Clad Adorned In Glory; In Service With Glee

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    By the glimmer of candlelight, pinned around establishments of note- be it the gate of Greygate, the Mercenary Keep and any pocket of resistance, a parchment of paper could be found. Written plainly but adorned by a crimson wax seal to contrast the ramblings of others.

    In what other manner ought a man to be judged, if not by his conduct in times of grim strife?

    As we see in the spirit of competition, we celebrate the strong, we applaud the wise and we cherish the brave. Yet if all who walked this realm were heroes, would we face such hardship as we do now? One is only strong when a foe is so great as to demand strength. One can only be wise when the true answer to a problem is so obscure as to demand wisdom. And one can only be brave when against all odds, when the hour grows darkest, they fight on and continue the struggle.

    It is with conviction and utterings of truth that I can say, there are heroes that tread this winding and hard path of resistance. The shields that manned the line, when the estates were reclaimed. The bowman that manned the walls, when our foe attempted to extinguish our ember of resistance. The physicians, the scouts, the messengers and any honest soul who has lost limb and seen family slain in the struggles of the past half month.

    And when this flame of resistance burns away the filth that has done evil to the city we love. When our foe- who will be uttered with no titles and made mention only as the unnatural Entity whose days are now numbered is dead. The Strong, the Wise and the Brave will be remembered yes, so too will the cowardly, the evil, and those who assist them will face a judgment of their own.

    When jesters flee from the rightful seats of Judges, when the ships that tread along our chaotic coast make port, and when our valiant army unites with us to bring order to this city, do any who still stand truly believe justice will not be enacted? Justice is what separates us from the animals that bring us chaos now, it is the Emperor’s gift to us, it is true, and it is why Regalia stands- even in turmoil such as now, as the greatest and most just civilisation in this realm of existence.

    With parting words I utter, be kind but be cautious. The path to victory we march will still yet be encumbered by hardship and toil. As the Gods watch over us, and as we act for the glory of our loved Emperor, we cannot fail. Be strong, be wise and be brave. Rest assured in you slumber that the gift of justice will be given to all those who commit evils to us here today.

    For we are clad adorned in glory; in service with glee.

    His High-Grace Cillian of House Gallagher
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