An Apology - Letter To Princess Shelia Manon

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    This letter has been delivered to the relevant recipients by Keavy Aldane on behalf of Fulgore Fänger on account of him being passed out from staying up all night scribing multiple drafts it.
    Your highness Shelia Manon,

    I will work to not interject without invitation and offer an earned display of respect to royalty as is expected of one. That I would broach the palace etiquette so severely is a failure not only on my part as a vassal, but that of a man. I was truly inconsiderate of your time and authority.

    Thus, I beg that the following is graced by your sight:

    I apologise for failing to deliver due respect,

    I apologise for failing to adhere to royal protocol,

    I apologise for failing to represent my liege’s allegiance to the conduct and hierarchy of the Empire.

    It is in recognising these basic, albeit crucial violations that I will strive forwards to accept the full weight of my responsibility as a baron under a house of the peerage. It is clear to me that I cannot be loose in my understanding of protocol and will abstain from mistakes of such severity.
    May he watch over you,
    Fulgore Fänger


    ( OOC : Written IC with the help of @Cunoesse 's Keavy. )
    (Edit : Formatting)
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