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    Almost anyone can appreciate the amount of detail some people put into their hobbies. Especially so if that hobby happens to be building complex houses, figures, and whatever else you can make with a variation of colorful blocks at your disposal. Today, we’ll be looking at some of the resident builders on MassiveCraft - Interior, exterior, and the abstract!

    Check out some of these awesome builds in the spoilers below!




    【→】How long have you been building for? What made you want to start building?

    @MyCatBubbles: “Ever since I’ve started playing minecraft I’ve always been a “builder”, wanting to make good looking houses, bases, statues and other builds, I could comfortably say everyone on minecraft is a builder, but the degree in how well they build and what they build for will vary. Originally before massive I was motivated mostly by looking at other builds and wanting to replicate their quality for my own kudos. Now on massive (especially factions) it’s to hopefully build up something substantive and wondrous players could interact with (much like how roleplayers interact with builds in regalia), something that could remain permanent and original, like a literal breathing build used for its intention rather than it to be just a fancy cool looking pvp spot.”

    @Carcalla: “Well, I've only been building for a couple of months, I haven't really been on the server long so I haven't been doing it very long, though I'd like to continue building. And me starting building was really for my first character Enki, when I wanted him to have a really good rp house, so I decorated this two floor goralaan house that was entirely empty, and I basically copied the style of a couple of mainstreet properties, that was the start of my building hobby.”

    @Ninja124r: “I started building when I first joined SunKiss back in 2015. Designing facilities and most notably the SunKiss Citadel. I eventually began to treat building as a hobby, a creative outlet and I'd start practicing and create designs. Of course it was fun, and to be proud of something you made is great.”

    【→】What are some of your favorite block combinations to build with? Why?

    @MyCatBubbles: “(Beacons and sponges obviously lol) Anything that starkly contrasts with one another that isn’t really an expensive block, it would all depend on the environment you’re building in too. If you’re building in a forest I’d use and abuse colored terracotta’s with spruce supports, the mixture between the colourful terracotta and the darker more natural spruce contrasting with each other in an area where it makes sense to have these materials at hand works wonders. Just like if I was to build in a desert with clay nearby I’d use sandstone alongside some brick, maybe if I had a port for a city or if I build In a more vegetative spot in a desert I could introduce more wood to my builds as more trees would grow or get traded through ships in the port you made, it all depends on the environment you made your build in, and asking yourself if it makes sense to have these sorts of blocks here with the builds architectural style. But that would be just one of the scenarios that would be played out in the deciding factor of my build, so I can’t really give out a definitive answer, but a situational one on which blocks I’d use.”

    @Carcalla: “Oh favorite block combinations, I have quite a wide vary of block combinations, for floors I like useing spruce and jungle wood in a checkerboard pattern, for cielings I like to put a lot of leaves and various hanging flora. One of my favorite blocks to work with are bookshelves because honestly you can put them anywhere with the massive texturepack and it works really well no matter what. Spruce wood and bookshelves are a common theme in my build to be honest.”

    @Ninja124r: “What comes to mind at first is Quartz and Terracotta because I used it so much when building for SunKiss, but really there's a combination for any and every style you can think of and that's what's so cool about it all, enough thought and you can have a combination of blocks to accommodate exactly what you're looking for.”

    【→】Do you have a preferred “style” of building? How would you describe it - Is it medieval, modern, futuristic, fantasy, ect.?

    @MyCatBubbles: “I really like Victorian style builds, although I’m still learning to nail the style down as I don’t have it yet. But imo it allows for some of the most colourful style of builds while allowing room to be incredibly orderly, spacious and unique in each build, especially in regards to row houses etc. all the while imo being the “present, current day” building style in Massive’s current lore year. I think a few people believe that Victorian is too futuristic and modern for massive, then use regalia as a beacon of what’s “proper medieval style for massive”. I think that’s incredibly dangerous as regalia is supposed to be a (600?) year old city, it’s old, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and be creative. Make something big, beautiful and unique, the member(s) you house in it will thank you.”

    @Carcalla: “Oh, medieval for sure, a bit of medieval and fantasy with a hard theme on medieval. I also like to make smaller rooms in my build because those are far easier to decorate as you don't have to spend as much materials and can still make it look good. I'm very glad that the V6 houses are going to be smaller because that will fit my style so much better. So yeah, pretty much a combination of medieval-fantasy with an emphasis on smaller rooms.”

    @Ninja124r: “I honestly don't have any preferred style. Just whatever inspires me to create in the spur of the moment! Recently, I've been doing ‘futuristic’ with my NinjArsenal shop, and not too long ago, I was doing a colorful japanese style.”

    【→】Is there a builder that you look up to? - Someone you look to for inspiration or encouragement?

    @MyCatBubbles: “The guys in Elysium Fire, by far. I never downloaded their maps to check how good each individual build is but their cities look amazing and even if I make something 1/16th as good as them I’ll be a happy man, especially if it’s in survival which will be nearly an impossible feat on my own lol”

    @Carcalla: “Build staff, I don't really have a particular one but I do take a lot of inspiration from build staff in the way they build statues and how they decorate properties/noble houses. Like, whenever I go into a noble house as Enki I always want to go look but I'm in the middle of an rp so I can't XD. But I think that they do great work and I really marvel at the way they build.”

    @Ninja124r: “The two that come to mind are Mojaven and Snore. Those guys are nuts at what they do. Definitely the most inspiring builders on massive.”

    【→】What advice do you have for people who want to get into building?

    @MyCatBubbles: “Experiment, download maps of builds and dismantle the builds to see how they’re made. There are so many different styles and ways to build, the best thing you could do is take the best of a large collection of different build styles and apply it to your own style, but never ever full on copy for obvious reasons. I was terrible at building when I first started and I wasn’t really improving the more I continued as I got into a spot where I could look at a plain flat stone brick wall and say “Nothing wrong with this, looks perfect” as I had nothing to compare it to or criticism. It was not until I started branching out and learning different build styles and trying to replicate them myself is when I seriously felt like I was improving. So constantly build outside of your comfort zone, try replicating different build styles and use different block variations, and please never make two of the same builds if you’re building a town or city for your faction, make every single build different (especially houses) whether it’s changing the buildings shape, color or details.”

    @Carcalla: “Alright, so, I know that decorating and building looks very challenging at first, but once you get over it and experiment for a couple of minutes, you'll find it's far easier. There will be times when you make something you don't like and you have to start from the beginning but I think most people let that get them down and it shouldn't! Ultimately it makes you a builder, just don't give up and eventually you'll get the outcome you want!”

    @Ninja124r: “My advice is to build an image library in your head. For example, looking at buildings when you're outside and whenever you're watching a movie like Star Wars, look at the finer details so that whenever you're designing something, those details come into mind and help you create whatever you have in mind. Another piece of advice is: Plan out your builds in stages. It becomes so easy when you're tackling something one part at a time.”


    Want to see more Artist Spotlights? Suggest your favorite pixel artists in the replies below for the next episode and stay tuned.

    See you next week!
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