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    Hello! I am not lore staff. I am simply an American who loves indigenous culture. As such, though I do not play one, I have a unique enjoyment of Avanthar, but feel they could use some fleshing out in terms of cultures. As such, this thread is my way of having people help other Avanthar players in terms of portraying them in a way that is both unique and respectful to the native people that inspired them. If lore staff wish to, they may shut down this project at any time, or review any submission and declare them as incompliant. I do not know all the lore, personally. Players, of course, can choose to forgo this information, but it's more so for fun.

    This thread will include each state, with the description from the wiki, the tribes in that state, and (eventually) the player created lore for each tribe. Please follow the template given. Additional information is welcome, but excluding information should be avoided.

    Avantar States

    Avanth Antu

    Avanth Antu was formerly one of the more powerful Avanths in the Ularen Plains, with a prestigious role as the main actors in the previous deal that had existed between the Avanthar and the Northern Elven Kingdoms of the Alexandros Mountain Chain. However, after fighting briefly with their allies in the Elven War of 302 AC, the Avanthar retreated, fearing reprisal. As a result, a large swath of territory they had over the northern reaches of the Plains were taken, and in the civil war that came later, Avanth Rokhaal absorbed a further third of the Avanth’s territory. Now, Avanth Antu largely hugs the Western Calms, and does battle with the regional Pōlorcs as it fights to maintain its greatly weakened existence. They are the least accepting of the current Avanthar belief that the Regalian Empire is the strongest world state, and their population is also the angriest with the new order of the Plains. Some suspect they may be aiding in the frequent uprisings in the nearby Minaal Protectorate, but this is just speculation based on their current attitude.


    • Salta
    • Syäna
    • Cri’iväl

    Avanth Rokhaal

    Encompassing the unusually chilly region of the Selldr’velle Steppes, a large portion of the northern Ularen Plains, and now possessing the largest territory, Avanth Rokhaal is poised to lead the Avanthar Race into the future. Their people have long been friendly to Ailor, as much as Avanthar can be, with multiple Qússrakón Ailor absorbed into their society over the past century with additional “respect” offered in a high number of foreign unions between Avanthar and outsider Ailor. With the auxiliary horse power of the Qússrakón, the Avanthar of Avanth Rokhaal have often also been a major force in military matters associated with the eastern lands of Daen. It was they who were primarily engaged in the Ranger Crisis, and they were also the group who contributed the most to the rampaging force of Avanthar who swept through the Ailor states of the region. Since the end of the civil war, their leadership has been remarkably stable and united, with several women also holding key positions of power as the Avanth here makes strides to repair regional relations with foreigners as well as absorb the last numbers of Qússrakón into their Bands.

    • Apäthee
    • Nëgepien
    • Wythëtma
    • Tëyäs

    Avanth Olmaat

    Avanth Olmaat is seen as the staunchest and more conservative of all the five existing Avanth. Their territory held the Royal Encampment, and in the wake of its destruction, have only begrudgingly accepted a general superiority of the Regalian Empire. Elsewhere, the Avanth is oddly the only Avanth with only male leadership, at least on the surface. Observers have noted that these leaders are often “advised” by female Elders, likely their mothers, suggesting a rather familiar situation to Ailor military officials: that of a male facade over female leadership. Despite this, Avanth Olmaat suffered the most direct chaos of the five during the civil war and its population has largely retreated into isolation, though they still actively trade with regional Cielothar settlements.

    • Shytay
    • Iöwak
    • Tri’syaw

    Avanth Himvatheer
    In direct opposition to Avanth Olmaat is the rather liberal and free Avanth Himvatheer, extremely friendly toward foreigners and external Races for the possibilities they offer of expanding and improving an individual’s Genos, as well as the Genos of the Avanth overall. They are also seen as the most peaceful Avanth, given their longstanding treaties with Sol Fazais over the Himvatheer Road, the only safe road through Avanthar lands to the Altalar States beyond. They were still wracked by conflict in the civil war, but were the first Avanth to condemn and end the chaos within their borders, followed shortly thereafter by their southern sisters in the Avanth Hortutor. The Himvatheer now look to get the trade lanes going again though the Juvvondor Plains, so that they might again benefit from frequent contact with the outside world.

    • Ravän
    • Kotanna
    • Hydästas

    Avanth Hortutor
    Avanth Hortutor has commonly been seen by external Altalar as the epitome of Avanthar barbarity. Indeed, Hortutor is perhaps the wildest of all Avanths given its restless population. Easily able to harvest food from the forests of the Wildlands within their territory and that of Ol Lavei Aechir, their Bands are known to routinely violate borders in their travels though to call the vast, empty plains of northern Tanaar Llarana and eastern Tanaar Hyä-Ereya uncrossable boundaries is quite the overstatement. Additionally, they are considered the “wildest” Avanthar due to their constant conflict with the Wolathar Kathar of the Wor’lasïs Wald. They have adapted themselves to suitably combat these wild, vengeful Kathar by hardening themselves for battle, painting their bodies and faces, and dying their hair and placing feathers and more to give as fierce an appearance as possible. Their “screamers” are the most well known of all Avanths, and while they have been effective, they have frequently also clashed with Altalar desiring them to keep to their lands, and to “civilize”.

    • T’ivansör
    • T’brassni
    • T’ojkan


    Please first apply for a tribe to write, so that way we don't get multiple people writing one tribe, and then people will need to choose between two or more. Application is as below:

    Username (IGN):
    Tribe Applying For:
    Tribal Inspiration(s):
    Previous Lore Writing Experience (Optional):

    The tribal inspiration is to showcase that you have read at least a bit on Native cultures. They do not need to be Native Americans, but that is certainly a path to go. An indigenous people will work. Many native tribes have official websites. Make sure they make geographic sense. So, don't do the Hualapai in the plains, since they are the "People of the Tall Pines." If you can show me you've done some research, that'd be amazing. We don't want caricatures. We want people. Of course, don't just copy 1:1 from the internet. This is about creativity, as well.

    Template for after being accepted

    Tribe Name:

    Tribe Location (including geography types):

    Major and Minor Tribal Inspiration(s):

    Clothing Styles (Men and Women. Also include leaders and religious clothing. Include pictures, if you can!):

    Housing Styles (tents, wooden huts, pueblo, Earth Lodges, etc.);

    Design Motifs (Pictures welcome!):

    Common Hair Color (Black or Dark Auburn):

    Religious Ceremonies:

    Common Symbols:

    Preferred Colors:

    Common Adornments (feathers, pelts, turtle shells, etc.):

    Traditions and Customs:


    Common Hobbies (fishing, basket weaving, leather working, etc.)

    What really sets this tribe apart from others?:

    Once accepted, write using the template above, and send the outcome to me in forums DM. I will add the writing to the page in a spoiler in the tribes section, if and when approved.
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    Hello, again! I'm still interested in this project being a thing! Anyone interested, please let me know!

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