Celerial Proclamation Of Vision And Direction

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    Celerial Proclamation of Vision and Direction
    Addressed to the Peoples of The Regalian Empire


    Section I - Blessings
    Section II - Opening Preamble
    Section III - Celerial Vision and Directions
    Section IV - Personal Remarks

    Section I

    Ω, άγιος Everwatcher. Ευλόγησε το παιδί, τον άντρα, τη γυναίκα, που σε υπηρετεί καλόπιστα. Γιατί το μεταφράζεις αυτό. Βοηθήστε τους να σταθεροποιήσουν την καρδιά τους για τις δοκιμασίες που θα αντιμετωπίσουν στο μέλλον, για τις προκλήσεις, τα εμπόδια που πρέπει να ξεπεράσουν. Μακάριοι να είναι αυτοί που το κάνουν αυτό, δεδομένης της τελικής ανταμοιβής στην ικανοποίηση και την ικανοποίηση που προέρχεται από την υπηρεσία της αιώνιας δόξας σας.
    Section II

    It is with great satisfaction that I may once more, write a proclamation to the fine people of this Empire and city, and that the trials we have faced in the Crown city have been lifted from our backs by the brave men and women who live here. However, having surpassed the trials of the past, we must now turn our sights forwards, and not once think of growing complacent when grave shadows of turmoil and strife loom not so far in the distance. That, is the point of this document, to provide some sense of direction and purpose, to those faithful to the Everwatcher, Emperor, and Regalia as a whole. To this end, I request that all show some form of incentive to act outside of the parameters of this proclamation, and find other ways to work towards a better Empire alongside the following.

    Section III

    As we are all well aware, the final destination of the Great Way involves the reign of the illustrious Regalian Emperor over the entirety of this mortal world. However, it is pertinent that we recognize that consistently setting, achieving and exceeding short term goals will result in the hastening of our glorious and noble goal. To this, I have recognized that the following are most crucial to both keep our hands busy, and to remove obstacles from the Great Way.
    • The Restoration of The Temple of Ness
      • The Temple of Ness, after the crisis, has been laid to ruin. While still having a variety of sermons and events held on its grounds, it poses both a risk to the citizens in the area, and is ultimately a black stain on our reputation so long as we let it sit in ruin. To this end, I will personally be dipping into my coffers to aid in restoration, along with Baroness di Civita. All other faithful nobles should do the same, to chip in and do their duty. Further coordination with the Lord Chancellor is pending.
    • Community Projects and Outreach
      • It has been far too long since Celeries have actively engaged with their communities, leading to a wide gap between the flock and the Celates. However, during my sermon upon the 6th of November, a fine young lady, Lara-Jean, suggested that she had been struggling with gaining proper literacy skills. I implore that any faithful interested in doing lessons upon any subject at the Salvation Temple contact myself, as it is my intent to start general classes to intellectually better the citizenry of the City.
    • Monthly Exemplary Acts Acknowledgement, and Admonishment of Discrepancy
      • Too many individuals in the city do not receive their due praise for their service to the Empire and the Everwatcher, while others do not receive the due public mention for their heinous acts. From hereout, whether you are a noble or commoner, there will be monthly praises and admonishments in each decree. Specifically, I encourage all members of the faith to report those who claim to be Unionist, yet act only in lip service to the Everwatcher, to come forth and report them and their actions to myself or other Celates.
    • The Empowerment of The Cloth
      • It is, and has always been, a long term goal of myself and others, to empower the Celates of the Empire to shepherd and guide amongst politics. While certainly, this city is not like Etosil, I implore all noble houses, and the current Lord Chancellor, to consider how they can better equip the Celates which so dutifully serve in the name of the Everwatcher.
    Section IV

    As it stands, I am incredibly hopeful for the near and far future. The turnout of both the Baroness-Celate, Mother Alexi and my own sermons have been substantial, which gives me the impression that while there is much work to be done, that the city is still full of people willing to listen to the Cloth. However, while incredibly hopeful and eager to tackle future challenges, I have realized that some may have forgotten the primary function of a Celate; to guide, counsel, and protect. I remind the reader that, should they have any personal dilemmas, or simply feel lonely and want somebody to talk to, Celates are confidentially bound to silence and are trained to work others through their issues. Furthermore, I have personal intents to further proselytize the faith to those non-Believing, and to curtail the spread of apostasy. For now, that is all I have to write, Everwatcher Guide all of you.

    Signed, Abelhard Petrou
    Grand Duke of Athos
    Division Admiral of The Imperial Armadas
    Evintarian Celate
    Protector of The Evintarin Holy Isles

    OOC Summarization
    • Calls for aid in restoring the Temple of Ness
    • Once the Temple of Ness is restored, attempts will be made to create a small area for impromptu tutoring events.
    • Monthly callout posts for sinners and people who did really good.
    • A call for the government to equip the clergy with the tools to act.
    • A reminder that Celates are meant to help people work through their problems, and can be called for confidential confessionals, moral dilemmas, or just a chat if you're lonely.
    • Attempts to proselytize will be made.
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