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    We are opening up Aristocratic Family applications for the World Progression System. Obviously, the map is currently filled, so it's hard to slot in new noble families. To bridge that gap, new "units" can participate as Aristocrats, wealthy families that generate an income and can spend and use that income to create troops or ships etc.

    The rules for application are below:
    • You can apply as either a group or an individual, but groups are given preference.
    • You need to have already had some positive interactions with the World Progression System. We do allow for newcomers to apply, but when reviewing, we need to have a good "feel" for what their long term plan is, and have faith that they won't just do the sitting game, hoarding money and not doing anything.
    • Combining pre-existing Special Permissions with Aristocracy is complicated. We have a preference for mundane groups/persons, but are willing to consider Perm holders.
    • If you get approved, your system income will be tried to your "invisible title rating". This is to keep things fair for the pre-existing entities in the system.
    • During the next "season" of the World System, a new map region will be unlocked that should provide plenty of growing space for new entities.
    • Any group can apply. Whether they are criminal, noble aspiring or just traders. We decline werebeast or vampire groups unless they are part of a bigger collective.
    How should you apply:
    • Send in an application with your in-game username (and any past usernames of noteworthy use).
    • Add a list of all your group members and their usernames. They don't immediately need to have characters, or even family members, they can also be your servants and guards.
    • Write a rough draft description, where is the family from? What are the themes? What are their long term ambitions? What are their political leanings? What are their core strenghts?
    • Write other details on your past interactions with the World System, or any other information you can give to "write to impress". Write with details, but try to be concise.
    We will let applications roll in every once in a while before considering them in batch. If you get accepted, you will receive a reply and we will contact you with the necessary steps and information for system entry. Those that are rejected can try again during the next assessment.
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    IGN; Carcalla
    List of Members; Just Myself, with Enki Lok-Ningishzida
    Place of Origin;
    Enki is from the Polorc of Kontōn
    Themes; Primarily Enki’s interests are within the metal industry as well as the well being for the orcs. But a main factor on his theme would probably be highly business oriented.
    Long Term Ambitions; One of his long term ambitions would be to control the metallurgy and clockwork trade within Corontium. Another ambition would be to help Regalian IC businesses (I.E Mainstreet and stuff like that through funding or resource provision). Finally, he would find his interests in giving the Polorcs in Corontium to the orcs rather than the ailor.
    Political Leaning; Enki is primarily a centrist, he doesn’t necessarily think that one ideology is better than the but he does consider a good balance of the two will inherently make Regalia/Corontium a better place. He is, however, very pro-racial equality and strictly anti-magic, he also thinks that more freedoms should be given to businesses. That being said, with pro-racial equality that only really applies to certain races, as he does believe in slavery.
    Core Strengths; I believe that one of Enki’s core strengths is the fact that for the longest time now, he’s been a productive business man playing into nobles to get himself more money. Although I’m not in the world system myself, I have been making efforts to make friends among the nobles to be sure that Enki would be respected if I ever did get into the system. With that being said, I also think that one of Enki’s Core Strengths is the business he runs, that being Vakgar’s Torch. It’s a key part of his character and I honestly don’t see him without it. He acts like noble should, or at least tries, really pushing the point that he’s trying to be more than a commoner.
    Interactions with the World System; I have had no interest in the World System, but since the Clicker Crisis I have always wanted to be in it but found it very hard to do so.
    Other Information; I know that being a newer player, this will probably be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done on the server. However, I think I can pull it off, I’m extremely active and I make an effort to be extremely involved with the peerage and World System entities. I also partake in a lot of events and I try earnestly to make my own (although I’ve had a bit of block with ideas pertaining to events recently). Overall, I’ve been preparing for a very long time to become part of the World System and I want to give it my all, if I don’t get in this time around, I’ll definitely be here for the next.
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    Username: Vivo_Et_Vincam (Used to be CorrosGamingYT)
    Group Members: Myself, and Murielle-Mae Barkhardt ( @m00m1npl8yz )
    Character Apps:
    Themes: The general theme of van der Veer is as an Anglian Veer noble family, having lost their old ways (due to the Veer Wars) in an attempt to regain them. They are highly Anglian base.
    Long Term Ambitions: Retaking the Angle Veer is their long term goal, and any pursuit of wealth, power, or influence in general is in the ways of doing that. Regaining their land, and potentially their titles, is their long term pursuit. Even if they have to grovel now, they wish to not do so later.
    Political Leaning: The Anglian Family of van der Veer is moderately conservative, viewing things such as magic with general distaste and distrust. They wish to retain the old ways of state and the peerage as it is, however have some liberal influence within their family from the small cadet branch found within Ithania. This liberal branch focuses less on liberal politics, and more on the liberalism of general coprosperity such as within Ithania between races. This portion of their politics is debatable between individuals, but beyond such they are rooted in moderate Anglian conservatism.
    Core Strengths: the House van der Veer has control of 1,000 Anglian Veer soldiers known as the Free Stallion Company (20 field commander), giving them a small military presence and guard out in the archipelago. They also have some small manors and estates in both Ithania and potentially the Veer remaining, which produce 'Longsae cider' from their orchards, along with moonshine, bread, and the other staple products of the Anglian lands. This general ability to produce goods to sell, along with their small army, are their last remaining strengths, as they lost their large surplus of wealth during the Veer Wars which defined them as powerful.
    Interactions with the World System: I and this family were Counts of the Veer during the Angle Veer War, Barons prior, and was the leader of Winslough temporarily. I was also interacting with the system since D'Ortonnaise's time under them, de Letoirneau, and other families. I was in the LAST prog as well after razing Vlissinghelm, and has been apart of the last three in this current system. I am well up to date with it.
    Other Information: I plan to expand from just the 1 character and 1 courtier into a true family as it once was with 4-6 if not 8 players within and courtiers. I will be DIRECTLY using what I have in a very active game of politics to try and tussle back province by province the land that I lost, and even currently have been told by members of some families such as Howlester that van der Veer has been remembered and they are 'glad to see us back in the game.' I do not plan to sit around idly, even if my actions do not directly lead to the Veer, they will lead to me gaining wealth or influence or military might in order to one day retake it. The goal is simple, and the goal is obvious, but I hope it can be done.
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    IGN: Tibertastic, Vulmar
    List of Members: @Mooffins (Part of the Mercenary Company), @Infinatum (Will be playing a family member) ,@Pellaeon (Part of the mercenary company), @Testl (Part of the mercenary company), @HeyitsNano (Part of the mercenary company), @Beleiver (Part of the mercenary company.)

    House Faulkner

    Place of Origin:
    House Faulkner was established in the Regalian Capital.

    The general theme of House Faulkner is representing a new class of ambitious Imperial Cultured families, who are religious & militaristically minded. House Faulkner is primarily focused on firm military service through the Good Company of Harald Steadfast, presenting nice, sleek and technologically-relevant warfare and the utilisation of small scale squads at achieve large results. House Faulkner also is uniquely dispositioned to represent a very 'Hoglander-esque' vibe about the house especially in the North. The combination of Regalian values and Northern temperament is something vital for House Faulkner and is inspired mainly by the 'new wave' of Velheim politics brought about by Osvald Krumme.

    Political Leaning: House Faulkner is conservative in temperament but finds ground in Old Centrism and the Imperial Movement. To call House Faulkner conservative wouldn't fully represent it's political leanings, as it diverges in Racial Laws, opinions on Judiciary, Religious freedoms and Press Laws. Alongside this, House Faulkner is pragmatic when it comes to more aberrant laws but wanting to ascertain submission fully to the Empire & Emperor and acknowledgement of Unionism's special and elevated place in the Empire.

    Long Term Ambitions: Landing a title and returning to the noble scene is one of the first long-term ambitions. I have already attempted this slowly through mercenary work. I think a long-term ambition for House Faulkner is to emerge from the shadow of House Ravenstad, reinvigorate the dead Santorski spirit and for Vulmar to solidify a legacy for himself, correcting any mishaps in his youth. As for OOC goals, I'd like to attempt to go this the hard way and its been definitely more enjoyable. I'd also like to establish my group better and larger to bring a new element to mercenary RP.

    Core Strengths: Undeniably a core strength of House Faulkner, is its long-term involvement with the noble scene and the valuable connections it has made and maintains. This already gives an involvement in the noble scene and allows House Faulkner to be a small background influencer in the scene. Another strength would be the mercenary aspect of the house, which conducts and does the 'dirty work' for the nobility by establishing connections not only in the nobility but also the underworld.

    Other Information: I've been involved in the noble scene for five years now, from its very first inception, and thats both beneficial and sometimes deterring. I'd like to think that in my time, I have displayed the ability to create roleplay, make scenarios enjoyable for many players but also to contribute to the narrative of the noble system. I have been involved with the World System and the noble scene recently, albeit in a small role, through being a mercenary and also something of a middle-man and mediator. I'm very excited and thoroughly determined to continue with this project to its finality.

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    Username(s):Current, MrBlwe, Past, NNNBull

    List of members: Myself, as Zzhao Cro-Azulon, SuperKamiRed as Yautja Mu-Azulon, ComradeKdeeks(Name expected to change soon, note this is not kdeeks from the Weismann group) as Zazull Mu-Azulon

    Place of Origin:Zzhao marks the beginning of the Digmaan, hailing from Rosh-Akkahr

    Character Apps: Zzhao Pending Re-Review for aesthetic overhall and mild personality shift. Yautja Urzin/Mu-Azulon.

    Zazull Character app is W.I.P.

    Explanation of the family and its ideals

    Political Ideals:Digmaan Azulon is an allar traditionalist group, with the primary political ideals being a strict adherence to the caste system, loyalty to the deep intricacy of Allar lore, and a heavy focus on anti-aberrancy due to their religion consisting of primarily draconic unionism. The Digmaan consists of a single absolute ruler with a ‘council’ of trusted entities within the Digmaan to assist in major decisions. The group's preferred form of rule is as stated above, an absolute ruler with a group of advisors who grant wisdom and guidance. When it comes to more ailor centered politics the group tends to favor the conservative leaning groups.

    Themes:The deeper themes within the Digmaan of Azulon, are loyalty, respect, and honor. Loyalty, a major factor within allar society considering how the caste system is operated, the Digmaan has a heavy focus on loyalty, believing that once loyalty is sworn, to go against said loyalty it for any reason, considered disgraceful by the majority of the Digmaan, means an absolute exile. Respect also holds a major pillar within the families ideals, due to the leader’s primary ideals, a leader is no more above his people than they consider him, and respect is a hard thing to achieve within the Digmaan; however, once it is earned it is a high honor. Honor is something that sits deep within the Digmaan’s core, the strongest of the pillars, the Digmaan is proud of its heritage and of its members, and to disgrace this honor in anyway means almost immediate disregard towards the person by the Digmaan as a whole. On an OOC level, the aesthetic is really just militaristic Digmaan.

    Long Term Ambitions:The long term ambitions for this group is on an ooc level, to establish a new allar nobility, represent current and future allar lore as best we can on a major level, and to revitalize allar roleplay. On an IC level, the Digmaan seeks to reclaim the ancestral homeland of the Allar, Sendrass, and to purge it of their longtime enemy in the Sendrassian empire, on top of this the family seeks to maintain allar civil status, and to become involved with politics to make the greater laws more accepting of Gorr races as a whole, mainly allar however.

    Core Strength:The Digmaan’s core strength lies with its powerful military strategists and unwavering defiance to the idea of surrender. The Digmaan is heavily militaristic by nature due to Cro-Allar’s natural leadership, and Mu-Allar’s chaotic, unpredictable, yet controlled battle tactics. The Digmaan has another strength, mainly coming from Cro-Zzhao’s diplomatic ability, Zzhao while malicious in combat, is overly fond of peace, and will often seek it out if a conflict has proceeded for too long. This enables the Digmaan to not only be a powerful foe on the battlefield, but a merciful one in the right circumstances. Which is ironic considering if they are losing they will fight until the last Allar. On an OOC level, the Digmaan's core strength lies with the OOC loyalty of its few current members, which I hope to replicate with any new members who join the group.

    Details on previous experience in the noble scene:My time with the noble scene has been a lot of learning experiences, it produced a lot of interesting roleplay, struggles, and victories. Most of the actual experience with the system came from the Weismann trading company, but it wasn’t until I joined house od Albion that I became more interested with the political scene, while I haven’t left a mark in the scene, and I have had plenty of missteps along the way I am eager to learn and hope to get involved.
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    Rep_of_Ireland (Formerly Farly108 and may change back)

    Group Members:
    Myself, @Gar_Field_ @Audianna @diedonny @Gwyndo
    And with any luck more to come

    Character Apps
    Others will follow All playing family members


    House Mac Conall is first and foremost a nationalistic Highlander house, with certain breizh influences due to Eddairs time in Kintyr. This has lead them to have an incredibly militaristic and traditional outlook on life, with a healthy respect for honor and chivalry though recognizing it has its place. This combination of Highlander and Breizh culture has lead them to be more reserved than many noble families. This also means they are highly focused on Military accomplishment so as to prove themselves with the patriarch of the family Eddair already making great strides towards this.

    Political Leanings:
    The House mac Conall is rather traditionalist in its leanings however it is a strange mix in a regalian system with them holding conversative views politically however maintaining certain liberal tendencies especially when it comes to dress. They are very for lack of a better term conservative in their conservatism often not expressing their opinions unless explicitly asked. However they are unionist and as stated before traditionalists.

    Core Strengths:
    The core strengths of the family lie within its pragmatic and militaristic tendencies. Its experience in and tradition of sending children to the marshal academy gives them a wealth of experience and knowledge, also making them rather well educated. They also have a good ability to make deals and friends which certainly lends itself well to the family as shown by the relationships they have formed with WS members.

    Long Term Ambitions:
    The Long term ambitions of the house are twofold which go hand in hand together, they wish to gain themselves a title and as such a land for highland ceardians given the recent actions of the Url in Clannadh-Alba, and they wish to bring the Highland Ceardian population and prominence within the empire up. A secondary goal/ambition would be the retaking of Clannadh-Alba
    from the Gorataan. They also of course wish to gain prominence and wealth for themselves however this isnt as prevelant.
    In the Short Term:
    The goals are to rise and partake in the system continuing to assist existing noble entities so as to gain a foothold in both the system and within the community. As well as reacting and hopefully causing some waves in the world as a whole.

    Other Information:
    I am currently involved in the world system and want to get more and more involved as I greatly enjoy being a part of such a world. I wish to create roleplay for the server and have some fun with my friends at the same time. I have wanted for the longest time to be a part of the system. And now that the opportunity has presented itself I wish to take full advantage of it. I also already have the beginings of a small treasury which I fully intend to use to begin doing stuff asap. Including but not limited too setting up refugee camps for Highlanders who can escape Clannadh-Alba.
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    • House van Vichten: Mad_Gadfly, Silent_Ruler
    • Group Members:
      • We have a business, which involves the participation of @Madbull16 and @Eyrok currently.
      • The family is limited to just me until I can set up the family recruitment thread, which has taken a little longer than expected due to a brief hiatus I've taken so I can handle an emergency.
        • Since a few friends have reached out I want to clarify that I am not submitting this application as a vampire group, but rather as a scholar/merchant family that just happens to have vampirism be an element of their identity for the sake of court intrigue.
    • House van Vichten is a Leutz-Vixe family from Prestelle commonly containing Alais vampires and Alais broods. The family does not adhere to the traditional family structure, instead prioritizing the "blood family" wherein biological cousins might be considered "blood siblings" if they were infected by the same person. This has led to a family culture of brood supremacy, with broods being considered preferable heirs compared to mundane children. However, the family does not flaunt their vampirism or brood status. Instead, the family aims to masquerade as mundane in an effort to infiltrate other groups and influence them to expand their own political relevance. House van Vichten emphasizes art and education, which are the foundation for their political beliefs. For example, the family is likely to resist militarization and nepotic government structures in favor of creating an intelligentsia-run government that prefers research over war and defends itself through technological innovation when absolutely necessary. Therefore, the family is likely to fund academic expeditions organized by criminals, commoners, and upper-classes alike, and incorporate their findings into for-profit businesses, which are the source of their aristocratic wealth.
      • Furthermore, the family aims to spread the Alais bloodline among the courts of other aristocratic groups and noble families. This is an effort to create a coven that functions as a "secret society" of sorts, with political influence over different groups. To influence the world around them by infiltrating groups and asserting subtle influence is the family's greatest strength.
      • Due to the vampiric nature of the family and their artistic productions, House van Vichten will often include subliminal references to vampires meant to subtly romanticize the sanguine curse in paintings, sculptures, literary works, etc. This is part of an attempt at a larger cultural shift towards the acceptance of vampires in society, and perhaps even slowly push for the idea of vampire supremacy.
      • Since the family is almost exclusively Vinelle Unionist, the family aims to spread the political power of House Ivrae. This is due to opposition to the Draconic line of House Kade. Though they would not openly rebel against the Empire due to the family's pacifism, the family will inevitably aim to provoke crises that might become opportunities for the expansion of House Ivrae's political influence.
      • The family will aim to demilitarize the Regalian Empire, and expand the intelligentsia so that the political importance of scholars is increased in relation to generals, admirals, etc.
    • I have been involved in the World System once before regarding a failed Ceardian conquest, though it was more of a learning experience. Prior to that, I had submitted Player Quests for ambitious things such as the Great Castle Crash. I try to be bold in what I aim to do and involve as many other players as possible, and my current involvement in the world system consists of building the connections necessary to finance my research and business endeavors. I have been involved in previous incarnations of the Noble Programme as House Martinez.
      • I am currently working with the Finance Minister to get funding to establish trade routes between the Archipelago and Hadar, which my character hopes will help him have better access to the resources necessary to run his business.
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    Family Head
    S0uled (Cinna Eledhwen)

    Current Family Members
    Cisva (Courthen Eledhwen)
    xJ54x (Arlo Eledhwen)
    SuperIrishBear (Manah Eledhwen)

    Places of Origin
    The Fennäs and Osteiermark.

    • Knights of Pen and Paper - Much of the Eledhwen family is heavily inclined towards military service or becoming Knights due to the lasting influence of the deceased patriarch of the family, though many are equally as influenced by the former Matriarch’s preference towards scholarly pursuits.
    • Altalar Knights? - While the family is predominantly Altalar, much of the second generation was born and raised within the borders of the Empire and has thus taken on much from the local Ailor culture, that being Leutz-Vixe. The Altalar influences still remain, however, resulting in some customs being vetoed over preferential ones (the firstborn ruling the family instead of it falling to a male heir as an example).

    Long-Term Ambitions
    • Ascend to nobility.
    • Expunge the Wardens of Purity.
    • Bring the Altalar Princedoms under the rule of the Empire through peaceful means.
    • Conduct a fully-fledged expedition to Solangeria.

    Political Leanings
    The Eledhwen family slightly leans towards liberalism.
    • Views on Religion - Primarily Estel worshippers, though some members of the family have converted to Unionism.
    • Views on the Peasantry - Most Eledhwen's understand that they themselves were in a similar state not long before and want nothing more than to assist the less fortunate when they are in need. They are however not the sort to reward slackers or those that do not pull their own weight in society.
    • Views on Other Races - Neutral to positive views on all races save for those that are touched by the powers of the Void.
    • Views on Magic - Accepting of most magics as a result of their heritage, save for Chaos and Darkness.

    Core Strengths
    • Established connections with existing factions in the World System.
    • Tactical Prowess.
    • Altalar.

    A Brief Proposed History
    The Eledhwen family came into its wealth thanks to Iefyr, an Avanthar that through the kindness of an Ailor Knight over a century ago took him in as a child of his own. This led to Iefyr being trained as a Knight of the Lion Pelt Order as his “father” was before him. Iefyr spent over a century serving the Order, marrying an Altalar mage named Quaela Eledhwen, and taking on her surname along the way. The two sired five children (one set of twins), three of which went on to become Knights as well, while the other two pursued more peaceful professions.

    In his lifetime, Iefyr rose to the position of Elder, amassing a great deal of wealth and influence before his eventual passing in 282AC at the well-lived age of 118. His fortune was left to his wife, Quaela, who took up the mantle of Matron of the family, soon bringing her brother from The Fennäs in Daen to take up the false mantle as head of the family due to the local cultural norms, she remains as head from behind the scenes. Since then, the family has focused on investing in local and foreign infrastructure, with well-placed investments resulting in an overall growth in their influence and wealth within the Empire.

    In the coming weeks, tragedy will befall the Eledhwen family as a small sect of the zealots known as the Wardens of Purity purge many of the older generation, Quaela included. While their homes are torched and only empty shells will remain, their wealth will be passed down to Cinna Eledhwen, their first-born daughter who has been actively trying to make a name for herself in the capital.

    Final Notes
    As far as the world system goes I am still a rather new arrival to things, only recently having assisted in the Reinard v. Harhold conflict as the Reinard General. I do however feel as though it was an experience that I learned a great deal from, taking away various intricacies in the system that I might not otherwise have had the chance to experience, both OOC and IC lessons.

    Some of these things include but are not limited to:
    • How to properly plan and submit progressions (short and long, what time they should be submitted, actually running it past others before submitting, etc).
    • Find solutions to problems in progressions server-side instead of throwing progression money around and expecting that to solve all problems. This generates RP which in my eyes is the entire purpose of having a dynamic system like this.
    • The importance of wording progressions properly. Having others review a progression before it is submitted has proven to be something that could have entirely changed the outcome if they had caught certain errors in the overall plan.
    • Enjoy the system. It’s here to provide fun and generate RP, and with the recent war I’ve mostly seen it cause people stress. If my family is considered for this opportunity I’d like to make a community that doesn’t need to feel stressed out over these kinds of things. Something I feel everyone should try and work towards.
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    You need to be specific about what their roles are. You can't be vague about it.
  10. rimacutem

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    IGN: rimacutem
    List of members: Me and @BabkendAxper
    Dwarven family that has lost everything as their homeland was ravaged by Dakkar, ending up in slums of Regalia, only recently managing to get into relevance by giving up on honour and instead becoming pragmatic
    Long Term Ambitions: Regaining dwarven holds without them becoming Regalian territory, funding of technology to counter Isldar strenghts, like weapon to combat Frost Wyverns
    Political Leaning: Dwarven nationalism - Due to family's life in empire there is a great fear amongst it's members that empire will attempt to take over dwarven holds in similar vein they did to Altalar princedoms and Allar. So while existence of empire itself is seen as more of a good thing, Regalian colonies on Ellador cause unease.
    Races - The family is quite liberal in it's view of races and religion, as long as dwarves pay respect towards Duindin, not caring completely about religions of other races, even often finding itself working with Kathar to achieve their ends. Only exceptions to this are Dakkar and Isldar and their faiths.
    Magic - Magic is deemed to be too dangerous to be left unregulated, but too useful to be completely banned
    Core Strengths: Connections with many gangs. Deep loyalty to the family
    Interactions with the World System: I have not had interaction with the system yet
    Other Information: I have been playing slum dwarf for over eigth months now and I hope to make dwarf rp be more diverse than 'Scottish accented ale drinking dwarf from Grebor that hates Isldar and uses axe'
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  12. Azas

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    House Manager: Azas

    Active Characters under the Household
    Realm of Origin
    Mountains of Lampeporta for the Sangiovese, but held provinces in the Girobalda region up until about a decade ago.

    • Ships ships ships
    • Politics
    • Trade and business
    Long-Term Ambitions
    • To create opportunities for a deeper political dichotomy through a pursuit of human superiority in a complex perspective similar to but also distinct from Drachenburg, as opposed to the commonly stereotyped direction of "hurrr me me oppress !!" that often pops up
    • Revive interest in Dressolini characters
    • Titled nobility on a pursuit of power (we do want to be aristocrat for a good bit first though)
    • Defeat the Iron Prince and expel his rule from Vultaro
    • Eventually retire Valentino or if appropriate, lead him down a villain arc to his own destruction
    Political Leanings
    Valentino as the political face of the family is a blend of Bulwarkism and Iron Vultaro, with limited elements of Old Centrism. Essentially, his ideal system is a Senate rooted in noble right-to-rule and military might, for design of heavy state infrastructure especially focusing on rigid racial structure, monitored by an Emperor with divine authority. Religiously, he is Imperial Sect. His children are more free and easy when it comes to political and religious views, though Altea passes well enough.

    Core Strengths
    • Historical name, certain amount of legacy brought into interactions
    • Characters with strong and unique identities
    • Long exposure and involvement with nobility over the years (both IC and OOC)
    Other Information
    • Family thread has their expanded history from how I wrote it up.
    • Azas has limited progression experience from running a Church for their brief lifetimes, as well as limited interaction on Valentino, but is progressing.
    • To be clear, Atlas will still be maining Valarosta for a looooong time. While Valentino and Sebastien will be the only prog-involved chars of the four current household, all four characters get plenty of exposure, and we expect to grow in numbers as time goes on.
    Happy to answer any questions or possible concerns. Thank you for your attention and consideration.
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  13. Miracle678

    Miracle678 Your local holy knight Staff Member PR1

    Feb 2, 2014
    Likes Received:
    • Family Head: @Miracle678
    • Members: @KittyPoppins (Guard of the Family) @thunderspark13 (Guard of the family)
    • Name and Type: House Goeden (public recruitment thread up soon!)
    • Origin: Güney and other Sendras cities(can create more specific locations if needed also will be expanded upon in family thread).
    • Themes: History and Philosophy- The Goeden family take great interest in history and the events that have happened and believe the study of it can lead to future prosper. Militaristic Scholars- Many of the family are talented generals that offer service when not in times of study. Acquired Talent- The Goeden family believes that success can be earned through building ones skills and knowledge, and believes that helping schools and places of study is helping Ailor-kind as a whole.
    • Long Term Goals: The Goeden family seeks to use its wealth to begin leading expeditions of many kinds, with less of a focus on land, and more of a focus on knowledge and items. This ranging from leading expeditions to explore sites of ancient magical events and historical battles, to leading hunts of beasts of legend to show off the creatures in the world, to even leading searches for lost artifacts and items of power. The plan for house Goeden would ultimately be for the house to be an enabler, spurring interest in progession expeditions and then gather the group to do so, with the house then providing the money and resources to the adventures to succeed. Upon success of some of these expeditions, the house would then aim to found a school/museum to show off and/or teach about said relics and various findings. If the need arose, the house would seek to found an order focused on protecting historical sites/artifacts, in order to prevent the destruction or misuse of said place/items. The troops, ships, and money of the progression system would help the family ensure that resources were available to sponsor and protect these missions to potential dangerous and distant lands.
    • Side Goals (Listed): -Help spike interest in Güneyliler culture!
      -Bring roleplay items into the system/use the system to create unique roleplay instead of a focus on the system numbers.
      -Possible Conflicts/Wars over historical lands (such as a family wanting to colonize a land that would require the removal of natives)
    • Political Stance: House Goeden is generally a traditionalist house, putting a heavy importance on pride in ones culture and to uphold practices passed through generations. Though there are some progressive tendencies that seep through, including the belief that Magic should be greater explored in order to understand the ways in which it can benefit ailor-kind. House Goeden is highly supportive of the emperor and his right to rule. Beliefs on abberancy are that it is not something worth exploring and that it benefits no one in the long run. Besides things listed here, the family is relatively neutral and take more of a case by case approach in attempt to stay true to their goals.
    • Core Strengths: -Devoted
    • OOC Strengths: -Untapped Potential (Not many groups with a heavy history/artifact focus)
      - Silent interest (I have talked to a couple players about this idea and many seek interested in exploring for artifacts/hunting mythical creatures mentioned in lore but not often talked about in game.)
      -Unplayed Culture (It would be a culture(Güneyliler) that according to Okadoka's last analysis is only played by 1-2 people.)
    • World System Knowledge: Personally speaking, I have never run a family or group involved in the world or noble system. That being said I have heavy interest in the World System so I have tried to learn as much as you can from an outsider perspective and have managed to interacted or help submit orders a few times. I also talk to those who run participating families and participate in the system often, on a daily basis in order to try and learn more/discover unique actions.
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  14. Kibaa

    Kibaa Fiend

    Oct 17, 2013
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    IGN: Kibaa
    Group Members:
    @Kibaa - Xabi Playero (Lost power last week, still no power due to tropical storms. Activity has wavered.)
    @tin77 - Armando Playero
    @Wilvahelm - Eloi Playero (Character app in production)
    @Hautee - Simone Playero (Character app in production)

    @Manatee_ - Pending character
    @AlysaPotato - Manuel Florez - Alysa is currently away on active duty/military service. Will return as Manuel (ally/adopted) later on or possibly a different character.

    Group Information

    Hailing from the idyllic shores of the Sun Isles, Casa Playero has vowed to uphold the rights of the people of Daendroc since its very inception. Ironically allowing a bit of Tolonne blood into its generation after its migration to Solacia, those of Casa Playero come from a long lineage of Daen patriots and major proponents of Daen Conservatism. While each individual Playero may enjoy delving into their nefarious goals every now and again, every descendant has been hard-drilled with the exuberant patriotism of their grandparents since they were but children. While ensuring complete freedom of religion and empowerment of the working class have always been a primary goal for this sort of movement, Casa Playero more importantly also values the empowerment of Daenkind as a whole, and has endeavored to fight back against the forceful displacement of Daen people in the Rim Isles.

    Casa Playero is not inherently anti-nobility, but views the current body of administrators consisting of the Chancellery and the Imperial Assembly as corrupt and inefficient, and moreover views it as a blatant danger to the integrity of the common class and Daenkind. For these reasons, Casa Playero has also endeavored to alter Crown Isle politics through the use of political propaganda and literature, espionage, subterfuge, and sabotage. In doing so, the group aims to gain political power so that it may utilize it to further their pro-Daen agenda.

    Lacking severely in combat and diplomatic ability, Casa Playero instead benefits heavily from a plethora of criminal proficiencies. As descendants of the Lexxon lineage, Playero family members rely on espionage and manipulation to complete what they need. Most Playeros are competent con-men who use deceit and hyperbole to their advantage. Further, the Playeros have black market connections which has gained them access to a small arsenal of Clockwork gear.

    Group Experience:
    This group is almost entirely new to the current iteration of the World System. Although House Playero was once involved in a world system expedition to Ceardia, none of the players currently in the Playero group roster participated in that event, other than tin77, I believe. My own personal successes with the World System are outdated as they were accomplished years ago in different iterations of the system.

    Nevertheless, I like to believe that House Playero has made a positive impact on player-driven roleplay through its brash conflicts with the ruling class. Literary propaganda, warrants, prison roleplay, manhunts, espionage, stabbing attempts, etc-- these are only some of the many interactions which I hope have been fun for all parties involved, and, needless to say, we look forward to a lot more of this kind of roleplay.
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  15. fantuinn

    fantuinn Grand Vigil Staff Member Lore2

    Jan 20, 2014
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    • Group Name:
      • Thornmire Order
    • Username:
    • List of members:
    • Rough draft description:
      • Group Description:
        • The Thornmire Order is an effort by Leufred du Triege to gather as many Archbloods as possible under the same banner, formed in the wake of the Wardens of Purity. Funded by the efforts of its operatives as mercenaries and investigators, it emulates knightly codes, and does everything within its power to function essentially as a Knight Chapter despite the lack of canonization. It maintains a similar purpose to the Lion-Pelts (defending nobility and their lands) albeit on a larger scale with an antimagic spin. At the moment, they function more like prog mercenaries, with an overlap with the Solatium Regiment.
      • Themes:
        • Primal Integration.
        • Archblood Lore/Community.
        • Antimagic.
        • Dragon Worship.
        • Imperial Culture.
      • Long Term Ambitions:
        • Canonization as an official Knightly Order.
        • Establish a method of reliably creating Archbloods.
        • Expunge the Sendrassian Allar from Hadar.
        • Replace the Wardens of Purity.
        • Get rid of the Covenants of Enlightenment.
        • Host expeditions into Dragon sites.
        • Lessen the presence of traditional magic in the court.
        • Many more.
      • Politics:
        • Religious preference towards Nonnataen and Vultdragon Unionism, with Dragon Worship.
        • Against the idea of a centralized church or church-state integration, positive towards the idea of censoring arcane knowledge so it doesn’t become widespread.
        • Actions done for the purpose of serving the Empire as a whole should be exempt from law. The term “War Crimes” shouldn’t exist (provided the war is against enemies of the Empire).
        • Mages should be placed in the military and kept out of Ailor political positions. They have a use, just not in the court.
        • Common people and nobility alike should be defended, specifically from arcane influences.
        • Neutral stance otherwise, simply due to the variety of administration.
      • Core Strengths:
        • Arcane investigation, well-trained army, mercenary labor.
    • Past Interactions in the World System:
      • I was in the old Noble System as an active Duke. I had to leave over IRL family issues, but I maintained activity with the few family members (and considerable staff) I had when I remained in the system. I’ve managed to move back into running a guard charter, gather a small amount of regals based off of interacting with as many groups as I can, from Huron to Black, initially with the intent to go about creating a Knight Order in character, and have remained active in the noble system thanks to Leufred being a Commander and a Palest.
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  16. canaaa

    canaaa tea gremlin Staff Member PR1

    Oct 11, 2015
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    IGN: canaaa
    Group members:
    • Niriana | Kathar @Spookmas.
    • Sunny | Ymirs @Yurs.
    • Lavinia Serre | @AtticCat (side).
    • Estlin Gileenard | @CRASHIR (side).
    • Actively recruiting more. Some house guards/other servants have been mentioned in above postings and therefore aren’t included here.

    This would be an IC/OOC transition/rebranding of House du Brierust to present a fresh face to the nobility. No prior history or past will be retconned, but instead, the changes below would be what is presented going forward by the family.

    Name: House Cadieux. (Name is Ithanian in origin; translates to ‘little fighter.’)
    Homeland: Maraisburke, Brissiaud, though there are no plans or intentions to retake the homeland.
    • Leutz-Vixe, with influence from both Ithanian and New Regalian cultures.
    • Courtly, knowledge-focused social butterflies.
    • High fashion and high culture.
    • Focused on cultivating soft power (money, social ties) rather than hard power (armies, etc).
    • Trades: gems/fine jewelry, dyes, inks.
    • Colors: silver/gold (undecided!), green, blue.
    • Sigil Animal: Lion.
    • Values: honor, chivalry, honesty, scholarship, fairness, loyalty to one’s own.
    • Vocations: knighthood, governance, linguistics, media, diplomacy, scholarship, teaching.
    Long-Term Ambitions:
    • Open, or work to improve currently standing, colleges across the Archipelago for the creation of a broader Ailor intelligentsia.
      • Ideally, this would take the form of first surveying the state of colleges across the Archipelago, and then approaching each land-owning entity to discuss the results of the survey and what steps are willing to be taken to improve education/intelligence in their lands. With their consent, House Cadieux would then put funding towards building/improving colleges in the area.
      • On a semi-related point, this would also take the form of funding research journeys in much the same fashion as the recent Gallovian Court scholarly mission.
    • Spread the reach of the press, as well as information as a whole. Implement specific protections for news writers with explicit rules and caveats.
      • Specific goals include surveying which lordships have which printing houses and expanding the rights of printing houses with a loose plan to assemble a network if one doesn’t already exist. Another is to lobby each titleholder/the Chancellory for specific legislation that allows for particular freedoms for the press as long as certain, equal concessions are made.
    • Focus on the philanthropic development of the less fortunate spaces of the Empire and bring them to the standard of living most others enjoy, working alongside landed nobility to apply this to the most desperate of their lands.
      • This concept is a bit looser, but essentially the intention is to engage with currently titled nobility/landowning entities to give aid and charity to their neediest populations after a survey is conducted to identify such.
      • Current examples possibly include the refugees in Delmotte and Avalorn lands, as well as the Highland Ceardians who may be fleeing the civil war in Clannadh Alba.
    • Re-enter the landed nobility.
    • Advance significantly within the Gallovian and/or Imperial courts to attain positions of courtly influence.
    • Influence - ideally being at the forefront of the Courts to be the one dictating fashions, events, styles, and fads, or elsewise assisting those who are in charge of making these decisions.
    Politics: Leutz-Vixe liberalism, but twisted and blended with other thoughts (specifically Ithanian and New Regalian) to be much their own. Notable ideals include the equal right and achievements of women; the egalitarian view of heirship (titles pass to the firstborn/best candidate, regardless of gender); the need to provide for and safeguard the welfare of those underneath the family; and the mental uplifting of all that come into contact.
    • Government Form
      • Absolute uninvolved monarchy with vast civil bureaucratic apparatus and court standard.
    • Monarchy Power
      • Guiding authority.
    • Royal Law
      • Reduced princely.
    • Judiciary
      • Empowered judiciary, with nobles forming peer juries in other nobles’ cases.
    • Press Laws
      • Lightly censored, free otherwise. More protections for the writer that don’t infringe upon the rights of the subject.
    • Empire Structure
      • Semi/autonomous federation of states
    • Borders
      • Respect those of self and allies.
    • Faith
      • Freedom of faith, so long as good morals are upheld.
    • Racial Laws
      • Non-human earn citizenship.
    • Marriage
      • Open.
    • Racial Marriage
      • First rank citizens only.
    • Land Ownership
      • Mix of feudal and republican standard.
    • Government Positions
      • Meritocracy.
    • Social Hierarchy
      • Strong aristocracy, with a strong self-made element.
    • Warfare
      • Merciful warfare.
    • Economic Model
      • Free market.
    • Gender Norms
      • Equality.
    • Non-Union Ailor Faith
      • Free.
    • Right to Protest
      • Allowed, so long as protest is constructive, peaceful, and no damages are incurred.
    • Family Law
      • Pragmatic.
    • Noble Right vs. Commoners
      • Fair governance.
    • Divinity of Noble Right
      • Subject to meritocracy.
    • Military Standard
      • Feudal levies and private armies both.
    • Military Civil Power
      • Restrained to the military sector.
    • Cultural Proponent
      • Full respects.
    • Cultural Antithesis
      • None.
    • Magic
      • Alright to use, as long as the Mage has been interviewed and their loyalty towards the Empire/nobility ascertained - barred otherwise.
    Core Strengths:
    • Interaction and connectivity.
      • Despite losing nobility, du Brierust has still made efforts to be visible/active in noble social spaces. The last four months were spent easing over, repairing, resetting, and expanding relations with other system actors to achieve the long-term goal of re-entering the system. Transitioning the ‘image’ of the family doesn’t throw any of this away. While in some cases ICly unknowing, Cadieux has had IC run-ins and interactions with at least one person involved with every House/Group currently within the system, including the newly approved aristocracy as well, as well as interactions with every ‘head’ (or one of them). Most relations between Cadieux and other families are wholly positive. They have either been nurtured or re-established during the family’s time outside of the noble sphere as “outside looking in” rather than a participant, and going forward, the wide social net and connections we have gives us a leg up through progressional planning and the achievement of our goals.
    • Accessibility.
      • Generally, Milena, as a character, is incredibly accessible if anyone needs her for anything at all - either by letter or by happenstance as I often frequent roleplay hotspots (Progress, Willow, Wunderbar, Whimsy, Beerhall) and most of Cadieux is similarly available when needed. There’s usually no hoops to jump through for meetings, no side quests that lead up to the act, and most are attended to promptly - while my schedule will limit some with the new semester incoming, I don’t see it constraining to the point where this will diminish totally. This accessibility will hopefully lend itself to making the World System accessible to outside actors and interested parties who cannot or do not want to create a group themselves.
    • Activity.
      • Cadieux has only really had one member for the last few months due to other members’ IRL obligations during quarantine, but even with that in mind, our activity outclasses a few other families, despite being without direct system involvement or incentive. That said, we would love to engage with the system on our own and interact with other system players in the way that’s encouraged - using progressions as fuel for roleplay rather than only concerning ourselves with what happens within them, with no thought given to what happens ingame.
    Past World System Interactions:
    • Little! While I was the OOC family head from January until now, there was only a two-week or so period to do things before the system closed where I was able to send in orders. House du Brierust fell out of nobility before the system re-opened, so I can’t say there’s very much there. This coming week, Milena will be employed in diplomacy for someone else in the World System, and I’ve joined the State’s diplomat cabinet in order to engage with the World System, but not much has happened yet.
    • House du Brierust admittedly had a rocky tenure under me earlier in the year, but I do love the noble system/noble RP and have been an active participant in it even after leaving the formal system in April/May. I had a lot of things going on and other issues that needed to be dealt with which is why we stepped out of the system with the Typhonus deal, and I feel like I’m in a much healthier space and state of mind to participate in the system this go around.
    If there’s anything else (questions, comments, concerns) that haven’t been addressed in the above, please PM me and I’d be happy to answer.
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  17. Capriciousllama


    Mar 27, 2020
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    IGN: Capriciousllama

    List of Members:
    Capriciousllama as Pierre-Edouard de Piedmont (Family Member) (Patriarch) (App coming)
    Audianna as Violetta de Piedmont (Family Member)
    Lilbeast_23 as Anne de Piedmont (Family Member)
    Aneair (Beleiver) as Galejin de Vereten (Soon to be Family Member) (Ship Captain)
    Matt_Dayman as Ambrose de Piedmont (App coming soon) (Family member)
    Plumu as Amidee Cera (House Chef)
    Naz_Cook as Tolstan de Florian (Trade Emissary)
    _BabyBean_ as Elvira Treji Hood of Redford (House Tailor)


    Place of Origin: The Ithanian city of Ancellois

    Themes; The de Piedmont family is firstly an Ithanian family of vineyard farmers, hailing from the lands of Ithania. However as of recent, the family has expanded into a very lucrative trade business, with its own private ship contingent and contracts to go with it. In contrast to other houses who have made great gains in recent years, the de Piedmont family prides itself on political expansion through monetary profits. They see the power of the regal stronger than the power of the blade, and seek to prove that through the expansion of their trading company. The head of the family, Maximilien, is the architect of the business, though recently has allowed more responsibility for establishing contracts to his first daughter Violetta.

    With the massive expansion of their business, the de Piedmont family has not left behind their roots of wine making. In fact, they manufacture some of the finest wines in all of Regalia, supplying taverns and other businesses with their impressive craft.

    Long Term Ambitions; The de Piedmont family’s long term ambitions are to establish their trade company as a political entity, with eventually its own land and powerbase. Rather than dominating the landscape with powerful armies, the de Piedmont family will dominate through their trade fleets and debt collection. In the political scene, the de Piedmont family will push for more free market reform, and more openness to business ventures and private partnerships with the government. Along with private partnerships, the de Piedmont family will seek to expand influence and dominance to the colonies, where they can hopefully profit off of the resources found in those lands.

    Inevitably, the family will seek to establish titled land ownership through their expanding powerbase, so that they can have a greater influence on politics in the Empire. With land ownership comes responsibility, and one of the many goals is to establish prosperous trading nodes within such land. To accomplish this, the de Piedmont family has theorized plans to establish colleges dealing in business and financial knowledge. When the colleges are put into motion, the plan is to grant ailor within our acquired territories the ability to succeed outside of the bounds of being confined to commoner status.

    Political Leaning; The de Piedmont family relies on a conservative basis for a lot of their beliefs, but in practicality they lean more towards a centrist view of politics. Rather than hardline on conservatism like past families have done, the de Piedmonts have pushed for more liberal policies when it came to the running of their company, branching out to non ailor for their contracts. However, like most families in the current scene, the de Piedmonts hold disdain for aberrancies and those who are tainted by Void or Exist entities.


    Core Strengths; The core strengths of the de Piedmont family lie within their skills in business and their maritime dominance. Children are often trained in business negotiation tactics or are sent to learn maritime skills from the various schools in the continent. Going beyond maritime and financial prowess, the family is known for their socialites, often being the life of every social gathering they attend, and never straying away from meeting new people. Whether this be for profit or friendship, it lies as one of their greatest strengths.

    One of the many factors that sets the de Piedmont family apart from others is their prominence before attempting to become aristocracy. The Piedmont Trading Company has established themselves as a prominent commoner business long before any thought was given to ascension. Maximilien and Violetta, the masterminds of company success, have been scrambling around and establishing contracts with the many businesses that make up the Regalian crown isle.

    Interactions with the World System; While I myself have not had DIRECT interaction in the world system, I am very familiar with the functions and how the general makeup of the progressions actually work. Furthermore, I have people within my family and company who are aware and have knowledge of the system, as well as having participated in the progressions themselves. Not to exude feelings of arrogance, but I consider myself a fast learner when it comes to the ins and outs of the world system.

    Other Information; The model theme outside of the roleplay world for the de Piedmont family is to establish an East India trade company variant in the Massive Universe. The goal of course being to establish more than just a basic company, but more so an active political entity that uses its money to pursue goals outside of their business. For more information on what the de Piedmonts have done before the aristocracy application, I will link two threads. We have participated in business showoff events and other events within Regalia to expand our branding and acquire contracts for profit. As of now, we are running ten active contracts with Regalian businesses.

    MAJOR EDIT: Audianna is to be head of the company in the wake of the untimely and unexpected death of Maximilien!
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  18. Vivo_Et_Vincam

    Vivo_Et_Vincam The Walking Spreadsheet

    Jan 12, 2018
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    IGN; Vivo_Et_Vincam

    List of Members; 6 Total
    Family Members: Myself, @Stewyblue , @m00m1npl8yz (to be)
    Staff / Servants / Soldiers: @3a_29 @rimacutem and @midnight_moon123
    -- As same with Cadieux, this would be a rebrand of the once noble House van der Veer, into what the family is to become. No past lore has been retconned, however some has been added on to aid with the rebrand.--

    Name: House van Slyke


    Homeland: Originally the United Veereland, with immigrant branches to Ithania and the Anglian Heartland, along with a minor cadet branch in Norrland.


    • Anglian, with a secondary culture of Ithanian, creating a dynamic of conflicting cultures and people and an identity between.

    • Of the vast and widespread Anglian families, with diversity between each branch and intergroup.

    • Mixture of Soft and Hard Power, primarily economically focused and the protection of said economics after the loss of their needs for hard power (land to protect).

    • Trades: Wheats / Breads, Alcoholic Drinks, especially Wine and Cider from orchards, and fine silks and materials from Ithania.

    • Colors: Silver and Black

    • Sigil Animal: The Serpent

    • Values: Loyalty, Cunning, Charisma

    • Vocations: Commanders, Merchants, Stewards, Courtiers
    Long Term Ambitions;

    1. After the loss of the Angle Veer, and the family’s retreat to ‘Laatste-huis’ their primary goal is to regain both land and prestige, both lost to the family after the dethroning of them from the nobility as a whole. While they no longer focus entirely on obtaining land in Anglian territories, they more focus on the mere regaining of title in general. Title first, land second.

    2. During their time of nobility, the old family had a weak but lightly influential Veer Armada used in several occasions with the North and other parties. Van Slyke wishes to regain it's naval prowess, and reforge it's old fleet, for both economic and military matters, to protect it's trade between Ithania and the archipelago, and it's interests in both.

    3. Van Slyke’s final long term ambition, is to attempt to backtrack some of the newer laws on topics such as magic and other means, and return Regalia to the conservative bastion it once was in their downfall. They are upholders of the old ways, and the regaining of influence of the Old Way in Regalia is a goal of theirs. Of powerful nobility, feared and respected across the city, rather than what they have become.
    Political Leaning;

    Van Slyke is conservative leaning on near to all aspects, and those they are not are debated between the family’s more Ithanian liberal leaning members and Anglian conservative leaning members. This creates a divide between the family, in some 60% Anglian Conservative leaning 40% Ithanian liberal leaning. There are strong Ithanian Movement, Anglian Disinterism, Conservative, and Old Centrism parties within van Slyke, and all of these 4 parties tend to debate often on what to do.
    By slim majorities, the following focuses have become the norm of the family:


    Core Strengths;

    • Past Knowledge: van Slyke as van der Veer once was, has links to old members of the Peerage, as well as knowledge of past struggles between Houses, themselves, and how many of the nobility act. This gives them an edge, as generally speaking they have the knowledge to assess situations by who is there and what to do with such, even as the peerage continues to adapt. This also gives them a stable backing of past within the city, of both good and bad, that gives them a sense of prestige and knowing with those of the old peerage. While this prestige is not entirely pure and good prestige, it is still existent, to where even members of Ducal and Princely Houses know their members by face.

    • Resource Plenitude: Due to the many small estates and collected properties by the branches and family members, the House has no lack of resource production, especially in the form of foodstuffs such as grains and fruits to sell as alcoholic beverages or openly as they are. They also have small estates and manors in far off places such as Ithania, giving them storages and notice in other places to buy foreign resources and sell them for higher prices within Regalia. This allows them to be both the middle man of larger mercantile trades, and the benefactor of smaller trades within the archipelago. While this economic power has drained since nobility, it is in no way weak, and still gives the House a healthy mixture of wealth.

    • Diverse Private Army: The House has a vast pool of lands to call for men and mercenaries to work under them, including Anglian longbowmen and spearmen, and Ithanian knights and infantry to name their core. This makes their army rather diverse and mobile, allowing them to use strengths of several groups together in combat, and make their army harder to collectively find a weakness upon. These men are recruited from manpower pools across the Empire, as a private army rather than a feudal levy. The latter of the two are found in their army in some degree from their estates, but a large quantity of their forces, are of their private army. This is backed by the political ideology of the House, which backs private armies like their own.

    Interactions with the World System; I have been within the noble scene since 2018, working under or in families such as D’Ortonnaise, de Letoirneau, Winslough, van der Veer, and now hopefully this one. I have gotten as far as Count, and played as lowly as a guard. I’ve been involved in noble politics, and the entire world scene during the Dread War. I know my way around the system decently well, and am confident in staying adequate in such. I have also been giving advice to others on things to do in the system since my return.

    Other Information; the van Slyke family page, crest, and specific details are being written as we speak, and will be posted post acceptance all together after completion.
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  19. Ghirko

    Ghirko Snek Intensifies Supremium

    May 18, 2016
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    Vyzal Crest mini.png
    IGN: Ghirko
    List of Members:

    Digmaan Vyzal

    Place of Origin:
    The Digmaan was established within Regalia but considers Hadar its homeland.

    The primary themes of loyalty are a near natural occurrence for Allar, so the Digmaan focuses mostly on it's intellect, ingenuity and inclusivity. They prioritise socialising with other groups of interest and keeping their connections wider than merely the Allar people. A flare of alchemy carries their main staple but expands into the fighting prowess of the Mu-Allar, reinforced by Zu and Sa-Allar engineering. The Digmaan doesn't shy away from possible ventures that may prove fruitful, as they see it important to have a wide set of skills and resources at their disposal.

    Political Leaning: While the Digmaan sees it vital to maintain the typical caste system, Cro-Maarx also sees it fit to make sure those who deserve it are rewarded, allowing some relaxation in certain places. The main behaviour shown is Conservative however they still have great interest in the pursuit of fresh innovations in a bizarre desire to retain the status quo. This manifests itself through a desire for knowledge and the sciences mixed with a firm sense of belief of how things should be.

    Long Term Ambitions: OOC Return interest to the Allar community while also bringing them out of their niche and more into the accessible mainframe, but being less restrictive on interactions with other races and encouraging self-motivation. On top of mixing more varieties of roleplay to encourage players to try new things. IC ambitions are to gain a title and land to maintain the Allar relevancy, and give the Allar of Regalia more chances to embrace the noble realm to influence both Regalian and Hadarian affairs.

    Core Strengths: Digmaan Vyzal rely on resourcefulness mixed with creativity and healthy stubbornness when it comes to standing their ground. They intend to create plenty of connections from all walks of life on which they can call upon.

    Interactions with the World System: I haven't had any direct experiences with the World System before, bar submitting a single set of plans, I have existed on the fringes of the Noble RP scene and now have the confidence to carry myself, and others, forwards and actively take part with the same enthusiasm I've held to my past RP.
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  20. rimacutem

    rimacutem Local dwarf

    Aug 1, 2019
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    IGN: rimacutem
    List of members: Me , @Diaprit, @indyfan98
    Apps: (A hired captain, new character)
    Dwarven family that has lost everything as their homeland was ravaged by Dakkar, ending up in slums of Regalia, only recently managing to get into relevance by giving up on honour and instead becoming pragmatic
    Long Term Ambitions: IC: Regaining dwarven holds without them becoming Regalian territory, funding of technology to counter Isldar strenghts, like weapon to combat Frost Wyverns. I also wanna become kinda mob boss of adventurers, giving them coin for their ventures, but if they fail, they would be forced to serve for free till debt is repaid
    OOC: I wanna make dwarves be seen as capable of being more than scottish accented ale swinging honourable warriors
    Political Leaning: Dwarven nationalism - Due to family's life in empire there is a great fear amongst it's members that empire will attempt to take over dwarven holds in similar vein they did to Altalar princedoms and Allar. So while existence of empire itself is seen as more of a good thing, Regalian colonies on Ellador cause unease.
    Races and religion - The family combines ideas of both their conservative pasts with more liberal culture of slums. Being full blooded dwarf is seen as optimal, and family presses it's members to marry other dwarves, but family is not above accepting useful bastards and workers of any race, expcept Isldar. Same about faith, family keeps itself worshipping Duindin, but found itself working with many void worshippers in past
    Magic - Magic is deemed to be too dangerous to be left unregulated, but too useful to be completely banned
    Core Strengths: Willingness to do acts seen as dishonorable by other dwarves. Deep connections with gangs.
    Interactions with the World System: I had only brief interactions to this day, main of them being sent to investigate murder in Rumvalia
    Other Information:
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  21. Lutowski

    Lutowski archaic slav

    Jun 26, 2019
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    House Düviri
    From ashes we grow.

    House Head

    Mosmodea Düviri (Lutowski/Kawolski)

    Flying solo as of this app, but will be accepting recruitment.

    Origin & Culture
    Originates from Teled Methen, Plains culture. (Lore may change when Yanar update is out.)

    ✦ An agriculturally industrial house that profits off of tobacco/psychedelic drugs, dyes, spice, perfumes and medicine trades.

    ✦ Industrial/Mercantile Yanars that lean towards Estellian Traditionalism values, meaning the desire to return to the Allorn Empire’s golden days where nature was lived with rather than above it, and when Estel’s worship was at its peak.

    Long-term Ambitions

    ✦ Knock the Anaheras off the Opium monopoly.
    ✦ Help reinforce the relevancy of Estel worship in Altalar Princedoms back to the way it was.
    ✦ Rise to nobility at some point.
    ✦ Help bring the presence of Yanar back into roleplay by acting as their forefront representatives in state affairs, and hopefully later on at the world stage. Revive the community by serving as a solid landing point for newer Yanar characters.
    ✦ Bring a fresh spin on the Yanar community that’s a bit beyond ‘nature so pure so good’.
    ✦ Provide an alternative for Yanar players that align & want to be involved with the Empire.
    ✦ Shield Zavoria from further raids. (less important; tied to Mosmo's personal goal.)

    Political Leanings & Views
    Overall ideology: Absolute liberalism in both cognition and wants. Free market with a dash of controlled capitalism.
    Values: Individualistic freedom - change is inevitable and encouraged.
    Religion: Free to pursue whatever belief that may appeal to the individual Yanar, but will crack the whip on all things Void. Generally sticks to Estel otherwise.
    Peasantry: Benevolent - usually prioritizes their workers wellbeing foremost.
    Magic: Blatantly biased, desires rights for the Magesparked. Though a harsh, watchful leash should be had on the Voidly inclined.

    Core Strengths
    At core, the Yanar of Düviri are individualists that strive on self perfection and experiencing life at their own terms. Beyond etiquette, the family are not exactly enforced to try and fit into the mold compared to other families, and thus earn the luxury of much personal freedom to think and be almost whatever they like - within moderation, obviously. Their dedication to the mercantile world and trumping for a free market, coupled with a literal eternal lifespan to achieve this, has left their wealth off for the better.

    Previous experience with WIS and Nobility
    None, but I have a solid understanding of what it is and what you can do. Willing to learn and be daring with my resources.
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  22. Mortisian

    Mortisian The Flesh is Weak, the Machine is Strong

    Apr 2, 2016
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    IGN: Mortisian
    List of members: Myself
    Apps: Deo dei Termini
    Themes: Estranged Dressolini Militaristic Family upended from their home in Termini by the Iron Prince Lamperos Blitzkrieg through Montania. Returning back after a series of good fortunes in War against Large Noble Houses, the Dread War, and all the various skirmishes the Patriarch had won throughout his Career.
    Long Term Ambitions: IC: My long term goal with dei Termini is to play the role of the extremely experienced Militarist House from the South that is able to be called upon and made deals with to produce victories for those that they work for. Perhaps a County or Duchy level eventually.
    OOC: The last time I was accepted into Aristocracy the system changed immediately and I wasn't brought along into the new one so I would like to try again through this system as Deo and continue striving to do more on the World Theater.
    Political Leaning: Social Libertarian
    Races and religion - The dei Termini opinion on Race is unique in its own capacity to where they wish to produce the most well equipped mentally, and or physically adept offspring available at the time. Focusing on educating the presently needed skills of the society as well as informing them and having them study the more finer points of modern educational needs.
    Religion is a strange topic for the dei Termini as the family has seen a great deal of misfortune and a great deal of information and half truths have been discussed about Religion and its place within themselves. Most adhere to Unionist Values but others find Religion to be too stifling and unrewarding for their fields.
    Magic - Magic is an easy pass to popularity, Military supremacy, and Economic cajoling that can make the job of a Ruler much easier.
    Core Strengths: Deep belief in Military Excellence and the Betterment of the Self.
    Interactions with the World System: I have been a party to the Noble System for years. A Count, Baron, Patrician, and Aristocrat with this Character. As well as had numerous other characters within Nobility before.
    Other Information:
  23. MonMarty

    MonMarty My husband is a gun Staff Member Server Owner

    Jun 30, 2012
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    @Ghirko @Lutowski accepted, the rest, rejected.

    Will inform you of your stuff later.
  24. Anseran

    Anseran The Ciellonian Swordsman

    Sep 11, 2013
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    • Anseran
    List of Members;
    Place of Origin;
    • Daendroc Plains (I'm not sure if I can get a place more specific than that)
    • Agricultural traders. Essentially, natural foodstuffs. A more local-brand of upstart aristocrat getting started in the trading business after a couple of good investments.
    • Literal 'upstart' - Osira just getting involved in the business and making small amounts and eventually climbing higher with tutelage from his peers in the noble scene. I don't really want him to become noble, though. The theme should remain consistent with 'Newblood Trader Osira making ends meet to help the Cielothar in Daendroque with their lands' until some event that might cause substantial growth. But even then, no nobility.
    Long Term Ambitions;
    • To help the Cielothar recover from their recent history. Involving handling the Ailor miners, supplying towns and growing more trees in the land to make up for those cut down.
    • To fund Cielothar wind technology to help them advance as a civilisation, even if they always remain passive wind elves with passive wind-based inventions and constructs (for instance, more complex windmills. Not many leaps and bounds, keeping it natural-ish)
    • To explore Daendroc with expeditions for previous Cult of Ciellonia settlements, Allorn Empire Estellian ruins and more. History, information scavanging, etc.
    • To represent and provide a place for Cielothar who want to get involved with the World System. It's quite difficult to find the resources or the people to explore the wider world and plan when everyone kicks Cielothar to the curb unless they have a profound ability. So, in the long-run, I'd like to have adopted more members into the Trading Circle, much like how the Cielothar are very family-flexible in the lore.
    • Spread Cielothar-based Faith of Estel to promote peace.
    Political Leaning;
    • Extremely liberal. Freedom is a basic right owed to all living things, anti-slavery and will work to usher it out as best he can.
    • War: War is important to mention because he is a warrior-type tactician of sorts. Osira sees the necessity in conflict when facing entities such as the Void (Sendrassians for instance), Slavers, and Invaders. This is due to his history of being on the frontlines when they occur. However. If he had lands, he would never have attacked the citizens who transformed into the Wardens. He makes sure to understand the benefit of all in reasoning and being kind.
    • Religion: Estel! Cielothar Edition. The All-Mother provides and the All-Mother has provided him the means to provide for his people through trade and commerce.
    • Magic: Osira has naive views on magic, despite his very indepth conversations with various entities. He holds to the belief that the All-Mother has blessed individuals who possess it, much like the environment he grew up in. Similarly, he feels that Void-powered individuals should be avoided. Hard pass on Void, all love for the Exist and Estel with a soft spot for Dragon Worship and Primals.
    Core Strengths;
    • When Osira wants something, he does not work alone. He understands the value in teamwork and asking for help when out of your depth. So a strength of his is being unafraid to seem ignorant or dumb as in the long run, speaking to the more experienced can only benefit the people he serves. When backed into a corner, he will find some creative notion to ease from the heat.
    Interactions with the World System;
    • None, beyond Osira being in the recent Sendrassian War Progressions, but I've been a long-time fan of how it works.
  25. Chapstxcks

    Chapstxcks Knight

    Apr 25, 2019
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    My Username: Chapstxcks
    List of Members:

    • Karp Kippings(Chapstxcks) - Family head, Villiers-Eclaire Holy Paladin, Frontline Commander.
    • Robin Cariveau(Plt_Hasagi) - Ward to Karp, Villiers-Eclaire Squire.
    • Lucy Kippings(plumu) - Sister to Karp, artist, Griffer.
    • Eric Kippings(PandaCRP) - Brother to Karp, Villiers-Eclaire Knight.
    • Arin Kippings(Reledy) - Sister to Karp.

    Themes/Origins/Culture: A devout Unionist family raised in Calemberg with Breizh influence determined to strengthen the church and wage war on infidels for as long as finances will allow. House Kippings has minimal trade, one of their most notable being the breeding, training, and selling of two horned horses for other members of the Villiers-Eclaire order and others who can afford the animal. Their primary focus is defending religious sites and militarizing Unionists to raise up and fight back the pagan and infidels within the Empire to purify it.

    Political Leanings/Judicial Opinions: House Kippings believes that a government should not be an all mighty power, but that it should work in hand with the church. A sense of conservatism and faith should be had in all decision making processes, as leaders should be more concerned with maintaining what the citizens know and are comfortable with rather than pushing for change and forcing people to adapt. Heresy and blasphemy should be met with the most serious of punishments, while moral and lack of judgement crimes should be treated with less seriousness, as humanum are destined to make mistakes and the judgement of the Spirit is greater than that of man.

    Long term ambitions/Goals: House Kippings has a few long term ambitions, one of their primary ambitions being to search the various continents for Unionist artifacts, or even artifacts rumored to be Unionist to secure them and deliver them to the Conclave where they rightfully belong. In hand with this previous ambition, once Unionist artifacts are safe and out of infidel hands House Kippings hopes to seek out and destroy dangerous artifacts through the world that pose a threat to Unionism. A final long term goal is for the family’s forces(once acquired) to fortify borders between Unionist and pagan lands, clearing up any bleedthrough and ensuring a clear border.

    Core Strengths: The core strengths of House Kippings is of course it’s close ties with the Unionist Conclave in Regalia and the Villiers-Eclaire Order in Basta. The family works to uphold Unionism and all family members to some degree(even those not of the Villiers-Eclaire Order) respect the Code of Gosselin. House Kippings has relatively strong connections to the faithful in that they never turn away a needy Unionist hand. Beyond matters of faith the other notable strength of House Kippings would be their military, being a dominantly cavalry military that tends to fight fast and hard to achieve victory in whatever situation they may face, all members of their military inspired by the Unionist faith.

    World System Experience: House Kippings has been in the world system previously, but sadly it was during a time that the system was going through a large rework, so everything was paused and we couldn’t really do anything. Aside from this I have a few instances, such as handling the now gone Synod’s parish taxes in the world system, then later acquiring and merging my Werebeast’s land with Lok-Guthrain. I additionally have partaken in the Kathar war, worked with Typhonus and worked with Drachenburg. While I have not done too much with the system I understand how it works and I am comfortable with being a part of it. I believe this time around, as a legal entity rather than a clandestine one and independent rather than part of the Synod, I can progress far better and truly get my family involved in world affairs.
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  26. Audianna

    Audianna Refugee

    Apr 3, 2020
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    IGN: Audianna

    List of members:

    Place of Origin:
    The Ithanian city of Ancellois

    House de Piedmont is a family that originates from Ithanina. They are primarily settled in the businesses of wine and naval operations, many of the family members being captains or admirals. However, during the past few generations, the family has become more involved in Imports and Trades. The de Piedmont family takes pride in monetary profit, valuing money and gain over most other things, ultimately gaining both through their trading company.

    Long Term Ambitions:
    • The de Piedmont family wants to push for a more relaxed market as well as debt collections. The family wishes to make private contracts with a monetary gain to expand influence and to dominate in colonies.
    • The family intends to eventually gain titled land ownership by expanding their powerbase, so that, as a result, they will have a greater influence on politics in the Empire. The de Piedmont’s want to establish business and finance schools within the land, advertised to young Ailors of the Unionist faith. Through these accomplishments, the family hopes to achieve a wealthy and prosperous land, providing a better life for all those within it.
    • Along with these plans the de Piedmont family intends to crush out any aberrancy within their lands, not by physical violence or execution, but rather through reformation and recovery.

    Political Leanings:
    Although the de Piedmont family seems to lean heavily towards conservatism for the majority of their political views, the de Piedmont family actually stands on a centrist view on politics, pushing for more liberal policies in business and holding out to non-ailors. Though, like many other families the de Piedmonts still hold a harsh distaste for aberrancy and those who are exposed to Void or the Exist.

    Core Strengths:
    Most of the family’s strength comes from their dominance in business relations and in naval affairs. The younger children of the newer generations are usually well-educated in maritime skills through schools and training, or through the passed down knowledge of earlier generations. However, the eldest children are often taught business tactics from the eldest of the generation before them. Besides their business and maritime dominance, the de Piedmont family contains an abundance of socialites, often being the life of a social gathering and never straying away from the company of others. Whether this be for profit or friendship, it remains as one of their greatest strengths.
    One of the many factors that sets the de Piedmont family apart from others is their social and professional prominence before attempting to become aristocracy. Before the passing of Maximilien de Piedmont, he and his daughter, Violetta, scrambled to get as many business contracts as they could in trading and imports. Violetta began selling their family wine around the city, and it soon became a favorite of many. Violetta and her father, Maximillien, being the two heads of the Piedmont company.

    Interactions with the World System:
    I myself have worked little in the World system besides very recent Sendrassian War Progressions. I know others of the family like Matt_Dayman/Minecraftsman03 has experiences with it himself. However everyone in the family is hoping to be able to join soon in the World system since we all have been a fan of them for a long time.
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  27. MrScafuto

    MrScafuto MassiveCraft's token ethnic

    Jan 6, 2014
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    IGN: MrScafuto.

    List of Members:
    Camilla di Caitagna | Ailethi.
    Niriana di Caitagna | Spookmas.
    Jovanka di Caitagna | Zubile.

    Place of Origin: The Sira province of Ascilia.

    Themes: House di Caitagna is intended to try to represent the mercantile class of Regalian politics, focused on industrialization and commerce within the context of Azzizzari traditionalism. The family possesses numerous cadet lines that they use to interact with the Aziendas to portray their banks as legitimate within the Azzizzari populace, as well as to possess influence in the nature of Vultaro and Ascilia's family-dominated landscape.

    Political Leaning: The di Caitagna family are keen believers in the political ideology of Hiltfrontism, feeling it as the best of both ends of the political spectrum, and also one that fits their mercantile nature the most. Being money-minded, the family is heavily supportive of merchants and aristocracy's rights and their ability to accrue regals. Additionally, they are Vultdragon Worshippers, who strongly favor the Churches ruling that the current Emperor Alexander I is not the current Imperial Spirit's host, and that Cedromar I is still the true container. A more recent viewpoint adopted by the family is the codification of all magic, in that all magic must be heavily documented and classified so that the Empire need not rely on aberrants or other dark agents from abroad to form their magical policy.

    Long Term Ambitions: Unite the various Warmland Cultures (plus Guneyliler & Mevoriim) under a single 'Southerner' banner in Regalia to encourage OOC interest in more players having a Southerner character, achieve nobility, acquire 'fuck you' levels of money, and the end goal of returning the Vultarin Hegemony to Ailor control.

    Core Strengths: The di Caitagna believes in an old Azzizzari saying of: "Money is the key to all doors." Money is the cure to all ailments, to all problems and all issues. They are filthy rich robber barons, politically flexible, able to remain calm and collected, always presenting a polite face to everyone and only revealing their true nature in private to family and close confidants.

    Interactions with the World System: I've been involved with the World System and its previous noble systems for some time now, at least a good few years now. I'm familiar with all the inner workings and know how to play the system. Previously with di Orazio and other various iterations of the 'italian noble family #7', I managed to get it, but never really had a clear idea of what to do. With this iteration, I plan on enacting actions related to the theme I've outlined, and have a decent cast supporting me this time around too, with Zubile who's integrated character is also co-leading Ariramorel, and we intend to work with Ariramorel in terms of magical pursuits. Ailethi and Spookmas admittedly have less experience, but they've already been going to events and repping the family name without my prompting, so hopefully they can help the family as a whole succeed.

    Note: Removed mention of Lampero under political leaning after Discord DM's.
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  28. Azas

    Azas Space Cowboy Staff Member Roleplay Staff

    Aug 9, 2013
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    House Manager: Azas

    Active Characters in the Family
    • Valentino Solisti @Azas - Admiral, politician, Caffè owner
    • Altea Solisti @Athelois - Bloodcast, rational daughter of a stubborn father (activity low at the moment, but no plans to shelve or get rid of the character)
    • Recruitment is open, and multiple characters have ties to the family as Caffe staff or retinue of Valentino
    Rebranded House Name: Solisti (I Solisti translates to soloists, incorporating the Dressolini "cultural cornerstone" while also recognizing that many Solisti are the stars of their own show, but can still act as a unified orchestra on occasion)

    The island of Ventiae has held the family's estates for almost a century. While less present in Ventiae while the Sangiovese held land in the Girobalda region, the Solisti have no interest in attempting to reclaim the Daen lands or their shipbuilding trade.

    Themes and Ambitions
    • Dressolini culture stylized in a Venetian approach. Seeking to provide a more complex perspective on Dressolini presence in the city beyond the common mafia types. Our primary and continued outlet for this will be the Caffè Maria, one of the most active player businesses in the city, which will begin hosting events in November
    • Another theme in common with Caffè Maria is our aristocratic presentation. Solisti are very refined and conduct business much like an aristocrat would. Entering the system proper will add further tools in our kit to execute on that and further grow our player impact on an everyday basis (in other words, using progression cash-flows as a tool for creating roleplay. We're not looking to sit on cash without an explicit objective in mind). Furthermore, entering the system will allow us to start on a journey of portraying a transformation from aristocracy to entering nobility proper.
    • Free-thinking and rational Conservatism encouraged with open discourse. While expanded on in our ideology section, I want to provide another perspective on Regalian conservatives beyond only really having the Drachenburg model. While Valentino was portrayed as a caricaturistic extremist in years past, I'm not interested in role-playing in a manner that compromises real-world respectfulness of gender and skin color, so I've developed his views accordingly.
    • Naval prowess utilized to build out Solisti naval might, and then putting that might to work in archipelago wars rather than sitting on it. This is the furthest out, we're much more focused on journeying through aristocracy first.
    • Additional thematic elements to the family may be answered on our family thread. We will also have other ambitions dynamically over time, but these core themes will continue to exist for sustained avenues to create roleplay. While the specific steps of these ambitions weren't included for brevity's sake, don't let that be interpreted as a lack of plans :)
    Political Leanings
    Coining a new school of thought of 'Ventiane Centrismo', the Solisti politics blend the traditional Dressolini values of discourse, sophistication, and self-advocating, with a strong centralization of decision-making power. In their ideal system, a wide Senate of nobles and aristocrats convene to discuss and present their cases to the ruler, even allowing votes to demonstrate where sentiments lie, but without the power of law which resides in that central ruler. However, it is generally recognized that power is available to those with the means to take it, so if a central ruler wants to take action contrary to a vote of the Senate, they best have the means to retain their control. Traditionally, state rulers skilled in Ventiane Centrismo often build their right-to-rule from military might and heavy but clever control of infrastructure.

    • Government Form: Absolute Monarch presiding over Senate of Nobles
    • Monarchy Power: Divine authority, deferential civil rule
    • Royal Law: Full
    • Judiciary: Rudimentary Judiciary
    • Press Laws: Censored
    • Empire Structure: Capital Centric Control
    • Borders: There are no borders, only war
    • Faith: Ascended Unionism
    • Racial Laws: Non-Human Residency
    • Marriage: Open, under the principle of offspring
    • Racial Marriage: First Rank Citizen Only
    • Land Ownership: Feudal Division
    • Government Positions: Meritocracy Based, First Rank Citizen Only
    • Social Hierarchy: Strong Aristocracy
    • Warfare: Pragmatic Warfare
    • Economic Model: State Controlled Commerce
    • Gender Norms: Strong Male Preference
    • Non-Union Ailor Faith: Kleine Rechnung
    • Right to Protest: Essayist Only
    • Family Law: No Adultery, Male Preference Custody
    • Noble Right vs. Commoners: Subject to power struggles
    • Divinity of Noble Right: Subject to power struggles
    • Military Standard: Private Armies
    • Military Civil Power: Executive, Judicial, Law giving
    • Cultural Proponent: Full Respects
    • Cultural Antithesis: None
    • Magic: Research and education with repressive state control

    Core Strengths
    • Clear and developed idea of who our characters are in the world and their pathways to impact it
    • Proven track record of involvement with the war and noble progression systems, both on current and previous characters (Val is now the lone highest ranking naval commander in the Sendras war effort and has been present in a number of noble progressions this season. Atlas hasn't made her way into progs as Altea yet, but has had plenty of involvement in war and noble as Vala).
    • Acting as a bridge between nobles and commoners in everyday roleplay, which also lends itself very well to being aristocracy. Unless it's specifically about war arrangements, I try to avoid roleplaying in private areas, to create opportunities for others to jump into ongoing roleplay. Even when it's antagonistic roleplay, like bahm's fishman attacking the Caffe, it creates a common experience for nobility and commoners to build ties outside of their normal social or business circles that still feels natural for both. This will be an intentional, continued focus as we climb the ladder.
    Happy to answer any questions or elaborate further on any of this. Thank you for your attention and consideration.
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  29. BillyTheScruffy

    BillyTheScruffy Massive's Resident Law Enthusiast Staff Member Lore3
    1. ○⊙ ᴘᴏᴋéᴍᴏɴ ᴄᴇɴᴛᴇʀ ᴍᴀssɪᴠᴇᴄʀᴀғᴛ ⊙○

    Sep 21, 2013
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    @Audianna You're approved for aristocracy. All other families have been rejected and may re-apply in the future.
  30. _Sundreamer_

    _Sundreamer_ Supremium

    Oct 20, 2020
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    IGN: _Sundreamer_

    List of Members:
    Myself alone currently, though I have Telarel-Aspirants ready to make characters once I have fleshed out the family tree some more and then going to be recruiting there after.

    Place of Origin/Homeland:
    Tanaar in culture, House Telarel is situated along the southern coast of Teledden Ivaëlle after the Cataclysm. A single Estate known as Lithendendil, surrounded by various small agricultural plantations to which the foundations of the House wealth is built upon. House Telarel has recently occupied several smaller holdings in the local lands to further the stable income brought by yielding crops within the last few generations.

    The dominant theme of House Telarel is expansion through diplomacy and trade between both the Est-Allorn and the Ailor nations, more so the Regalian Empire. Not only necessarily through simple legal and mundane means, House Telarel strives for power and authority and will resort to corruption and subterfuge over both their allies and enemies alike rather than resorting to direct conquest, in an attempt to assert dominance whilst upholding decorum composure and an illusionary extension of support. Wishing to better represent the culture of the Altalar, alongside allies, within the Empire.

    House Telarel is foundationally an agricultural and trading House, exporting local Altalar goods such as Jewellery, Och Maize and Dúllci Cane whilst importing metals, furs and even Ailor art, literature and other cultural items from the Empire. Focusing almost entirely on organising and forming trading networks and connections however, House Telarel is not bashful when it comes to direct or supportive warfare. Seeking to prove themselves worthy of alliance and connection through military campaigns in alliance or directly in service of the Regalian Empire; armies recruited from traditional Altalar forces and indentured slaves both should the legality allow so.

    Ambitions: IC
    • To reinforce the superiority of the Altalar bloodlines through a steady growth in power and influence alongside Altalar allies.
    • To continuously adapt and rise in authority and power without simple content. Wishing to ascend to Nobility for the betterment of Telarel and the Altalar as a whole.
    • To re-establish a sense of Altalar power to rival the more omnipotent Ailor factions and Houses. (Hopefully being a wonderful opportunity for conflict and unrest… I mean prosperity.)
    • To reinforce the necessity and economic foundations of a heavily taxed and controlled market and the usage of slave-labour within the Empire.
    Ambitions: OOC
    • To bring about more Altalar power to attract new or old players to a fresh new political field that borders neatly between the Regalian Empire and the more isolated Altalar politics.
    • To form alliances, connections and diplomatic relations with other like-minded factions and individuals, noble and commoner both, to diversify the RP setting that much more.
    • To help construct another primarily Altalar and High-Class hub with the ability, liberty and want to incorporate businesses of varying natures to fulfil their trading agendas.

    Political Leaning:
    Deeply conservative, House Telarel is traditional to the core, seeing to a typical hegemonic ideology and infrastructure through direct assimilation or prosperous cohesion. However, the Patriarch of the House sees it fitting to allow those to ascend above their strata should they be worthy of it, allowing some flexibility to the household to upkeep ambition and determination to distract members from potential infighting. Whilst wholeheartedly an Altalar faction, House Telarel seeks closer and stronger ties with the Regalian Empire and other powerful nations to solidify their own power with strong allies and connections alike- despite their deeply rooted xenophobia.

    Core Strengths:
    House Telarel’s dedication to the Altalar superiority is paramount to their entire existence, thriving in excess and luxury to attract the attention of other Altalar Houses and other high-class factions as well as earning themselves an aggressive and disciplined reputation among friend and foe alike. Grandeur and flawless decorum is as Telarel as the name, befitting their lineage. But with their need for strength outside their original borders, they are more willing to allow those of various aspects of life and race to provide for the House and their ambitions. Most within the House have the ability to thrive in their respective field on the foundations of a stable and more tolerant Altalar House.

    Previous Experiences:
    Though not inherently within MassiveCraft, I once roleplayed on an off-shoot House Telarel in Elder Scrolls Online for about a year, engaging my time with various Guilds and organisations in a similar fashion as to what I intend to do here. Already playing a Lord in the community, I thrived in the role of an aristocrat and noble alike, with plentiful ambition to keep me engaged and on my toes. Ever since then, it has been my most favoured niche to RP in and something I pride myself in doing. Despite this, I am eager and keen to adapt what I already know with what I do not, and look forward to education in an unfamiliar setting.

    Since making Lithuandir within Massivecraft I have driven myself to engage with the aristocratic, noble and political landscape. Already having formed connections and branches with various Noble Houses to the agenda of my character and his family. Within the Altalar community and otherwise. Both with employment as a Diplomat, engaging within the Noble Assemblies and through various noble-class meetings, gatherings and opportunities.
    In terms of the World System, no experience yet but I am more than wanting to learn, I understand the fundamentals but have not engaged directly other than keeping up with it to engage in Noble themed RP and simply questioning it due to my interest.

    (Little snippet of the family lineage to which I will document up for recruitment at a later stage. I also have an absolute mass of family history written up..)

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  31. HeyitsNano

    HeyitsNano Regalian Lesser Supremium

    May 7, 2017
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    IGN: HeyitsNano

    List of members: (Only one family member as Alaric had founded the family, but more to come as the family expands. The rest are workers and mercenaries.)

    • Alaric Keen played by @HeyitsNano (Patriarch/Family member/Mercenary Leader)
    • Mercenaries: Augustin Mohren (Legoclub22), Cain (Testl), Ben Jones (Chrothic) Sascha (Sadgalli) Simone Playero (Hautee) Ryder O'Cliste (BrandidTripper) Hjalmar Freyl (Fascizm) Hanz Rosenguart (StewyBlue) Church (8914) Ulric Malthor (Karthadon)

    Place of Origin:

    House Keen as a surname was founded in the Holy City, Regalia.


    Keen is a House that looks to involve itself in the conservative sphere of Regalia. Its main trade is mercenary works, wanting to expand upon its values to create significance for the subject. Through the ancestry of Alaric Keen, the family derives itself from the center of the archipelago and the far east. With relations in Genevaud and Kintyr, the family looks to establish itself in Hinter Calem, an immediate byproduct of their New Regalian ancestry. The rest of the theme is described down below.

    Long Term Ambitions:


    • The House of Keen wishes to establish a facile market for mercenaries throughout the realm. Goods traded in such as armor and weaponry are also often circulated, wanting to create an environment that has been forgotten by many.
    • Keen's main ambition is to reestablish a conservative playfield. Ergo, the family searches for any opportunity to do such, although making sure to strategically plan this advance.
    • Keen wishes to rise and gain a title or something similar in rank. The family's conservative mindset sees this as a way to serve their unionist cause through the maintenance of the Emperor's land, but also understands that through the titleage, there is opportunity to maintain and encourage conservatism.
    • A really big goal here to create WS System roleplay and have interactions in character that matters when dealing with progressions. I've noticed that there isn't a lot of political talk in RP in relation to what is going on in the system, so I want to encourage that with my audience and with many others as time goes on.
    • My main goal is to create an antagonism in the Noble/WS scene. Alaric is already well known to be an infamous person walking around and I want to try and expand on that if this aristocracy is granted. His conservative ideals and political beliefs set him up for an environment that creates a well roleplayable controversy. However, Keen uses more ethical thinking, so I think that the antagonism would come from the fact of existence rather than a naive sense.
    • I want to provide more roleplay for my community and others. Not only with the antagonism created above, but I know that there's a lot of negative connotation surrounding mercenary roleplay internally and externally, mostly because there is no sense of reward. However, with enough of a push, I intend to fix that. Mercenary roleplay can really go hand in hand with aristocracy/titleage because it provides a venue that sets players up with something that gives them value and importance.
    • I want to get more involved with the political scene. It is by far my main playfield when I come onto Massive, and it is for many of my friends, so I want to get involved to interact with them. I enjoy progression orders as well and that militaristic plotting not only provides me roleplay, but many others who I hope to get involved.
    Political Leanings:
    The House of Keen was founded off of a military-oriented, conservative credence structure advocating for some degree of meritocratic advancement. Overall, although the family has rather different views from most defined ideologies, they lean more into a moderate jingoist ideology than anything else. In some situations, Keen takes on a populist face for the sake of preserving reputation in an ever-changing political and social environment. However, this does not extend that far out and Keen is often coerced to show its conservative roots dramatically. House Keen's main focus is to return Regalia to a different climate, one that shows rigorous Unionist and Conservative ideals, utilizing whatever situation or tool given to achieve that goal. In many cases, Keen is seen to be diametrical in comparison to many families and their ideals, always exhibiting them in some form.

    Core Strengths:
    House Keen exhibits three primary strengths: great resilience in the face of harsh adversity, exemplary leadership of mercenary and other militant organizations as well as business ventures, and an ability to make many beneficial allies. When dealing with struggles that overset the group, Keen automatically strikes back. This response could vary from something controversial to something ordinary, though it is always found to be beneficial. Through the leadership of mercenary organizations, Keen has shown its strength in leadership. Not only this, but Keen is able to negotiate and create lasting ordeals that benefit them. The Steak Estate is a primary example of this with its patronage by House Latimer. House Keen picks its partner, not settling with just about anyone. That said, the family deals with the people that it must, remaining far from those they deem sycophants.

    Interactions with the World System:
    I already find myself part of the system. I'd say I have decent experience with the World System, it being one of my main spheres of roleplay on Massive, though there’s still some room to improve. I mainly roleplay around nobles/aristocrats in the system and interact a lot with the WS Bank to cut deals with nobility. I’ve come to amass a large sum of regals in the system which I enjoy seeing because it’s a marker of achievement/a ladder for me.I have done a lot of political scheming with others in the nobility regarding their lands. When I heard about the new system, I immediately thought to apply because I feel that I relatively have a good share of in character political scheming versus out of character conversating. The Ivory Company is also mostly progression based. Unlike years ago, I have a really good understanding of how it works. Alaric's time as a noble in House Kreiburg was a good learning experience, though its consequences resulted from in character conflict. I really want to help others in roleplay but also involve myself more with the WS System so I could play with my friends and have an overall good time. With my activity, I hope to branch out and experience all types of political roleplay even more than I do now.
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  32. roiyel

    roiyel ᴘᴏᴜʀ ʟ'ɪɴsᴛᴀɴᴛ, ᴛᴀɪs-ᴛᴏɪ. Staff Member PR1

    Sep 4, 2016
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    IGN: essentialess


    Xanthippe Glaucus | @existentialess
    Timo Glaucus | @StevenWeen,
    Aeistophanes Glaucus | @kirishark
    Ligeia Glaucus | @Malir_Bromtor
    Sophos Glaucus | @fairytears
    Pelagia Glaucus | @Chivuu
    Hyacinth | @onlyathot
    Alexis Glaucus| @LeonIsLame

    Place of Origin:

    Originated in Daenshore, emigrated to Hessalios.


    House Glaucus originates from a clutch of Skyfallen Maraya taken out of the shores of northern Daenshore. The family was raised by Slizzar under the guise of Ka-Maraya, who fled from their failed attempts at espionage in Daendroque by hiding as a foreign race in the neighboring lands of Etosil. In its short existence, the family has relied on business savvy, innovation, and social manipulation to survive. Their current-day trade revolves around the production of alchemical warfare. Others explore separate lines of work; delving into Finecraft for the relatives sworn into the Monzon Order or learning Statecraft to provide legal security. In recent years, the youngest generation has become agitated with the xenophobic Etosian natives, pursuing the Crown City for its mixing pot of cultures and thriving black-market.

    IC Ambitions:

    ‣ Advocate for the State to grant Maraya First Rank Citizenship.

    ‣ Establish a monopoly on poisons and alchemical warfare.

    ‣ Obscure the family’s illicit background.

    ‣ Become landed.

    ‣ Bring glory to the Monzon Order.

    OOC Ambitions:

    ‣ We want there to be a challenge in contrasting the family's entrepreneurial success against the relatively conservative views of the Peerage. We hope that finding success as Maraya in the WS will demand a lot of tact when it comes to decision making IRP.

    ‣ We want families to experience a level of legal risk and reward when they pursue a venture with House Glaucus; To weave clandestine RP into the Noble Com.

    ‣ Our goal is to foster more long-term Maraya characters, especially in light of the recent Home Swarm / Maraya events.

    ‣ Add controversy to the public image of Maraya in the Crown City.

    ‣ Create a community of active Monzon Knights.

    Political Leanings

    In recent years, the family has adopted more liberal views, straying away from the conservatism of their elders. While conservatism was essential to be tolerated in Hessalios, the younger generation has developed a much more open-minded set of ideals, willing to conduct business with nearly anyone - no matter their creed, so long as the relationship proves itself to be profitable for the family.

    Values: Self-preserving | Willing to put on a front to survive. The family has a history of financially supporting the Etosian Church and publicly agreeing with conservative views in order to gain influence in Hessalios.

    Government: Agreeable | Absolute monarchy.

    Economy: Free | Open market, state deregulation, privatization, low taxes.

    Peasantry: Objective | Willing to offer grand opportunities to their high-performing underlings, but also has the capacity to trap them in slave-like debt.

    Race relations: Selfish | Grant Maraya First Rank Citizenship, encourage non-violent contact with the Maraya Home Swarm.

    Gender norms:
    Progressive | Equality, where the most capable person is in power.

    Religion: Concealed | Etosian Unionist front, freedom (barring Void worship) behind closed doors.

    Magic: Hypocritical | Approves of magic if its use is of value to the family. May stigmatize the void-afflicted (namely Sanguines), lenient toward Exist-based aberrancy.

    Core Strengths:

    House Glaucus’s core strengths lie in their willingness to survive in any social or political climate. They have never shied away from dirtying their hands to stay afloat, with the Maraya brought up to cast aside moral decency in pursuit of wealth and power, so long as the family’s integrity remains intact. Glaucus is an extremely close-knit clan, willing to put lives on the line to protect the family’s interests and keep its secrets under wraps. Risk-taking and innovation are encouraged, and the House’s competitive nature fights against complacency within its ranks.

    Previous experience with WIS and Nobility:

    ‣I have interacted with Nobility since I joined the server, playing family members of House Wodenstaff, de Santigo, and later Ravenstad in the past. I’ve also enjoyed Player Progressions as independent characters as well, but I’m interested in the chance to delve into the WS with a group of my own.

    ‣ There’s been a lot of new features to learn since my absence, but there are very kind people who have refreshed me on the ins-and-outs both OOCly and IRP, and I’m having a lot of fun with that.

    ‣ Some members of House Glaucus have experience playing noble characters, and some are completely new to being in any sort of family. In either case, everyone should be able to learn the system and have a say in how the House proceeds. We want to have a “from the ground up” playthrough with this family and are excited to make daring choices.
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