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    This is the planning period, please start your builds in 1.13+ single player if you wish to plan with the new blocks.

    Submission deadline will be announced after the 1.13 update.

    With Tech Staff hard at work, 1.13’s completion will soon be drawing to a close, bringing with it the aquatic update. This will have us seeing new and exciting additions to our oceans. Aloria will soon be host to a series of colourful reefs brimming with exotic fish, deep sea trenches and murky kelp forests. Explore shipwrecks and discover ruins of kingdoms past. Who knows what else is down there!

    So what does this mean for Survival? These updates will present you with a whole new “world” to explore, along with an exciting array of new blocks at your disposal, and with them - the potential revival of water bases.

    In previous years, Massive saw players brave the struggles that came with choosing the merfolk race, known as the Maiar. Although no longer a playable race in Regalia, there is still room for these fishy fiends in survival.

    “The Maiar are one of the most mysterious Races in Aloria today. Hailing from Hadaria, the Maiar were long thought to be myths, legends of aquatic men and women known in Elven lore and sea shanties for centuries.
    Since fleeing The Deep after the Slizzar used their magic to awaken the Deep Sea Serpents, the Maiar now dwell much closer to the surface. Maiar live in tribes, often based around a central location at the heart of a chosen territory. Many are ruins or shipwrecks, which offer protection from external threats but some Maiar choose areas like lagoons as well. Maiar are not capable tool builders due to their underwater environment though show great ingenuity despite this, being able to rebuild ruins to suit their needs and craft small tools for personal aid. Known for their physical diversity, caused by their unique “Evolutionary Physiology” that gives them the ability to rapidly adapt to their surroundings. The species tetters on and off from being considered a full sentient race due to certain animalistic aspects remaining in their ideology and actions, most simply wait for the day that these issues evolve out of the animal race and they are capable of joining society fully.”

    Read More:

    Your task is this; create an underwater base or structure suitable for use in Factions. Candidates will be expected to publicly display their entries in Massive’s creative world, however, you may plan your build elsewhere first, and print it in ready for the judging process.

    You may submit your build wet or dry, but please only add water using WorldEdit once the initial building has been completed.

    To get started, follow these simple steps:

    > /tp creative
    > /plot auto will give you a creative plot of 4x4 chunks
    >Players with Premium will be able to claim 9 plots in total, these can me merged into one big plot.
    > You can merge plots by doing /plot merge and the direction North, East, South, West as long as there is an empty plot, or a plot you own besides you.
    >You can also merge plots with friends, do the /plot merge command to which they will reply with /plot confirm
    > You can also manually select a plot with /plot claim


    WorldEdit – advanced tools for advanced edits and great possibilities!

    Sometimes building a large structure can get a little tedious and time-consuming, so we have given players access to Worldedit to speed up some of the more large scale building plans! Cover large areas in your plot, terraform, and instantaneously create large structures with this helpful tool!

    If you’re unsure of a command, ask in our in-game Help chat and one of our community members will get back to you.

    Please follow this link for WorldEdit Commands:


    1st place
    1000 Regals + Lore Item

    Name: Abyssal Crown (V2)
    Type: God Helmet w/ Respiration
    Description: Adorned Helmet worn by the Shepherd Maiar, presented to the winner of the Aquatic Build Competition.

    2nd place
    750 Regals + Lore Item

    Name: Maiar’s Tear
    Type: Ghast Tear
    Description: Crystalized Maiar Tear awarded to the 2nd Place Winner of the Aquatic Build Competition.

    3rd place
    500 Regals + Lore Item

    Name: Pearl of the Deep
    Type: Ender Pearl
    Description: Many have risked limb and fin for this rare find, Lucky you got it at the Aquatic Build Competition! 3rd Place.

    Participation prize
    Name: Bottle of Rum
    Type: Potion (any) + Vanity Enchants
    Description: Thanks for participating in the Aquatic Build Competition. Have a drink on us!


    Disclaimer: All entries will remain property of their creators unless they choose to sell. Any players found replicating builds in the faction’s world without permission or owning the rights to the product will be punished, and the build destroyed.

    All builds must be ready for review by the date provided at the top of this announcement (TBA).

    Will the final build be available for purchase?:
    If yes, how should players contact you?:
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    1. Serpent__
      Sorry didn't quite understand, does it have to be on creative in massive? Or can I just send pictures in of a singleplayer world?
    2. Violettee
      Creative in Massive.
      But if you wanna post any fancy shader pictures to here later on completion we'd be happy to see them too. We're just saying to start in your single player worlds rn bc we don't have 1.13 yet and some people might want the extra time.
    3. Zacatero
      basically, since massive creative isn't 1.13 yet you can go ahead and start planning on your own private server/single world in 1.13, but the actual competition will take place in creative on massive once the server is updated
    4. Sweet_Dreams
      I would suggest a currency based reward, possibly in addition. Some faction players do not care in the slightest for lore items. I can see a lot of people not wanting to put the time and effort into building if it is going to be for "Role Player Stuff". Yes, you can sell the lore items for currency,but that just dilutes the reward..
    5. Zacatero
      +1 ^^^
    6. Violettee
      That confirmation is still being worked on. Sorry for the delay. I just wanted the post out.
    7. derpadillo
      Regarding an unofficial currency reward, I've been looking for a builder interested in building underwater ruins/wreckage for maiar to inhabit and I'm willing to pay for these builds. I'll buy rights to build one or more of these after the competition. So if you like the theme then there just might be quite a few regals in it for you.
    8. Winterless
    9. grizenator
      Ez win see you all in 2137
    10. JepTheLegend
      Water builds make me wet
    11. Zacatero
      y'all need some jesus
    12. Jabberdrake
      Are teams of two/three allowed?
    13. Cyliah
      Does this mean Maiar are returning? They were the most interesting and beautiful of all the races tbh, such a shame they were gone in the first place...
    14. Violettee
      As mentioned in the post, they are currently not a playable race in regalia but factions is total freedom if you wanna make a maiar base and roleplay there.
    15. Violettee
      I hadn't considered teams but yes! I encourage group activity
    16. Violettee
    17. grizenator
      IGN: grizenator
      Yeah, if you wanna buy my junk go ahead, mail me ingame or on discord
    18. indyfan98
      IGN: indyfan98
      Purchasable?: No
    19. Ellimairy
    20. Violettee

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