Commerce Ministry: Business Of The Month: Rosencare Apothecary

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    The Rosencare Apothecary was established on November 3rd, 309 AC, and continues to serve as a beacon to the people within the Holy City. Upon first glance the establishment is very inviting, opening its doors multiple times a week to the public for any and all their services relating to alchemy. It is no surprise that the Rosencare Apothecary has become a well-renowned business within this ever-growing city.

    The Commerce Minister has reached out to the owner of the Rosencare to give a bit of insight on a few burning questions for aspiring and already established business owners.

    Question 1: What does Your Business Strive to Accomplish?
    - The main goal of the Rosencare is to continue innovations within the Alchemic field to share with those in Regalia. Whether it be ingredients, services, or just alchemy on its own, we wish to help assist in this ever growing study. The Rosencare also seeks to partner with other clinics, businesses, and research facilities or groups to collaborate and create truly unique products that can help all.​

    Question 2: What is a frequent struggle you are faced with running the Rosencare?
    - While many will assume the Rosencare is a clinic, we actually serve as a dedicated alchemical research facility and alchemy seller. We do sell healing alchemy but it is up to you to apply it. We supply the alchemy but not the service itself if that makes more sense.​

    Question 3: What are some of the special services or items you provide?
    - There are quite a bit, actually! One of our best-selling niche items would be the perfume line created by Adrian Marillia. These perfumes can have alchemical effects upon request making them customizable for the specific patron. We also offer custom alchemical services if you are struggling to find something specific. We also discount bulk alchemical orders to supply businesses with the ingredients they need. We hope to cater a little bit of everything at the Rosencare.​

    As Commerce Minister, I would like to thank The Rosencare Apothecary for their service to the people of this city. Their road to success continues to be paved and I hope people appreciate their hard work for the community. Please be sure to letter the owner if you have any inquiries on applying, patronage, or even to order supplies!
    - A golden plaque has been awarded to the Rosencare Apothecary with the month and year in which they received it.
    - Thanks again to the hard workers within the city and know that you are not overlooked!
    - Wish to help choose the next business of the month? Click the link below to submit your vote! (If you are not on the list it is because you are not within the Registry for the Commerce Ministry! Reach out to myself or Iyyiushi to get registered!)
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