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    MassiveCraft is lucky to have an abundance of artists within its community. What better way to celebrate creativity and make a toast to individuality than to show everyone what we’re proud of?

    This episode, we have 3 unique artists with us. Check out their work in the spoilers below!





    【→】How did you come to begin drawing digitally?

    @Raeris: “I’d been drawing traditionally for as long as I could remember, but I only really started stylising my work when I was around 11/12. Because of this, I was watching a lot of YouTube artists and realised that they don’t, in fact, use a mouse to draw; they use digital tablets. So when I turned 13, I asked my mum for my first digital tablet and I’ve been drawing digitally ever since.”

    @Caseyseal: “I first began doing pixel art about a year ago from now. The inspiration and reasoning why I arrived toward pixel art over any other sort of digital art was because of what I wanted to do as either a hobby or a job in the far future, that being to make a game- the style I wanted it to be was of course in pixel art. I came across a software called "Aseprite" on steam and tried out a trial version before eventually buying it leading me to where I am now.”

    @Woodwork: “I bought my first tablet when I was 18 I think. It was a bamboo. I then bought a cintiq 13, and well my commitment to art wasn’t that great and I returned it. Then I went back to the bamboo. Then another cintiq and sold it. Then a parblo mast 10, returned it, I have a huion in the attic that I never got to work. And then I bought the xp pen 13. And have stuck with it ever since, but desperately want the later generations. I saw a lot of anime artists drawing on sai, i was very new and naive and tried it. A lot of my art really didn’t develop until I came to massive.”

    【→】When you get artist’s block, how do you overcome it?

    @Raeris: “It isn’t as progressive as you’d think but my comfort art is a bust of a pretty girl, basically. So if I really am stuck, I know I can kick it in the butt by just doing a comfort drawing. That or testing out a pose or some lighting that I was inspired by because I’ll feel accomplished if I’m able to pull it off.”

    @Caseyseal: “I usually listen to music, work on other projects or tend to ask friends if they want something a pixel art made for them, having a specific and set goal that I can focus my mind on tends to help me get over artists block.”

    @Woodwork: “I usually browse pinterest, try different genders as they have varying features and restart drawings over and over until I find that I have better myself from the last drawing and started to make progress again. There is never a cure all to art block and it varies from artist to artist and even varies in the same artist. The same method is not guaranteed to work the next time.”

    【→】What do you enjoy drawing the most? Do you have any favorite color palettes?

    @Raeris: “I love drawing characters in general, especially if they’re interesting in design and I’m invested in them. For colour palettes I’m not all that picky or have a certain palette I like the most, but I do predominantly shade with pinks and reds, just because they’re nice on a multiply layer.”

    @Caseyseal: “I enjoy making creations for friends and other people the most if not my own character. I don't have any particular favourite colour palettes as I change what I use for every creation I make.”

    @Woodwork: “I really enjoyed sketching and line work. I like colouring and shading, though they are very weak areas I need to work on. I like sketching as the sketch is almost like clay to me and I can erase and redraw or draw over it and erase thicker lines to nuance the line. I just like messing around with lines. My sketches are horrendously messy.”

    【→】Is there anyone you look up to for inspiration and encouragement?

    @Raeris: “I’ve followed this artist on Instagram called Cyarin for a very long time, whose art I’ve felt is a peak level of craftsmanship and skill for stylistic digital art and character portrayal. Her work is absolutely gorgeous and I’ve always adored her style. Other than her, there have been a multitude of artists on Massive who have seriously inspired me and pushed me to get better and I feel that if I hadn’t met the artists I’ve met on massive I would not be where I am now.”

    @Caseyseal: “I look up to many of my friends that do art, including but not only Faunfire, Ereze and RubyDiam.”

    @Woodwork: “MonMarty has been a massive help digitally, his examples of progression and improvement still motivate me today. I look at his early art and his later art and tell myself that if he can make strides like that and so can I. He has given multiple artists on massive lessons including me and he has given me advice many times over. I am always grateful to receive resources and advice from marty.

    Secondly I love patsie art, I’ve been looking at her line art recently and slightly incorporating it in to my art. And thirdly Waterdruppel as she is very talented with colours and I try to match her shading abilities the best I can. Those three are my big inspo, I mostly browse twitter and pinterest, deviant art and artstation and just gave upon as much art as I can and absorb it. I even look at people in the street and map out their faces and look at forms and shapes these days.”

    【→】What programs do you use most regularly? What programs would you recommend for beginner artists?

    @Raeris: “I use Paint Tool Sai! It’s so simple to use and get around, though it does cost around £40-£60. For a beginner I would recommend Medibang or Fire Alpaca (they’re by the same developer) because they’re free and just about as easy to use, however they do have a limitation on brushes and brush settings, though that’s easy to get around with practice.”

    @Caseyseal: “I use Aseprite always for pixel art and heavily recommend that if anyone would get into pixel art to try the trial version and then buy it from steam if they like it.”

    @Woodwork: “I use sai 2 beta, and daz 3d for 3d base models and posing and some lighting help. It’s a fantastic beginner tool that keeps my shapes from looking like mutated monkeys.”

    【→】What advice do you have for those pursuing art?

    @Raeris: “As cliche as it is, practice! Don’t go down the route I went as a beginner artist and start with anime, because trying to weasel out of anime to improve stylisation and anatomy is difficult. I always recommend starting with studying actual proportions and facial structure because as soon as you learn the rules you’re able to break them.”

    @Caseyseal: “To try many different styles from pixel art, line art, traditional and many others and to not compare your art to others and focus on yourself.”

    @Woodwork: “Never give up. It sucks, that really is the best advice I can give. No matter how much you think you can’t, we all have the capacity to make art so suck it up and try harder and harder. That's what I often tell myself. And it works. I don’t cruelly berate myself, but I give myself tough love and motivation. I don’t cut corners with critiquing my own art and will often start from scratch if I'm not happy. And I am still very much an amateur. I do hope these philosophies can take me to a halfway decent artist.”


    Want to see more Artist Spotlights? Suggest artists and their styles down below! This can be skinners, traditional, digital, animators, builders, pixel artists, and more! Get creative, stay creative!

    See you next week!
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