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    Changes for Factions Worlds


    MassiveCraft is consistently looking towards the future of our server, and ways to better develop the community. After taking a hard look at how our survival worlds operate, and speaking to those who play them most, we have decided to take a large step to improve Factions as a whole. We believe in making MassiveCraft a stronger, healthier place, with a thriving playerbase that gets enjoyment and interaction from the worlds we build. To that end, MasssiveCraft has decided, after months of intensive study, to reduce the amount of Factions worlds. We believe that this will result in a stronger factions community, with much more player engagement.

    The Worlds that are Remaining:

    Teled Methen

    Teled is the most populated of all of the current worlds, and though it only contains one biome, the terrain itself creates enough diversity within said plains biome to allow players the ability to create many different, sprawling factions


    Fendarfell is the second most populated of the current worlds, providing players with ample biome and terrain diversity to create a multitude of different factions and themes.

    New Ceardia

    New Ceardia is a world full of player builds and diverse biomes, as well as holding historical significance to many players who built there for years. It also contains a large player base, with several large factions residing there

    The Worlds Being Removed:


    Being the oldest world, also created with a system which is completely outdated. Furthermore, there are very few factions settled there, the majority of PvP factions have their PvP towers there, which are easily relocated, and some factions are shying away from towers altogether.


    The least populated of all of the worlds, only a handful of factions call this continent home. That, coupled with it being a single sheet of ice and snow, doesn’t make it appealing to the playerbase, and therefore make it an ideal candidate to be removed.


    Being the newest world, created with some of the best terrain control, it would be an obvious choice to be kept. However, jungle biomes are notoriously bad for faction creation, and coupled with how flat and expansive many areas are, the world itself just hasn’t gathered the playerbase it should have, and therefore loses out on a place to New Ceardia.


    These changes are motivated in part by player population, world usage, and the variety of biomes. The player population to warrant the current space is not present. And whilst some of the worlds are already bustling with players, several of them are only ever used at specific times, or have very few players in them regardless.

    Furthermore, the worlds which have more players in are still not too heavily populated. Large distances must be travelled to interact with other factions, which is inhibiting the growth of the factions themselves, and the community as a whole.

    In addition to this, the sheer number of worlds may well be a contributing factor to the lag experienced on MassiveCraft, and reducing the worlds down to one per sharded server should reduce that as much as possible, whilst also removing the confusion amongst players as to which world players in their tab list could be on.

    What does that mean for you, the Factions player?

    You can apply for your factions build to be moved into one of the remaining worlds.

    The following is important to remember when applying for your faction build to be moved.

    Only main factions can be placed by staff. Alt claims have to be moved to a main factions claim

    Alt faction builds can only be moved to a claimed area by their main factions.

    See this latest update thread.

    Staff reserve the right to reject a build of poor quality.

    The deadline to apply for your build to be moved is April 8th, 2018

    The form to apply for your faction build to be moved is here.

    Please be as thorough and as complete as possible.

    It is expected that all build moves will be complete by April 15th, 2018.

    We understand that this is a large undertaking for factions players. We will do our very best to answer your questions as thoroughly as possible, and also keep you updated with any new information that may arise as we approach the deadline. We will all be working tirelessly to make sure that this transition is as smooth and easy as possible for everyone involved. The team at MassiveCraft want to thank you for your patience and support, and hope that these changes make a better play experience for everyone.

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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by SpunSugar, Jan 13, 2018.

    1. Riley0628
    2. Ninja124r
    3. Zacatero
      @SpunSugar I absolutely love this change, but I must ask what about materials like Granite, diorite, podzol, and andesite? These materials only exist in Jorrhild and Hyarroc.
      Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
    4. Viscar
    5. CnocBride
      RIP Ithania. You served us well.
    6. Sir_Daragon
      “We asked active faction players” so staff factions. Got it
    7. Zacatero
      Shooh dont complain about a good change
    8. Vehlir Velas
      Vehlir Velas
      Good to finally hear some news regarding Factions/Survival changes! I have to admit, as much as it pains me to see the beautiful Jorrhild go, I agree this is the right call and a good first step. I do have a question though about how this effects future maps.

      Does this switch to less worlds mean that the new world that was in construction and showed off a while back, has been cancelled/put on hold? Or can we still expect to see that new world be released at some point. Not only did it just look really outstanding and improved in comparison to some of the worlds now, but that also would potentially influence my decision as to whether or not I want to port my build to Teled. As opposed to just building a temp storage place there to move my stuff off Jorrhild, while I wait for the new world if I know that's something I can expect to see within the next 6 months.

      Either way good to see some attention on this side of the server again! Can we also expect to see some other adjustments and changes to Factions in the near future?

      EDIT: (The News Post regarding the new world in question:
      Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
    9. G0atfather
      Aaaand everything I own are in the worlds that are getting removed -_-

      I don't think it's a good change, though I maybe biased for the reason stated above. Another problem is that when you remove worlds it makes it harder to find good land to build on or make a faction because you can only get so close to other factions. I do not see much value in removing half of the server's worlds so quickly either. Maybe removing one at a time to see how the population redistributes would work but this seems like too much too fast, even if the change isn't going to be immediate.
    10. Zacatero
      The notion that there won't be enough land is kind of funny, considering that the three worlds that are staying currently have a crap ton of open space. The idea, is that there will be less space between factions
    11. Sir_Daragon
      is it a good change? i admire that they are removeing old, laggy worlds. but they dont have to lie about talking to faction players. we know the truth...when staff "asked the public" they all just mostly ask they faction, allies. not the active, non staff factions. and now make me regret ever donating
    12. ZiHAMMER
      make me a new darkroom k
    13. Jareth
      so much for "we encourage travel!", huh?
    14. ChairThief
      For frick's sake. As soon as my friend and I actually start trying to play again.

      Progress shouldn't take precedence over fun. You know, the reason we play games. And you're welcome to have a different concept of fun than I do, but it's a little arrogant to assume you know what players want better than they do.
      Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    15. Genecide65
      "We asked active players" yikes
    16. Jaehaerys
      Hello guys, I know their are those who are very concerned with their underground builds as in "If its not being moved it it just being deleted along with the world?"

      Although we will not be moving underground bases or builds. I highly recommend you use the mod Schematica by Lunatrius! This mod allows you to make a schematic of your build and let's you reconstruct it with the exact materials provided by you. I myself use this to transfer builds I make in survival to the server. Be warned you must provide your own materials to remake your build!

      For more information and how to use it. Here is a link.

    17. Zacatero
      Actually this further encourages travel. By compacting the factions to fewer maps it encourages actually walking from one faction to another.
    18. Maytee
      Sweet! I'm glad things are kicking off again.
    19. Violettee
      There have been multiple forums posts requesting this change totally unrelated to any staff. You're only going to log your bazillion alts on and afk anyway, do you really care what world you do it in? Money isn't your one way ticket to people actually caring about your opinion fam.
    20. Violettee
      First of all who even are you? If you'd been here you'd know that they didn't assume anything, Players asked for this. And what has the removal of 3 worlds got to do with "fun"?
    21. Zacatero
      But seriously im totally for this change but what abour podzol, andesite, diorite, and granite. Its exclusively in Jorrhild and Hyarroc
    22. Violettee
      They'll probably be made craftable
    23. 05rhardy
      I'm fairly against this change. I check the forums daily and I haven't seen an obvious thread to discuss this with the playerbase (I may have missed it, but I didn't see it and I do check).

      Looking at the dynmap, teled has a lot of factions in which are decently spaced apart. There are some large chunks of unclaimed land but that land is undesirable, which is why it's not claimed. All you're doing is forcing people into undesirable land - when they currently have desirable land. You're then further punishing them for no reason by refusing to move underground based builds, which I really do not understand the logic behind. Why discriminate? Some underground builds are prettier than some above ground builds, at least make it fair and give every single faction, above or below ground, the chance to move their base across to the worlds that aren't being deleted; it feels almost like laziness.
    24. Zacatero
      Tru. That would be easier. And now that i think about it... iirc podzol already is
    25. Lyee
      Big player base in NC? I wonder who that could be... Rest in peace Ithania, have some great memories there <3
    26. CnocBride
      I believe that bringing factions together is a good idea but it is clear that maintaining such worlds is straining on MassiveCrafts resources. It seems that Massive is currently losing profit and is unable to provide the services it has before. This does not mean the server is dying. While I believe that "bringing the community closer together" is a good argument I do believe this is not just the main reason for closing such worlds.

      I also agree with Sir_Daragon on the questioning the playerbase. There was no such thing. We all knew that Ithania would eventually be removed, it was next in line for removal but removing Hyarroc out of the blue was a bad decision. There was no consultation of the playerbase and it is sad to see a staff clique forming that acts as the spokespeople of the playerbase. I ask Massive be more considerate of player opinions when making such a rash decision. It is clear the player surveys were not a major player in the "intensive study".

      However, if this helps to rejuvenate the survival aspect of Massive I will not complain even though I do not believe it was the best decision to remove Hyarroc, the newest world. This world was meant to be a safe haven and many young players believed it would be the last to be removed.
    27. Alj23
      I just want to see the questions that players were asked and the answers they gave that led to this decision being made. Edit out names and censor revealing info, but throw it all in a Google document and let us see it. I think that's a small request and one easy to satisfy if there is indeed data that was collected and recorded, which I would hope there is for such a monumental change.

      A lot of claims are made in the original post about what prompted this decision to be made and what problems existed that this decision is trying to solve, and I just want to see what the players who were asked these questions during the months of research actually said.
    28. kniferharm
      So Latronis a massive underground fortress won’t be moved even though it is as high quality as many above ground builds?

      This seems to discriminate against Dwarf and other underground themed factions.
    29. kniferharm
      Because of course people have time to hollow out caves the size of V1 Regalia and then build their massive base inside all over again.
    30. 65jes89
      @_Erebos_ glad I sold you sunkiss when I did HAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    31. 65jes89
      Honestly I don't even own a faction anymore, but I entirely agree with this; several of my favorite builds have been at least partially underground and it seems rather unfair to not move them, especially since they generally take a lot more work due to the hollowing out aspect of building them.
    32. Violettee
      I think the staff made a mistake saying they'd "asked players", when in actual fact players have approached staff about this issue.
    33. 65jes89
      On a side note, any chance we'll get that new world marty posted a while ago any time soon? Personally I've never really liked NC or teled, and it kinda sucks to see both the worlds with nice caves go.
    34. Alj23
      Then they need to issue corrections and rescind incorrect info and let us know which comments specifically prompted this decision to be made.

      Is this what happened staff?
    35. 65jes89
      To be fair, I don't really remember all that much criticism on the thread where this idea was first floated, though it was a long time ago and I'm too lazy to check.

      Judging by the fact we never got any data release on the repair poll results, which imo was a whole lot more controversial, however, I doubt we'll get data on this.
    36. MokeDuck
      so, just to be clear, I and a few other people have very extensive and lore compliant bases in jorhildr's caves... we will have to mine out those areas in another world and re build them? really, the problem isnt so much the fact that we have to rebuild as much as the area will need to be mined out. Jorhildr in nature kinda had more space for underground things than other worlds, and that made it much easier to build underground. Is there any chance we can request staff to use worldedit to make underground areas for some of the bigger and more lore-compliant bases in jorhildr? just a long-shot here.
    37. Zacatero
      This is probably because the staff know what theyre doing lol. Its not rocket science. When changes and info to the players is concerned the staff are like Dungeon Masters. They roll the dice behind the screen to make you THINK its up to chance, but in reality the dice role is just for show. Theyve already made up their mind, and laid out the plan for the next 3 turns. The reason those results arent posted is because the results dont matter in the long term. Now I could be wrong and the staff could just have forgotton or were lazy. But i feel like i know them well enough to know that important stuff like that isnt just left to laziness and there mustve been a good reason if not the one i just said here.
      Last edited: Jan 14, 2018
    38. Alj23
      A few people have stated there have been threads about this in the past, but I don't remember any of these supposed threads. And I sure as hell don't remember someone saying "Hey, you know what would be a good idea? Instead of working with the active factions and players in the survival worlds and fix the issues present, let's just take the nuclear option and delete three worlds in one go."

      Which staff don't seem to think won't cramp a crap ton of faction together and make expansion for factions that want to expand their borders near impossible.
    39. 65jes89
      I mean yea, ofc that's what's happening. I feel like it kind of hurts the playerbase though when obviously controversial decisions are polled, the results of the polls are ignored, and then the results are refused to be released. It should at least be acknowledged that it's not a popular decision imo, and not claimed that the majority of people supported it when it's obvious that didn't happen, as what happened with repair.

      That being said idrc since I support this anyways and it's getting a bit off topic

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