Binding Essence

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    Drops of pure essence drip from the sky to land in a pool of silver light. The silver pool releases drops of pure essence into a puddle of silver light bellow, this goes on as far down and up as one could comprehend.

    Bright, brighter yet brightest. The view of the endless horizon is empty, yet unimaginably cluttered.
    Somewhere, between nothingness and all, stood a lonesome, tall Yanar with long red hair and a well kept dress.
    Her eyes opened to the sea of everything, yet so little was there. She saw what was and what will be, she saw every material, she heard every secret, tasted every delicacy, smelled every scent and felt every touch. The silver sea which she stood atop of was an assault to all senses.
    This went on for thousands of years, or was it only for a moment?

    The Yanar stepped out across the sea of silver light, gazing upon the endless horizon which burned the iris with a single glance. Suddenly, a large oak door came to be just a few steps ahead. Or had it been there since the beginning.
    She walked forward, reaching a hand out to the door’s handle.
    The door gave off such a vibrant feeling. Its brown wood contrasted the world of light. The mundaneness of the door made it extraordinary. No matter what was on the other side, she must reach it. It simply was so.

    As her hand clutches the handle, just for a moment she hesitates to prepare for what is on the other side, then a voice behind her echoed out endlessly. “Who-”

    The Yanar turned to face the voice. Only to lay eyes on herself. Her previous self. One with short, green hair instead of her long red locks. Her previous self was short, not tall, and her face was so friendly. Everything about her past contrasted her present.
    “Are you?” The spectre of her past finished

    “I.. I am you. I am who came after.” The Yanar responded with a clouded mind, as if not being able to process the occurrence.
    “Ohh.. Well it’s nice to meet me!” The spectre chimed.
    “..What do you plan to do here?”
    “Well- I have to find a way out of here! I have friends waiting for me on the other side. Do- do you know the way out of here?” The Spectre asked with a polite smile, unknowing of the situation.

    The Yanar looked back to the looming door behind her, its whispers of freedom turned into a prison of guilt. For she knew what she must do.
    The Yanar looked back to their past, shaking her head.

    “Oh.. Well that’s too bad. Oh well. I’ve had plenty of problems in my adventures! I’ll find a way back to my friends soon, you’ll see. Then maybe I can bring you back with me.” The spectre chuckled with an innocent glee.

    The Yanar stared at their past with widened eyes. The guilt of knowing only one could pass through was unbearable, but she gritted her teeth and reassured herself it was necessary.

    Before the Yanar could, her past spoke.
    “Hey- think.. Think you could tell them I said hi? I’ve been away for a while now and I just want them to know- I’m still going to come find them! But just for the time being, you know.. I left them without saying goodbye, and there was so much I didn’t do. I was just getting started, ya’ know?”

    The spectre smiled through her painful request.
    The Yanar couldn’t help but give them the slightest reassurance by nodding.

    The Yanar gripped the handle to the door, turning it slowly as she stepped through.
    “Oh what’s that? Are you leaving? Well.. it was nice to meet you! I’ll find a way out for- for the both of us! That’s a promise!” The hopeful spectre exclaimed, but the Yanar was already gone.
    They had moved on, leaving their past behind without a word. They had to. For why should her past live and not her? Her past wished to save them both, but such is the lie of the naive child who died because they refused to accept how the world truly works.
    -Is what the Yanar thought as they left, anyway.

    The spectre wanders the deserted sea of everything. They wander for an eternity, then more.
    Drops of pure essence drip from the sky to land in a pool of silver light. The silver pool releases drops of pure essence into a puddle of silver light bellow, this goes on for as long as the spectre could last.

    Its essence was tied here.
    Forever, she would endlessly wander where she had all she could ask for. Yet she had nothing to hold. Truthfully, she was in a state of nonexisting Exist.

    OOC Note! ———»
    Hello! This is my first story, so please dm me any feedback about it. This won't make much sense to anyone who hasn't met my character, but I hope it's clear enough for it to still be enjoyable! Though, it was meant to be foggy and vague.
    Also this is just what I say my character 'dreamed' when they Wyldbirthed, and my interpretation of what the Exist is. Not super lore accurate maybe but that's why it's more of a dream/vision! Anyway thanks so much for reading!
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