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    Basic Information (Required)

    • Full Name: Anise du Brierüst.
    • Age: 28, born April 19, 279 AC.
    • Gender: Female.
    • Race: Ailor ( Leutz-Vixe ).
    • Preferred Weapon: Any sharp or heavy cooking implement on-hand.


    Skill Information (Required)

    Total Points: 28.

    • +30 Food & Drink Sciences ( +20 from Points. | +10 from Leutz-Vixe. )
    • +5 Musical Arts. ( +5 from Points. )
    • +3 Literary Arts. ( +3 from Points. )
    Body Shape
    • Body Shape: Slim
    • Physical Stat: 2.
      • Calculation: ( 3 x 0.5 ) = 1.5.
    • Leutz-Vixe ( 10/10 | Mother Language. )
    • d’Ithanie ( 9/10 | Father Language. )
    • Common ( 10/10 | Free. )
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    • Will of Faith: Unionism

    Visual Information (Required)

    • Eye Color: Verdant Green.
    • Hair Color: A pale blonde, almost ashen in hue.
    • Hair Style: Kept in a long braid or ponytail, so as to keep out of her work.
    • Skin Color: Pale, indicative of a life spent inside.
    • Clothing: She prefers work-focused clothing, sleeves she can roll up, an apron to keep tidy.
    • Height: 5’7.


    Personality and Abilities (Required with Choice)

    Character Alignment

    • Lawful Neutral. Having been raised in a fairly traditional family, she does her best to behave and act as one in her station might. The woman is deferential towards authorities and people in positions higher than herself, doing her best to keep herself out of their way. She does her best to adhere to the tenets of Unionism, being helpful to her people where she can manage.
    Personality Type
    • The Giver. The woman is talkative, quick to make connections and eager to understand the woes and plights of the people she meets. Anise is willing to roll her sleeves up and do the hard work, be it in relationships or in her work.
    • Unionism: ( 7/10 | Fairly religious, due to her upbringing. )


    Life Story (Required)

    • Childhood
      • Anise du Brierüst was born to Artur and Valentina du Brierüst in 279 AC.
      • She had only one other sibling, Damien, who was the eldest and more taciturn of the two.
      • The girl was given the standard noble upbringing, educated to a great degree and taught the niceties and accustomed to the fineries she would spend her life around.
      • The young du Brierüst finds a passion for cooking, and the praise that came from her family when she produced something well, at the age of nine. She would go on to cultivate her talents and palate over the upcoming years.
    • Teenage Years
      • Though it’s clear her heart lies in the kitchen, the girl’s extrovertedness leads her to try a bevy of other occupancies, such as dancing and other musical pursuits. She takes a shine to these things, though not as intense of a degree as she does cooking.
      • At the age of sixteen, she convinces her parents to send her and a family servant on a ship bound to travel to the world’s largest ports, so that she might taste what the world at large had to offer.
      • With her sunny disposition, the girl tastes her way through cultures with relatively little trouble, learning from the many foreign chefs that she admired and had only read about in books. She was a quick study, eager to immerse herself in the intoxicating scents and flavors the places had to offer.
      • The woman would spend four years like this, before eventually returning home armed with the skills and knowledge she’d gained.
    • Present Day
      • At the age of 20, she’d open her own restaurant in Brissaud, and despite a rocky first few months, it would eventually go on to compete with other well-developed establishments.
      • After running it for eight years, she decides to pass off ownership to her sous chef and move to the Holy City, after hearing from her cousin that opportunity was abundant.
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    I'll be reviewing this application!
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    • A young culinary artist with big dreams of making it in Regalia? She's in for a world of surprise, no doubt. All in all a solid turn away from the many warrior Noblewomen as of late. @apath
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