtek, hallowtek, you name it and they can supply! Anyone wishing to gain experience in this craft or already a master should apply!
    Wanted Skills: Engineers of all types (expect magictek)
    Pay: 19 Regals Hourly
    Does Not Accept: Aberrants, Criminals, & Dangerous Individuals​

    - The Paper Dragonfly
    This lovely establishment offers patrons a glimpse into Sihai culture with their many imported goods. Scrolls, threadwork, and paintings are some of the notable finds that linger about the store.
    Wanted Skills: Linguistics Specialist (Wa’an Language), Cultural & Financial Knowledge
    Pay: Depends on position being filled so letter in if interested!​

    The listed establishments above are not the only places hiring but these were the chosen businesses to spotlight in this decree. Each decree will have a different roster of places so keep an eye out.
    III. Regalian Businesses
    This is a compact list of all Businesses registered with the Commerce Ministry as well as their category. All places are hiring so be sure to contact the Commerce Minister or the owner of said business if you are interested in apply for a position.​

    Restaurants & Bars
    Nook & Cranny
    The Golden Obscura
    Eflaln’s Roost
    The Glittering Tree Bar
    The Gauntlet

    Finecraft & Metallurgy
    The Charing Ram Forge
    The Luminous Gem Jewelry Store

    Artisan & Specialty
    Weaving Wishes
    Ink & Splashes
    The Steam and Scale
    The Two-Claw Hunt Shop
    Caring Claws Veterinary Clinic
    Lilac Lounge and Spa
    Uncommon Scents
    The Paper Dragonfly
    Songflower Spa

    Alchemy and Medical
    Burning Bridges Clinic
    Rosecare Apothecary
    Synvëlle Clinic of Altalaan
    Winds of Wellness

    The Blonde Rouzhelle

    Wish for your establishment to be added to the list? Letter to the Commerce Minister or the Manager of Records.
    IV. Wintertide Gift Guide
    I would like to encourage businesses to please set up an interview with Baroness Eponia de Civita who is talking to each business to see what deals and popular items are being offered during the Wintertide season.
    OOC NOTE: Check Below For Contact Information!

    V. Regalian Job Fair
    A thank you is in order for all businesses who participated in the recent Job Fair. I hope some establishments were able to gauge interest and draw in more employees but there will be more in the near future I assure you. However, I would like to show special thanks to a few of the businesses present:​

    The Golden Obscura
    - For wowing many with their lovely cocktails and friendly employees.
    - For amazing many with their beautiful accessories for any and all.
    The Songflower Spa
    - For being a new addition and promising establishment.
    Rosecare Apothecary
    - For an amazing showcase of alchemy and customer service.​

    VI. Final Notes
    - Special Thanks to all businesses and their efforts within the city as well as their willingness to work alongside the Ministry.
    - The Minister is still open to meetings about business advice, registration of businesses, or assistance in finding work.
    - The Business of the Month will be announced at an event coming soon so please stay tuned!​
    Commerce Minister Contact:
    Depute of Commerce Contact: Greencolts#5985
    Manager of Records: Iyyiushi#2396
    Wintertide Gift Guide Contact: RaggedyGrace#6314

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    I think that was everyone! Thanks again for all your work it makes this really fun!
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