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    After a long hiatus, our Character Card plugin has been rebuilt by our Tech Lead, CS_Birb, and is released!

    MassiveChar gives a quick glance at some of the more surface level details of your character, allowing you to quickly and efficiently showcase your unique character design to others.

    With a quick `/cc show <username>` you can view the active character card of a user. Unlike the original MassiveChar, our new release allows players to prepare multiple character cards and switch between them quickly and easily without having to replace all of your information - all in the name of convenience!

    Age, Height, Race, Physical Description & More! MassiveChar gives all of your important “quick-reference” information right at your fingertips. Don’t like typing commands? Shift & right-click, then click on “Char” to pull up that player's Character Card. If you find that the surface level information isn’t enough, you can link your Character Application to your card so it’s no more than a few clicks away.



    At release, standard players will have 2 slots available, while our generous ✷Premium and ❈Supremium members will receive an extra 3 slots - bringing our members’ grand total to 5!

    Use `/char` or `/cc` at any time to see these commands.

    /char Create <Character Name>
    It couldn’t be simpler to get started. To start building your first Character card, run `/char create <Character Name>`. This will create and automatically select your first character card.

    /char Show [Player] [Page]
    Now that we have a character card, we can run `/char show` to view your (or anyone else's) active character card. Give it a shot! You’ll probably notice that your current character card is a little barren. Let’s fix that!

    /char Edit
    The meat of the plugin, here we can provide our character card with some life and give some information about our character. It can be used to customize your character card fully - Simply type `/char Edit [Age/Body/Charsheet/Description/Height/Name/Race]` after setting your active character by typing `/char Use <Character Name>`!

    /char List [page]
    What’s better than one character card? How about two! To view all of your characters, use `/char list`. This includes some friendly chat buttons to select a character, view the card, or to delete it entirely.

    /char Select <Character Name or ID>
    Finally, now that you’ve made your first snazzy Character Card, you can use `/char select` to use it! This will also allow you to clear your current selection with `/char select clear`.

    Other players will only see your actively selected character sheet, so be sure you’re using the right card!

    /char Delete <Character Name or ID>
    When that unfortunate time comes and a character meets its maker, here we can quickly remove this character card to quickly free up a slot.

    There, now that your Character Card is finished, it should look something like this! Tada!


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