World Progression Story Archipelago Progression 1 - Festivities, Revelry And A Dash Of Foreboding

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    Education for the Masses

    The Duchess Haeddi van Hal’s first executive directive within her realm comes as no surprise to any close to her. Following up from her endeavors last year, the Duchess spared no expense from her own coffers in mass producing her ‘Work of Ellora’ Doctrine on Education, specifically targeting the youth of the van Hal Anglian population. The people of Haeddi’s lands were notoriously poorly educated as many were farmers and other labor workers that were born to toil, a fact that clearly did not sit well with the Duchess. As an aside from her treatise, paid for carts of education supplies such as slates, writing utensils and copies of popular children's books and plays, such as ‘A Boy and his Dragon’ and ‘The Tale of Sir Eamon and the Serpent’ to be distributed to the townlands and villages en masse. The immediate reaction was mixed and the rural areas of the region still suffered from poor turnouts at their small schools and places of education, but most of the cities responded well given their upper middle class inhabitants. Though the latter was clearly in the minority, and most children were still not attending school overall. A survey was ordered to be carried out for the Duchess, who was advised after the fact by her local aldermen that most of the children were reared specifically to take over their parents work on family farms as free labor and to carry on the family trade, thus it was difficult to even convince parents to send their children to school -- an issue the Duchess would have to overcome if her treatise was to be effective. A complaint procedure for the local lords on the matter was opened however it remained decidingly empty..

    Lupenzi and Company venture forth in Kintyr

    Early in the week, news reached the Regalian Capital from the Kintyr lands that a ship had made port in the province of Gaerwen that had aboard it a ragtag group of Fae Knights and a couple of Bloodcast. Disembarking, Lazarus Lupenzi, Gwyn ad Dothwaite, Marissa Solisti, Rhiannon ad Doithwaite and Wilvamir Arnyn made their way inland with the intent of arriving at the City of Carentot to make their presence known as an amicable fellowship of Knights wishing to assist the local Breizh people with their pilgrimage to the local Fae Forests which harbored Shrines which were sacred to a great many within the region. The group garnered the attention of dozens upon dozens of people who followed them out of the cities gates and into the local forest where they fended off brigands and attackers who sought to rob and pillage the people there but were soon deterred and put down by the marshal skill of those within the Knightly fellowship. Upon reaching the shines, it was obvious that they had seen better days. The recent wars and conflicts had left much of the surrounding area dilapidated and in a state of disrepair. Wilvamir and Gwyn, at the behest of Lazarus and Marissa, organised groups of local worshippers to begin some makeshift repairs that, while not significant, brought appreciation from the faithful that followed them. While seemingly uneventful to those back in the capital, the Knights that had accompanied Lazarus and Marissa in this venture were heralded as paragons of their Knighthood and bestowed humble gifts of flower crowns, breizh tarts and salade potatte dishes for their efforts as they returned to the city and back to their ship knowing they had done some good in the world before departing home.

    Flouzz als Pekkis’ Alchemical Journey

    Setting out with nothing but a few duffle bags of alchemical supplies, a mortar and pestle and a makeshift portable churn, Flouzz als Pekkis set forth with a certification from the School of Zzariss itself to look into possible clues as to the biological nature of the recent arrival of the Runbine Breath Dragon which had been plaguing the Regalian Warfront in Hadar the last half a year. The first port of call for the ambitious Als Allar was the Archipelago region of Waldmark which housed the prestigious Akademie von Kaiser. Due to lack of funding and no access to the Warfront, this was the Allar’s most opportunistic venture, and upon arriving, the Waldmarkian scholars at the Academy were skeptical of the Allar’s intentions but reluctantly allowed him access to their libraries and lectures by virtue of the signed certification for Alchemical research into the matter by the Zsariss academy. Days turned into weeks but the books and tomes, old and ripe with knowledge as they were, had ne'er a mention of the Rubine Breath Dragon. Eventually, when the Deans of the Academy broached the progress of the Allar’s work and turned up nothing, they recommended that Zzariss instead travel to the epicentre of the Rubine Breath Dragon’s recent attacks, which would require approval of the Marshal Cabinet in Regalia and recommended that the Allar develop a task force back in Regalia to assist the warfront. With little else, the humble Als Allar was sent on his way back to Regalia to potentially heed the Dean’s advice.

    The Big Bizarre San Selin Bash

    The streets of the major cities of Adridia were ablaze with life and festivity as a travelling circus made its way through its humble, Daendroque dominated region. Magically enhanced firework shows and music announced the location of Abigail Tucker, Nefer, Erhan su Arkhuri, Pelagia, Anastasia Cuerdez and Laria Mogun who all became the talk of the entire region with their bewitching performances. Large Big Tops and extravagant amphitheatres became their home away from home as the conglomerate of occult inclined actors and performers bellowed their acts in every hamlet and village in the region with one clear message -- Silven were nothing to be afraid of. Abigail, with usage of her acquired and accumulated wealth saw to all the necessary funding to put on shows of Silven occult abilities for the entertainment of the populous, casting whimsy spells and engaging in feats of fancy and magical acrobatics while Nefer and Erhan provided some wonderfully enticing reinforcement displays to keep the focus and attention of all who attended -- all to the tune of Pelagia’s vocal music and violin skill which made for an impressive and captivating act. Despite not knowing the language of the region, the people understood every part of what was going on as Anastasia explained each performance in both Daendroqin and Dressolini, all mixed in with elaborate and tiresome dances which were expertly performed. Each night, the performances were capped off with a fire eating and juggling show with Laria Mogun and Abigail centre stage -- all while the people feasted and prospered from large, open top parties that Abigail was able to organise and provide for with fanfare and revelry. The message was clear and understood and there was not a single judging eye in the crowd, but that might have been because the people of the region were already Liberal Unionist inclined but still, the province was amuck with good jollification and merrimaking, all at the hands of these performers who had now claimed some fame in the region and had taken many minds off the war in the far south and the troubles of the Realm.

    The Elkenburg Recession

    While there was revelry both in the North and South of the Archipelago, His High Grace Markus Delmotte was keen to begin interacting with his newly acquired subjects in the Duchy of Veerpoort and Jonchkeer, immediately calling a summons of all lower nobles and aldermen in the Delmotte Realm and made a public display of completely disavowing and rescinding the Harhold, Tyrannian and Peirgarten signed treaty of Elkenburg. This came as no shock to his subjects however, as much of the Treaty was lost to time save for the requirement of the Lords of the former Tyrannian holdings to observe Count Hengest Harhold as the de jure Revain of Zuiderpoort, which went over well with the upper echelons of both Ducal Societies. Other than that, no major change could be felt and life went on as usual albeit with a minor weight lifted from the shoulders of the people that inhabited both Duchies. Some Delmotte wealth however went into a diplomatic mission to the holdings of both the Duke of Keesbroek and the Duke of Driepunte, a delegatory show of good will from the immediate Duke to the South to look into how both were fairing, particularly with one another. While no obvious statement was made against one or the other by both, it was clear that there may be an ongoing rivalry over the province of De Peir, which the Duke of Driepunte indicated he may have a claim but nothing else was particularly forthcoming aside from the usual gruff assertions and hearsay.

    Athosian Artillery and Auspiciousness

    Meanwhile in Hellatia, work was well underway on yet another prototype munition as ordered and funded by Duke Abelhard Latimer who was eager to once again find another method of speeding up a victory on the Hadarian Warfront. Two advisors were sent by the Duke to oversee the munitions research on his behalf, Muzhu Als-Vyzal and Flouzz Als-Vyzal, however only the former arrived as the latter was busy at the Akademie von Kaiser in Waldmark. Nevertheless, work proceeded with the funding that House Latimer had provided with attention being paid to attempt the creation of an adhesive munition which would utilise a pitch resin and wooden shell to stick metal shot to anything it hit. This was a difficult task and would require meticulous handling. Some prototypes were created but all ended in failure as the shots seemed to just explode within the cannons themselves and render the only artillery that had been given to the Citadel’s for research purposes by House Howlester useless and clogged.

    Along with munitions funding, Abelhard also sent a wagon of gold bales up into the Baldmark region to House Slumberwood to utilise that month along with a proclamation of intent claiming that House Latimer would ensure Evintarian missionary efforts into the regions of Mazh-Zyaka and Ust-Esverh, making good on their promises as dictated in the Farlands Pact Treaty.

    Northern Philanthropy and Festivity

    In the North, House Viduggla prepared their coffers to be hit for the organisation of a minor festival specifically to welcome in the Spring months in their capital city. The vast majority of the funding was spent on traditional velheim food and beverages to entice the attending of various Nobility of the Viduggla Realm. Religious services were ordered to be held in the Viduggla Temple Complex within the city with services throughout the entire festival for any and all to attend. The turnout was surprisingly large even though the festival was a smaller one. Some inhabitants did come forth to raise some complaints about the allocation of the Northern Development fund as many of the villages and hamlets in the region had not been properly attended to. Otherwise, life was seemingly good for the Northern people. Some of the hardship was alleviated though as Duke Ardige Viduggla and Duchess Tuija Viduggla allocated some of their House’s wealth to counteract any wear and tear that had been experienced throughout the last five or so years, which went down somewhat well with the local lords.

    A Keen Military

    While some Noble Houses had concentrated their assets on ensuring the happiness of their people, Duke Alaric Keen however sought an opportunity to increase military presence within their Realm in the current downtime in the Archipelago. Wealth from the Keen coffers were sent to their Feudal Banners to increase production of weapons, armor and mid end siege weaponry and ordered their economy toward war production. What's more, legislation was passed conscripting all military trained individuals into their feudal army and wealth was provided to hire retired veterans back into the army. This did not go down well at home, or for the neighbouring six houses who immediately saw this as a preparation for war. The social impact was not so severe at first, but economists foresaw a significant decrease in social stability coming with such a huge portion of the local lords money now going to the Keen army which, seemingly to them, was unrequired. Similarly, the House Keen Feudal Council immediately convened to warn the Duke that such an action was not healthy for their Region, and that word had reached that defensive regiments were already prepping in border towns North, South and West of Keen lands by the Dukes who were wary of the Duke’s recent action. Alaric responded by informing the Feudal Council of three reasons as to why the banners be called and readied, all seemingly focused around ensuring the regions borders against the Dukes surrounding them which was dismissed by the Council. A threat was then made by Keen as his Grace makes a statement that compliance would receive respect from Duke Keen whilst attempts by individuals to hinder such action would ‘regret their choice’. Talks of civil unrest started permeating in local taverns though no one seemingly pledged their support to such just yet, but it was an omen for what was to come if Keen did not sort out his affairs with the surrounding provinces and his own feudal council.

    de Azciossia’s Schooling for the Magically Gifted

    House de Azciossia gathered in the province of Jimenista, sending representatives of their rule to investigate Port towns for contraband goods to confiscate as per the region's law. This was undoubtedly spurred on by last years ‘Free Port’ status bestowed on the region by its former ruler however, when investigated the Local Guard was unable to turn up anything of worth note, just a few unregistered and illegal stashes of opium and a couple of cannons which were in contravention of the Anahera and Howlester monopoly respectively. With little turn up, the representatives returned to their capital.

    Once they arrived back, meetings were held to begin the foundation of a scholarship fund to entice mages within the de Azciossia realm to attend Rosaria's School for the Magically Gifted, the Magic Academy in the region, targeting Mages aged 6 - 18 who would be provided with means to fulfill the courses provided there in full. There was a decent amount of interest, though quite a lot of applications were ‘dud’ applications from rural families who were trying to offload an additional mouth to feed by passing off their child as a ‘mage’ when in fact they were completely mundane. Thankfully, practically all of the dud applications were rejected as per vetting procedures that the de Azciossia family put in place. Overall, about a dozen new applicants were suitable for the scholarship and were deemed viable enough to be taught.

    Violante de Azciossia set forth across the region also to scope out locations for satellite areas for campuses for the Magic Academy, with intent to find provinces that would be ideally susceptible and interested in such being established there. These campuses however were made evident to only be scouting grounds for mages for the Magic Academy, and not actually lecture halls. Rosaria's School for the Magically Gifted would remain the primary focus. Three regions were deemed suitable by Violante’s report, but construction would be costly if they were to be a focal point in the area -- Costa Marca, Reguengos de Mourao and Terra del Corazon.

    A delegation was sent to meet with the Holy Herebrand Order to investigate their overall status and whether Diviner activity was being contained. All was well from the reports, and nothing had really changed all too much over the last half a year. Constant struggle between the two groups as usual but the Order was confident in their efforts that the Diviners would not be an issue.

    “Lithuandir, what do your elf eyes see?”

    In the spirit of diplomacy, Duke Lithuandir Telarel sets out from the Telarel province of Solmarse to meet with the ruler of the Valon province to discuss how the province was coping in regard to civil stability, military endeavors, agriculture and opportunity. Naturally, the Ossulvalon Duke was cautious of the new Noble and left his answers completely and totally vague, putting on a plastered smile throughout their conversations. What Lithuandir could however tell from his own inspection of the Capital city as he made his way through it was that the people were socially well off and prospering, and the Local Guard operating at maximum efficiency. Life seemed good though soon into the evening, mutterings in the Ossulvalon Duke’s dining hall made it clear there was discourse over the return of Talea within the major elven population but this was to be seen from the outset. After the banquet, Duke Telarel was sent on his way with well wishes after discussions of trade, which were to be scheduled for another time as there was seemingly no need for trade increases at that particular time. It seemed the Duke was only particularly interested in ensuring the Ossulvalon sovereignty at the current time.

    Celebrations and Well Wishes in Lorhauser

    Festivals and celebrations seemed to be the theme for the Month as House Eledhwen arrive in Lorhauser with wealth and an abundance of food and wine from a number of reputable merchants from the capital. This was Duchess Eponia Eledhwen’s first arrival in Lorhauser and she was keen to make an impression. She immediately called for a grand festival, inviting all of the Local Lords and populace to the revelry in the capital but first, she was eager to ensure she met her Feudal Council who greeted her with nothing but deference. Upon clearing it with her Feudal Council, she ordered the day be marked as a day of celebration to mark the new rulership of the region with two major events pre-planned.

    The first to commence was a grand feast, all expenses paid by the new Ducal House. The local lords were only pleased to savour the fine Leutz and Dressolini foods, some of which were provided by Maria Solisti, Imira Delaianur and Saffrona Fristadvlom. Revelry and merriment went long into the evening as wine from House de Piedmont kept filling the glasses of the local nobility, winning some favor for her Grace. By the time desert came, they had been served well seasoned baked Ziti with sweet pastries that were Croisse baked. One particular pink haired Countess was well enthralled with the festivities, savouring the baked goods one at a time. After the feast, Florian Peirgarten put on a grand display of Leutz fencing for all to observe, taking on competitors in good sport all while Lina Rhosa and Wan-Xia put on a small opera to entertain those not particularly interested in such martial sports. As the feast died down, the Duchess declared her intention of bringing prosperity to the region through her rule with explicit attention and dedication to improve the cultural dynamic in the region starting with the Leutz by empowering their military further and the Dressolini then with attention being paid to the arts and a founding of new philosophical and crafts societies. Ending the festivities with a toast, it seemed the Lorhauser people had high hopes for the new Duchess.

    Where There's Smoke, There's fire

    The Genevaud had been no stranger to controversy and plight over the last year but the Iron Peace had seemingly settled a lot of the strife that had once plagued the region, or so the people thought. In the dark of the night, seemingly synchronised, three townships within the province of Lorrach found their food stores set ablaze. Bells rung out as the people ran in terror, and the Towns guardsmen could do nothing but seal off all exits and block movement as they desperately sought the individual, or individuals responsible. Meanwhile, a merchant by the name of Markus Schutzer made his arrival in a border town in the province Zzerkicken where he wrote a letter to the Canton of Zerricken warning him of an impending attack by a large army which was on its way to the capital from the Bade region and to mobilise. The Canton dismissed the letter as troublesome hearsay, right up until a Market was set ablaze at that very same border town by a masked assailant, leaving only a note to the people there imploring them to quickly submit to Lorrach rule before their time of reckoning came. This domino effect of events that seemed to stem out of nowhere caused tension throughout both regions with both regions rulers condemning the other for the attacks. A small force on either side was mobilised and sent to the border, though no attack from either side was forthcoming. For now.

    Meanwhile, in the Kreiburg Realm, Theopold Kreiburg upon hearing of this news began to fortify defences along some of the Kreiburg controlled main roads, especially those through the mountain passes. Fearing an attack, he ensured that the makeshift fortifications would stand a small attack before retiring back to the capital and leaving a regiment of men behind to man them. Additionally, a small gift of coins were sent north to the Mac Conall lands for their usage, but with tension growing all around, Duke Kreiburg kept his head to task and concentrated on home stability for the while.

    Theses, Philosophy and Fox Like Wittiness

    Back in Anglia, Augustin Reinard calls upon the General Estates in the region to further some updates within his Realm borders. Anglians, Burdigala and Heartlanders are bestowed by his High Grace a three branched wing with primarily local purview with little to no infringement to local government rights in a system that predominantly functions as a confederated method under which Ducal Authority and cultural regions under such authority are given heightened communication lines. This comes as no surprise to the affected peoples, and the modicum of attention by House Reinard seemingly goes down relatively well with little dispute. What's more, Reinard capital is invested to promote a melt pot culture for the Ducal authority with a cultural basis of Burdigalic which is further enforced by a number of thesis written by Augustin himself. Emphasis is placed on the concepts of community, family and humble living and hospitable social etiquette is encouraged. Anglian, specifically Dooriner literary and artistic traditions are promoted with emphasis on wit and traditional cuisine and the etiquette surrounding it. Finally, Heartlander spirit of integration and adaptation is supported and emphasized, referencing their institutional cues from their fraternitie, pride in local independence and sense of prosperity. Overall, the melt pot concept was seen with skepticism, and some of those in the Estates were left wondering just how viable such a thing was and just how far their Liegelord would go in terms of balancing cultural protection with cultural integration. The idea that the melt pot culture was bound in the concepts of Intellectualism and ‘rationalistic mysticism’ confused many, and Augustin was pressured by some of his local lords to set out just what this meant and how deeply ingrained he wished for these ideas of his to be followed. Until then, the estates remained quiet on the matters but were somewhat in agreeance, skeptical, but warily in agreeance for now.

    Slumberwood Societies and Cultural Sovereignty

    In the spirit of goodwill, Duke Merdoc Slumberwood gathers a great deal of people within his lands to promote the creation of multiple lavish music, drinking and entertainment based social clubs, funded by Latimer and Slumberwood coffers, along the roads and townlands of Rumvalia that were specifically aimed toward the upper echelons of the Anian societies within the province. The clubs received high attendance, and Merdoc used this opportunity to open dialogue relating to cultural preservation of Anian ideals, pointing out the intrusive New Regalian and Leutz-Vixe traditionalist structures in their border regions. The aristocracy seemed to agree with a lot of what the Duke was saying, stressing the importance of freedom of the arts and other cultural philosophy, endorsing cultural sovereignty which ultimately ended up hardened in the participants in these societies. The nights festivities came to a close with music and dancing incited by Esme Pourvoir, Lorthel Marcela Anthrol and Alucard Alfonse, which managed to bewitch the attenders enough to warrant them to return for another bout in the future. Overall, it was an incredibly fortuitous evening for Murdoc’s ideals which began to spread across into other Anian provinces by word of mouth, garnering even more attention for these philosophical clubs.

    House Mac Conall’s Highland/Eruinin Culture Festival

    Fueled by the recent diplomatic mission with Eriu Innis, Duke Alisdair Mac Conall announces that a time of festivity would be held immediately within the Mac Conall capital of Dundarne in the Mac Conall lands in Clannadh Alba lasting five days, with notable Highlanders from both that region, Mannadh Alba and Gallovia invited to attend and enjoy and relish in the new ruling House’s generosity. Reminiscent of the Highland Games which were held yearly in Gallovia, feats of strength and competitions were commenced a day later with notable participants from all over the Archipelago. Among the competitor list were Alasdair Lachlan, Natharia Mac Conall, Gwendolyn Black, Triss Aduro and Lyall Howlester -- all of which were keen to get knee deep into the various competitions. Over the course of five days, each would compete in a series of feats, beginning with log hurling, followed on then by Lecgaen Wrestling, then boulder climbing, barrel swimming until finally a mountain hike. Overall, the winners came out in a tie between Triss Aduro and Lyall Howlester, who both managed to rake up equal points throughout all five disciplines. Additional feasting and games were held throughout the remaining four days of the Games with the ‘Emerald Saga’ play being performed twice daily for those who wished to observe. Notable attendants included the recent diplomat to the capital, Petty King Taggart Ó Laoghaire of Eriu Innis, Prince Rodderick Howlester of Gallovia and his relatives, her Ladyship Genevieve Howlester, Duke Kenric Medadh-Howl of Talahm Gall and Duke Gawen Howlester of the Gallovian Pachs as well as the two neighbouring Dukes of Don Koloch and Rom-Carramac. The festivities died down 5 days later with Dukes Alasdair and Cillian Mac Conall giving a speech on Highland unity, wooing the local lords and building up some repertoire before sending all the guests off with gifts of fine weapons, armor and horses.

    Southern Hospitality

    It truly was the season for festivity, as yet another festival was announced in the Solisti lands to the South. Duke Valentino Solisti called upon the local lords to attend a lavish festival so that he may hold court with his vassil lords and important leaders within the Solisti territory, seeking feedback as needed to any particular legislative changes that might be required on areas such as education, trade and exploration -- though nothing of significance was forthcoming. Much of the Local leadership were content, though made notable wariness of the Elven lands close by due to the recent reappearance to Tallea and a number of notable Elven leaders, even those within the capital, backing the Allorn Empire’s claim to Daenshore which the Daens of the South Solisti provinces contested as being their rightful homeland. The Duke illustrated his plans to the Lords for the Months to come, outlining significant investment to be made in trade and leadership schools for the Naval inclined and the overall Solisti vision for the Bragacao people being foremost in these particular efforts. Additionally, legislation was passed implementing the Emperor’s recent legalisation of Dragon and Silven affiliated aberrancies alongside a system where undead would serve ‘the cause of unionism’ which was reluctantly accepted even with the vague description. Elsewhere, Sebastian Solisti traveled to meet with the leaders of Dugalis but diplomacy was cut short as the language barrier could not be overcome as Marissa, the Solisti designated translator, was busy in Kintyr at the time, thus the visit was cut short and Sebastian was sent home with nothing to show.

    Academies de Piedmont

    Some minor developments were occuring in the de Piedmont duchies as Duchess Violetta de Piedmont dedicated part of the House’s wealth to the forming of trade schools specialised in military training, alchemy sciences and smithing specifically. The House’s kin, specifically Anne de Piedmont and Victane de Piedmont oversaw arrangements for the alchemy school which saw a moderate amount of interest from the populace while Humaira of House Reinard oversaw the curriculum and foundations of the Blacksmithing school, all based in the province of Camdias. These introductions went over fondly with the people in the province, who were more than happy to recieve some attention though the schools were yet to see any significant attendance but time would likely see to that provide the Duchess remained supportive toward the efforts. What's more, the Duchess announces a campaign of sorts across the province to try and have the people hire Lion Pelts as body guards, citing Tim Borros as an example of Lion Pelt chivalry, noting his achievements in keeping the family safe from attacks by Sanguine and Werebeast affiliated vagabonds. However, due to the costly nature of hiring Lion Pelts, there was little to no interest at this time.
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