And Their Shadows Give Sanctuary

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    The following would circulate its way around the city, seemingly originating from Dark Ancient Savants and followers of the Thousand Eyes.

    To the thieves, vagabonds, hoarders and scholars
    We are the collectors of secret knowledge, the eyes that watch the world. The adherents of Itaal have declared us a curse and ignorance a blessing. However, we have more to offer you than the fanatical burners; they who scour libraries and collections for their text of heresy.

    We shall reward anyone who can get to them first. Outpace the book-burners and find something occult and untouched by the Regalian censor. You shall be rewarded in metals and mechanisms. Save the books from fire and deliver them into the safety of secrecy instead. Deliver them to Greygate, or dare to find us.

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