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    Character Information

    • Full Name: Aster Forebane

    • Race: Aiel Cielothar

    • Age: 25

    • Sex: Male

    • Gender: Cisgender Male

    • Sexuality: Figure it out, silly!

    • Eye Color: Blue
    Core Concept

    • Aster believes in Estel, the all-god and creator of existence.

    • Aster is a friendly fellow, genuinely outgoing and compassionate toward others. He is a farmer and loves to grow vegetables and flowers. He is definitely the life of any party.
    Proficiency Information

    +10 Spear Combat

    +5 Bodycare Training

    +15 Gardening Art

    +15 Horticulture Art (+10 hobby, +5 Cielothar)

    +15 Instrument art

    5 unspent points

    15 Physical Stat

    Ability Information

    • Cielothar Racials (Aiel):

      • Age Control 1

      • Spirit Familiar 2

      • Element Control 2

      • Empath Sense 2

      • Restoration 1

      • Home Enchant 1

      • Magic Sight 2
    • Body Care

      • Skin Purge 1

    • Common (Free)

    • Saan (Parent)
    Appearance Information

    • Aster has many tattoo-like marks on his torso, back, thighs, and arms.

    • Aster is generally more muscular for a Cielothar. He has tanned brown skin with dark brown hair. He stands 5’5.
    Life Story

    • Aster was born into a home based at the top of a tree, in a Cielothar village known as Elden Groove. He quickly found himself friends with Sage Marais, a fellow Cielothar.

    • After Sage disappeared, Aster found himself becoming somewhat lonely. He’d embrace his trade of farming, spending most of his time growing and tending to crops. Sometimes he would wander in the fields, examining the plants. He even found interest in learning to play the wind flute, keeping himself busy.

    • As an adult, he grew in stature, muscular for a Cielothar thanks to all of his time on the farm. However, he still was not particularly strong in general. He’d find himself adept with a spear, as it was similar enough to many of the farm tools he’d used.

    • Suddenly, Sage made a return, notifying Aster of where she lived now. Following in her footsteps, he moved to live with her again, reuniting himself with his kin.
    You may write a more free-form paragraph based Life Story in full, but make sure it is in spoilers at the bottom, and that you still include the simplified Life Story in bullet points above it.
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