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    Full Name: Clover "Huiviesse-Pouvoir Star Coeur Duval Springbok de Alberte" Duval/Valley

    Heritage / Culture: Ailor/Maquixtl Sentli

    Age: 22

    Gender / Pronouns: non-binary they/them ​
    Core Concept
    A pacifist who shys away from most conflicts. Kind hearted, but naive they view the world idealistically. They tend to be very meek, and are currently jobless, but enjoy odd-jobs that involve meeting new people, and performing. Despite their meek nature they are endlessly curious.​

    Appearance Information
    Approximately 5’8’’, with long thick peach blonde hair, wide green eyes, and pale skin, they have fluffy white deer ears, and a tail to match, they also sometimes adorn themself with bells, they also enjoy staining their hooves using pigment they make using berries, the remnant color can sometimes be spotted on their fur where they got messy. They chose the white fur due to seeing an albino Springbok one day and being absolutely stunned by it’s beauty.​

    Attack and Defense Stat


    (free) Familiar Disrupt

    Life Story / Plot Hooks
    Their mother is a Sentli Maquixtl, and their father is Ithanian Ailor, they were born in Haute Ithanian but when they turned 8 their family moved to a Sentli village, enjoying the culture and people in their new home, but wishing for something more. Once they turned 22 they decided to go off to learn more, and meet new people. They would join caravans as a cook for safety as they travel, or even work as a performer to earn extra money for trinkets or other items. They also picked up pigment making skills from another traveler and will regularly carry around many glass bottles to fill up with handmade pigments using materials they foraged for. Being moved to the Sentli Village they never actually got a chance at creating an actual court name, instead making one up according to their father's instructions. They choose to simplify their name to "Clover Valley" or "Clover Duval"​
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