Celerial Proclamation Of Recognition

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    Celerial Proclamation of Recognition
    Addressed to the Peoples of The Regalian Empire
    Section I - Blessings
    Section II - Preamble
    Section III - Judgements
    Section IV - Planned Events
    Section I

    Ω, άγιος Everwatcher. Ευλόγησε το παιδί, τον άντρα, τη γυναίκα, που σε υπηρετεί καλόπιστα. Γιατί το μεταφράζεις αυτό. Βοηθήστε τους να σταθεροποιήσουν την καρδιά τους για τις δοκιμασίες που θα αντιμετωπίσουν στο μέλλον, για τις προκλήσεις, τα εμπόδια που πρέπει να ξεπεράσουν. Μακάριοι να είναι αυτοί που το κάνουν αυτό, δεδομένης της τελικής ανταμοιβής στην ικανοποίηση και την ικανοποίηση που προέρχεται από την υπηρεσία της αιώνιας δόξας σας.
    Section II

    In times such as these, it is important to recognize those that act dutifully to the faith, and with exemplary actions, and those who act with less than scrupulous intent. This is by no means a list of people to shun or cast out, or to shower rewards upon, but rather, simply a list of who is exemplifying the tenets of Unionism, and those who do exactly the opposite. Furthermore, there are obviously more who did not end up on this list, for both reasons, as we cannot be completely omnipresent and witness all.

    Section III
    Recognition of Exemplary Behaviors
    • Duke Paris Spathous
      • For unswaying service to the faith, and active actions undertaken to spread the faith, peacefully, to other
    • Kopec of the Parthas Knighthood
      • For their preservation of Unionist interests and relics, to their own detriment and hassle.
    • Miss Keavy
      • For their seeking out of Clergy to aid them in their own transformation to better the world around themselves, and in turn, dedicate efforts towards the Great Way.
    Admonishment of Poor Behaviors
    • Lord Lancel Peirgarten
      • For lewd commentary about those of the Unionist faith during Lower Chambers.
    • Sir Wilvamair Arnyn
      • For attempting to steal Unionist artifacts for their own prestige and benefit.

    Section IV

    Upcoming Schedule
    Monthly Sermon: To Arms!
    • Date: December 4th
    • Time: 7PM (EST)
    A Lesson on Ethics and Governance
    • Date: December 11th
    • Time: 7PM (EST)

    Signed, Abelhard Petrou
    Grand Duke of Athos
    Division Admiral of The Imperial Armadas
    Evintarian Celate
    Protector of The Evintarin Holy Isles

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    A Ward of Fae Knight reads the announcement once, then twice, releasing a small sigh. He eyed the snow beneath him for a moment, before offering a small shrug.

    "It's not every day you get lectured on your ethics and mission by a slaver, I suppose. Good times."
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