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    Hello, all! Welcome to my Character Concept Shop!

    "But why would I buy a character concept from you?"
    • Because I come up with cool character concepts and aesthetics! Here is an example:

    Race: Half Kathar-Half Dwarf
    How they get the aesthetic: Spells and ritualist mutations​

    Does this lore-compliant character concept tickle your fancy? Of course it does! Who doesn't love gargoyles?

    So, here's all you need to do: apply! I'll help you come up with a way to create a character you will love! I won't charge for something you don't like. I cannot necessarily make you a usable skin, but I could make a base skin to show how such a character would be skinned in-game.

    How to apply:

    Discord Name and Tag:
    Character Themes (If you have any you like):

    Reference Images can be sent to indyfan98#7933 on Discord! I'll help you come up with something, from any race/half-race, mutations, afflictions, or more. Once you are approved, I will reach out over the forums, just so everything is logged for staff to see.

    Pricing varies based on how much you like the concept. Please be honest. You can back out at anytime.

    Have a Massive day!
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