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    Hello there Fellow Massivecraft Players,

    In the recent weeks we released what it is known as Bounties. Sadly the project was rushed and Game Staff weren't trained to handle bounties properly. After the creator left the Staff Team, we realized that the system could be improved and that there was a stark lack of information and guidance on how to handle the system. Thus, we will be reworking Bounties, creating proper training so more Game Staff can handle them, simplifying, and overall speeding up the approval process and making it more rewarding and enjoyable for the playerbase.

    To facilitate these changes, we must temporarily close down the Bounty section for an indeterminate amount of time. Worry not, all current bounties have either been refunded or completed.

    If there are any questions don't hesitate to ask in the comments! We will do our best to answer your questions. Suggestions are also welcome and encouraged; We would like to make this system better and more effective than before.

    Thank you!

    -Game Staff

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