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    MassiveCraft will soon be developing a Backstory plugin, very similar to a Character Card plugin you might find on other roleplay servers. Ideally, this plugin will allow the following:
    • Give users a way to easily refer to visual information on the character without having to search for them on the forums or be constantly reminded of their condition (such as a broken arm).
    • Give users a way to easily refer to a few quick facts about the character without having to do in-depth research or drilling, based upon what information the roleplayer fills out.
    In preparation for this, we wanted to ask our user-base what suggestions they might have on sections to be filled out. Examples include:
    • Name:
    • Age:
    • Gender:
    • Race:
    • Height:
    • Weight:
    The suggestions can be very basic, such as those listed above, or very in-depth, such as culture, sub-race, place of origin, et cetera. Any suggestions are welcome, but not all may be used in the upcoming plugin!

    Feel free to post suggestions here!
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Discussion in 'Server News and Announcements' started by Ryciera, Jul 1, 2014.

    1. TheTerrawr
      The only possible problem I could see with this, is it would make meta gaming much easier.
    2. Deleted User 0206201901
      Deleted User 0206201901
      This would be such a good addition. Peeople will stop thinking Theodon is not such an old man.
    3. HydraLana
      Yet then it would be very obvious that you are a meta-gamer thus dooming you.​
    4. TheTerrawr
      Still would make it easier regardless.
    5. Ryciera
      While that will occur, it will also give people an easier method of easily gaining information they might need.

      Remember: When faced with meta-gamers, ask them how they garnered that info, IC. If the answer seems unsatisfactory, call them out on it. Little by little, they'll learn.
    6. _Dewlox_
      Brilliant idea in my opinion.
    7. Mattium_
      I support this!
      My suggestion would be add more traits that players should know about that character they are interacting with.
      • Like Accent ("Accent reflects that of Regalian" or whatever English Variation it is).
      • Injuries (as you suggested).
      • Visual marks (Tattoos, scars and pigments).
      • Sentimental items (A family heirloom, a ribbon, a special dagger, etc).
    8. Billy_Rage
      I like the points stated in the original post, but maybe add a section for other relevant information. For example, scars, clothes, weapons (that could be a whole point in itself) and accents.
    9. Silent_Ruler

      I believe the questions filled out should be those which can be seen and heard. Therefore, when a possible meta-gamer crosses by, they will not be able to meta-game something which can obviously already be seen by their character. For example, if your character is from Daendroc, make him have a Daendroque accent, and state such accent in the card whereas the location of origin can be assumed.

      This side of visual information will be labeled IC in the card, whereas the characters name, area of origin, in this case Daendroc, would be put under a "Meta-Info" label.

      This not only divides what can obviously be seen, aside from what cannot, but also suggests to possible meta-gamers and inexperienced role-players that the information under the "Meta-Info" label can only be achieved from getting the information in-game, such as having it told by the character.


      Estimated weight:
      Visual Marks:
      Exact Weight:
      Exact Height:
      Area of Origin:

      And so on, the template doesnt have to be the one I suggested though.
    10. FarmerBlakeyBoy
      Brilliant! I love this idea.
    11. AlmightyCaralho
    12. TheFinitePeach
      Some of this stuff wouldn't even be meta gaming if used IC. For example, us that don't use MPM can't really tell the height or physical build of your character without asking OOC which can be annoying to say the least. If we could just go and look about how tall you are and if you are athletic, overweight, stocky, etc... it could make many things much easier.

      Instead of a Injury field I think a physical condition field would be more useful because for example, if someone had a cold and because of that their nose was running that wouldn't be an injury but it still might be a piece of information that could be interesting and therefore commented on without having to go OOC.

      Also having a field for either cultural backround of place of origin would be useful.
    13. nray93
      A nice idea would be description levels (for rp purpose). More observant characters would see more and more details. This could be done via traits.
      For example:
      Note: All variables are marked with a "_"
      Level 0 Observe:
      The character has X_ as weapon, wears a Y_ outfit and is a Z_ (race).
      Level 1 Observe:
      The character has X_ as weapon, it appears to be in A_ condition. He wears a B_ colored Y_ outfit which looks C_ . The character appears to be a D_ (young/old/adult) Z_ (race) . He/She seems to be E_ (agitated/angered/calm/etc etc...).
      Level 2 Observer:
      Everything from level 1. It also looks like the character is carrying hidden object which seems to be a F_ (weapon/bag/etc etc..)

      And so forth and so forth. Any way the idea is that when a character with high observation levels check someone they see more details and possible things and informations that people with lower observation skills would not. The levels could be designed by the person setting the description as automatic variants could end up being kinda messy (For example showing everything about one point but missing out obvious things about other points).
    14. konfusedkatlin
      This is an amazing idea. As TheFinitePeach said, a physical condition field would also be really great. Especially for people like me who are always getting their arse kicked IC, heh.
    15. Gwyndo
      I think this should only be visual information.
      Such as height, width, body type, scars, clothes, exposed/non-concealed weaponry and injuries.

      I don't think it should contain where they were from or anything like that.
    16. Grailen
      Oooooh I was thinking about something like this for a while.
      Is the World of Warcraft version of this and it covers a lot things in depth such as.
      • Age
      • Race
      • Name
      • Nickname
      • House
      • Currently (Sort of a status)
      • History
      • Description
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Eye color
      • Character status (In / out of Character)
      • Roleplay style (A sort of rating such as whether or not you accept mature or violent themed roleplays.)
      • Home
      • Birthplace
      • Motto
      While some of these things may not be as relevant I think it would be a wonderful addition to massivecraft, also if it was possible for this to be done with books instead of the chat box that would be a Tremendous convenience sort of like typing a command to view someones bio and a book pops up. Though the editing of there bios might be easier with a web interface such as a forums link if that's not too difficult to code.
      I like the idea, but you should add personality to it! : D
    18. Artemis_Hanzo
      Multiple profiles for diff chars
      Also if there could be a way to register a nick with regals so people do not take yours
    19. Tra_kad
      -looks at the new possibility of this-
    20. Dannywolf05
      People will finally recognize I'm a maiar. I'm all on-board for this idea.
    21. Zero_00
      I think so long as it sticks to information that would normally be apparent to a person but not noticeable due to minecrafts limitations it would be great.
    22. Ryciera
      What exactly do you mean by that?
      Sorry I meant to say that,
      You should add personality to the list, that way people can see a character's personality.
    24. Ryciera
      OH! Oh that makes a lot more sense.
    25. The Golem
      The Golem
      Define "personality," because if its the way your character acts or talks, that should be noticeable enough in the roleplay itself. However, like an emotion (Angry, lonely, happy, etc) seems more realistic, though its also noticeable in character if done correctly
    26. Azas
      • Character name: So that it is verifiable whether someone with multiple characters has the correct info loaded
      • Race:
      • Age:
      • Gender:
      • Hair color:
      • Height:
      • Weight and/or Body Build:
      • Clothing
      • Status:
      I put hair color but not eye color, as eye color might be an additional excuse to metagame, especially against vampires.
    27. Cruallassar
      Defining appearance features.
    28. 6xdestroyer
      Could it possible to also have the rp date in the plugin? Might be very helpful?
    29. Sarge_Peppers
      I like the idea, but I think that it should only have information that a character can observe. It would prevent meta gaming, and go more in-depth than mpm.
    30. Luxor Ignotis
      Luxor Ignotis
      I think that if a character has a preprogrammed condition (meaning in plugin condition) they get a physical disadvantage ingame that clears up over time.
      I also believe there should be a way to enforce the person enacting conditions onto one's self.
    31. Luxor Ignotis
      Luxor Ignotis
      /character (number allocated to a player)
      This allows a player to switch a character, with limitations.
    32. Magivore
      ๖ۣۜOooh, this looks neat... I believe the wounds + visual marks should be part of this descriptions personally, as some people I have seen have confused a tattoo with a scar and a scar with a tattoo. Also, kinda wondering why hair colour and eye colour would be needed in the description page, wouldn't it be noticeable just by looking them...? (After all, if you don't know their eye / hair colour by a mask or hood, you shouldn't know unless you catch a glimpse of them anyways!) Otherwise, I would absolutely love to see this thing! =D
    33. RadonDragon
      I think most of the information that is included should be things you could tell about a character just by looking at them. Most people don't go around shouting where they were born and their personality.
      • Name
      • Race [Subrace]
      • Gender
      • Approximate age (child, adolescent, young adult, adult, geezer, et cetera)
      • Approximate height
      • Body type and/or weight (stocky, lanky, thin, athletic, overweight, et cetera)
      • Skin/fur/scale/exoskeleton color
      • Hair color
      • Eye color
      • Clothing/Accessories (well dressed,
      • Carried Items (such as weapons, trinkets, et cetera)
      • Noticable physical traits (missing body parts, scars, tails, feminine/masculine appearance, et cetera)
      • Noticeable speaking habits (accent, lisps, stutter et cetera)
      • Other important information (deafness, muteness, pets, et cetera)
      And basically anything else you might feel the need to mention about your character.

      Also, if these are supposed to be like character cards, maybe we could include set number and rarity?
    34. Fergoff
    35. TheFinitePeach
      I think a big decision has to be made whether this would include only IC info or IC and OOC info. If only IC info then I think @Ryciera 's idea was perfect, with perhaps a couple additions such as eye color for the higher up observance levels. If it would also include OOC info then perhaps personality should be included.
    36. Gabriel
      Physical descriptions such as eye color, skin color and hair color probably should not be added in to this as the player should have chosen an RP skin to fit that in the first place. If you want people to commit to their characters, then you should have them commit to it themselves by choosing/making/acquiring skins that fit their roleplay character's physical descriptions. People will not take you seriously if you're dressed as Ash Ketchup, or an anthropomorphic Nyancat while your physical description for this backstory plugin says you have green eyes and raven-coloured locks.
    37. Xskill
      I think since it is based on VISUAL information, as in what you could see by looking at someone, weight may be a bit odd. While it is rather easy to judge height by eyeballing someone, weight is a bit different since clothing, how the person is standing, etc. etc. (As well as the fact that you don't have to be fat to weigh a lot) can make it hard to tell someone's weight. So perhaps instead of weight you would have build. Examples being... lithe, average, lanky, thick, etc. etc.
    38. jamstersaber14
      I think the information should be vague . Example

      instead of exact age use a visual age range such as 20-30 or 60-70. If current age was used then people would go up to elves acting like they are 120 but they actually look 20.

      Obviously use exact gender

      Give description of current character state. This would comply with the states in the role-play death etiquette page such as killed or maimed.

      Give current facial expression complying to their mood such as looking happy or looking angry.
    39. Cruallassar
      The problem there is that MPM and Minecraft skins lack detail, and people are very prone to not observing or misinterpreting bits of the detail they have. Scars, red tattoos/markings, not to mention facial expressions. This is able to assist with that problem.

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