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    From the desk of the Commerce Minister, Duchess Tuija Nordhjem
    20th of December, 309 AC


    I. Preamble
    Wintertide is here and businesses are ready for eager shoppers! The Ministry has been hard at work to help ease establishments into one of the busiest but most wonderful times of the year.

    II. Help Wanted
    All of these businesses are in need of reliable workers who can open multiple times a week! All of these places are highly recommended to anyone interested in a good-paying job and great work experience.​

    - Songflower Spa
    Miss Elena Wilson is bringing luxury to a new level with this lovely spa. With quality items and services provided, anyone could find a way to relax and enjoy themselves in this establishment.
    Wanted Skills: Alchemists, Bodycare Training, & Body Artists
    Pay: 30 Regals Hourly​

    - Weaving Wishes
    A beautiful shop filled with fabrics and threads that could make any tailor gaze in awe. The Weaving Wishes strives to serve Regalia the finest tailoring money can buy. Whether it be a small stitch or a whole new outfit, this establishment aims to please!
    Wanted Skills: Seamstresses and Tailors
    Pay: 30 Regals Weekly​

    - Winds of Wellness
    The Winds of Wellness is located in Petal Court and is home to many healers and alchemists. A lovely community surrounds this shop and they aim to serve everyone with a smile. No matter your need, the Winds of Wellness staff will try their hardest to help you.
    Wanted Skills: Healers, Medics, Alchemists, Exorcists, & Curers
    Pay: 30 Regals Weekly​

    - Eflaln’s Roost
    A lovely café style establishment that also houses skilled tailors, the Elfaln’s Roost is a great establishment for anyone wishing to work in a lively and welcoming environment. One of the best places to find pastries in Regalia, this business will be sure to leave your mouth watering!
    Wanted Skills: Bakers, Cooks, Bartenders, Entertainers, Tailors, & Suppliers
    Pay: 50 Regals Hourly
    Does Not Accept: Anyone affected with cahalism or vampirism​

    The listed establishments above are not the only places hiring but these were the chosen businesses to spotlight in this decree. Each decree will have a different roster of places so keep an eye out.

    III. Regalian Businesses
    This is a compact list of all Businesses registered with the Commerce Ministry as well as their category. All places are hiring so be sure to contact the Commerce Minister or the owner of said business if you are interested in applying for a position.

    Restaurants & Bars
    Nook & Cranny
    The Golden Obscura
    Eflaln’s Roost
    The Glittering Tree Bar
    The Gauntlet

    Finecraft & Metallurgy
    The Charing Ram Forge
    The Moonlit Kiln

    Artisan & Specialty
    Weaving Wishes
    The Steam and Scale
    The Two-Claw Hunt Shop
    Caring Claws Veterinary Clinic
    Uncommon Scents
    The Paper Dragonfly
    Songflower Spa

    Alchemy and Medical
    Burning Bridges Clinic
    Morbus Imperium
    Rosencare Apothecary
    Synvëlle Clinic of Altalaan
    Winds of Wellness

    The Blonde Rouzhelle

    Wish for your establishment to be added to the list? Letter to the Commerce Minister or the Manager of Records.
    IV. Wintertide Gift Guide
    The Wintertide Gift Guide is out, the Baroness Eponia di Civita worked to bring lovely interviews from the many businesses around Regalia as well as their suggestions on what to buy this season.

    OOC Note: Click Me to View!

    V. Commerce Gala
    The Commerce Gala was a lovely success but for those who were not able to attend, I am wishing for all houses of the peerage to find a business to show their support for. Each house should pick an establishment that they wish to see prosper. With these new partnerships, nobility will give businesses financial support to help in their efforts within the Empire.

    I would like to formally congratulate the following patronages:

    - House Bancroft’s patronage with the Paper Dragonfly

    - House Morathes’ patronage with Weaving Wishes & Vivid Symphonies

    - House Nordhjem’s patronage with Charging Ram Forge & Two-Claw Hunt Shop
    Please letter the Commerce Minister if your patronage was not announced! (OOC: I know a few of you were still iffy with yours so just dm me and I'll add it to this decree)

    A list of businesses has also been compiled for Houses to view and see which may interest them.

    OOC NOTE: This is all FUNNY MONEY! I just wish to bring back the patronage thing we use to do a while ago. You can support multiple businesses and multiple houses can support the same one. With that said, please don’t all pick one place! There are so many amazing shops and I want everyone to get a chance!

    VI. Business of the Month
    The Commerce Ministry is proud to announce the business of the month! This establishment has shown diligence through struggles and a promising future within the Capital. This award is going to… THE ROSENCARE APOTHECARY. Be sure to look out for the newsletter where we will discuss with the owner what drives this business for success.

    OOC NOTE: There will be a newsletter released which will interview the owner of the establishment soon. I will link it once it is complete. I will link it on this thread once it is complete! Congrats you guys!

    VII. Final Notes
    - S
    pecial Thanks to all businesses and their efforts within the city as well as their willingness to work alongside the Ministry.
    - The Minister is still open to meetings about business advice, registration of businesses, or assistance in finding work.
    - Special Thanks to The Rosencare Apothecary as well as all other businesses! You all have worked so hard and I am proud to be of service to you all.
    Commerce Minister Contact:
    Depute of Commerce Contact: Greencolts#5985
    Manager of Records: Iyyiushi#2396
    Wintertide Gift Guide Contact: RaggedyGrace#6314

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