Aloria Story Progression An Empire In All But Name

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    Proceedings from the far East had progressed faster than expected. The Emperor’s personal fleet returned to Regalia, battered and damaged, yet still in a workable condition. First arrived the battleships, hardly damaged, yet upgraded with strange side plates made of some foreign crystal. Captains would later explain that the Ch’ien-ji provided strange crystals which would allow the Regalian ships to pass through the Loong barrier that kept the Shen-Xi Empire contained. When the ships moored however, the Emperor declined any formal fanfare on his return. His personal return was relatively quiet and unassuming also.

    The Emperor’s personal warship, the Laridae, moored close to the Imperial Palace. Being the first time that the Emperor was seen in public again since his departure and short re-appearance during the Guard Rally, the Emperor was tightly bandaged up. One eye was covered in a blood stained bandage, while he hobbled across the bridge supporting himself on two crutches, meanwhile circled by equally bandaged and bloodied Imperial Guards and a sub entourage of clerics who shouted and chanted of the virtue of the Emperor. They proclaimed loud to all that the Emperor had shown the martyrdom of the common man, frantically attempting to soothsay any evil tongues among the people at the physical state the Emperor was in, yet only providing a background nuisance to those crossing the Imperial Bridge to inspect the Imperial Palace.

    After seeing the smoking husk of the Palace that had still not ceased its ruinous state, the Emperor moved to a countryside summer palace to housevest himself, making no real attempts to communicate much with the Assembly, or the Proconsul of the Empire. The following day, the Heralds spread out in the Empire bringing the final news of the east:

    “His Imperial Holiness wishes to announce with great pride and at the cost of many personal sacrifices and injuries, success in the east. While the original goal of casting down the false Emperor of Shen-Xi remains unfulfilled, the common goal for the Great Way, to bring back the stray Chi people into the fold of the Crown Alliance, has succeeded. The Chi people of Yang-Tzu felt so sincerely impressed with Our Imperial Holiness’s personal valor and willpower to their benefit that they abandoned the Magic Covenant that stood against us, and pledged their allegiance to the Crown Alliance instead. The Chi have donated various useful materials to our Scholar’s Court, and their change of heart and Spirit has also led to other global events”.

    The Heralds were not wrong, for as soon as the news had reached Farah’deen, the civil war among the Songaskians effectively ceased. The Uncle of the Massya who had usurped his cousin's throne submitted to a soft-surrender, leaving much of the Farah’deen landmass to the rightful ruler of the Masaya’s throne. He retreated to his home base from where which he proclaimed the state of Karruman, while the Songaskian Masaya guaranteed the state’s sovereignty. While not formally surrendering the claim to the Songaskian Masaya, it did abruptly end the civil war. The Uncle of the Massya citing in his reasons that the betrayal of the Ch’ien-ji people caused him to reconsider a three front war against his own people, the Regalians and the Chi, thus abandoning his plans in favor of saving his people from destruction.

    The Songaskian Masaya promptly declared itself an internalized state, meaning they effectively ended their alliance with the Altalar in Daendroc, meaning the Magic Covenant essentially ceased to exist. The Altalar in Daendroc responded by rebranding their alliance, now instead referring to it as the Meduian Restoration. For the first time in 300 years, the Altalar had galvanized into a serious attempt to re-establish the Elven Empire and started cautiously negotiations with one another to dissolve the borders between their principalities and form a tentative Federation. Elves in Regalia speculated this was largely a move of necessity, though an ironic one. The Elves had always refused to re-unite under the auspices of old Elven Politics, but with the mass-genocide inflicted on them by the Ailor Regalians and with the collapse of their alliance, fear of total annihilation drove them to unification. Without the Regalian Invasion, the resurgent Elven Empire would likely not have occurred.
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    Abbar Ususma

    Abbar would chuckle to himself. "Ah, the pointless follies of the incomplete, hand me that crate."
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    After giving medals to the men who fought bravely at Fort Mal, General Marknid goes to his tent to prepare for a High Command meeting. He lights his sigg and hears the news from a young soldier while he puts on his jacket.
    “Good progress in the other fronts. Don’t mind the elves uniting. They will not survive this war and Regalian hegemonity will be restored.” Marknid glances towards the young and terrified man who had never seen war before. “Stay strong, we must face a storm before seeing the rainbow. For now, lets kick some elven arse.” The General says before leaving his tent.

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