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    Just last night, we released the Character Cards plugin! What better way to share all the creative, unique Cards our community has made other than to host a friendly little contest?
    What are Character Cards?
    What are Character Cards, and how do they work? How do I get one?
    If you’re not sure how to make a character card, check here!

    What are the entry requirements?
    All you need to enter is a clear screenshot or snippet of your character cards! You can enter only one character card, so choose wisely!
    Who Crowns the Winner?
    A randomized panel of various staff members will be selected to judge character card submissions.
    How do I submit my entry?
    All you have to do is upload a screenshot of your character card in a reply to this thread. Remember that entries close on Saturday, September 19th at 9:00pm EST, and winners will be announced the following Monday!

    What are the judges looking for?
    We will be taking into account the creativity, humor, detail and uniqueness of the character cards. With these factors in mind, we will vote and come to a decision on the winners.

    One month of ✸Premium, a special lore item, or 500 Regals!

    First Place: Receives first choice of the listed prizes!

    Second Place: Receives second choice of the remaining prizes!

    Third Place: Receives the last remaining prize!

    Want to see your character featured on Instagram, or know someone who you think should be featured? Send your character card and a fun screenshot of your character OR character art to @seoulmate

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