An Alchemy Competition! ~ Hosted By The Civics Ministry

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    Alchemists be Mirthful!

    The Regalian Civics Ministry
    is proud to host the first official
    Alchemy Competition


    In the spirit of friendly competition and academic appreciation, we are happy to announce our first ever Alchemy Competition! What does this entail?

    Willing participants and spectators will arrive at the Civics Sanctuary ((/tp Nest Inn)) on January 29th at 5 pm ((EST)). All citizens of good legal standing are permitted!

    Three challenges will be issued:

    The Challenge of Spectacle: In which participants may use any means to create as significant and impressive a display as possible, using their alchemy. This can include smoke, fire, sparks, glitter, ice, or whatever means they can achieve.

    • A fireworks display involving dragon iconography (Pyrignis powder and slizzar blood that erupts in a spire-shape)
    • The spontaneous construction of an ice sculpture (Ice leaf and powdered fermanic acid with vocalitic dust)
    • A rain of glitter onto an array of drums to the beat of music (A pipeline of silver poison toad glitter and timed miniature explosions using pyrignis powder on delayed fuses)
    Spectacle displays should be their own creation, and not enhance another object. It is alchemy used to create and bewilder. Additional items can be added to enhance the spectacle (such as the drums in the third example)

    The Challenge of Glamor: In which participants will have to apply their alchemy to a mundane item in order to make it exceptional. Participants shall arrive with their own mundane item, and apply their alchemy to it in front of the crowd to display its new properties.

    • A plain dress is transformed into a moving picture of tidal waters (Kaolinite powder mixed with oil then poured over a dye of fermatic acid and sprayed with water)
    • Ink in a fountain pen becomes only visible at night, when it glows. (Ink is made invisible and then solucrux is added)
    • A bottle of champagne will release a volley of sparkles when it is uncorked. (Galenata powder mixed with popfruit essence in a small container placed on the end of the cork, so that it explodes when sliced by a saber)
    Glamor displays should be applied to mundane object or animal, but not a human, and offer new impressive qualities to that item. The effect can be passive, or it can be activated by the alchemist (such as by slicing a champagne cork with a saber to cause the explosion).

    The Challenge of Enhancement: In which participants will apply their alchemy to a willing individual, who will then perform an impressive feat of the alchemist’s choosing.

    • A dancer is given a dress which whirls up a mystical smoke while she dances (trace amounts of fireweed slowed by vocalitic dust with black orchid powder for color)
    • A mathematician is given a tonic which allows them to solve complex equations aloud (Avant leaf powder and ground Drowdan stag horn)
    • A man is given a tonic and his beard grows three feet and turns blue (Cahal tooth and slizzar blood)
    Any effect, athletic, performative, or physical, on another person is welcome for this part of the challenge. The alchemy can be applied to the alchemist themselves if they wish, or to a person they have brought with them for the purpose. Do no harm to the person upon whom this alchemy is applied. Effects can change the characteristics of a person (beard growth), or can assist in making their performance more memorable (enhanced dancing).

    Demonstrations will be scored on the following points:

    The uniqueness of the effects of the concoction, and creativity of the alchemist.
    Innovation: Clever use of alchemical ingredients ((Referenced from the wiki, either the alchemy page or various flora and fauna pages as noted. Creative liberties implied. So more grounded in wiki references, the better!)).
    Efficacy: The scale of efficiency of the alchemy (how large is the spectacle? How drastic is the change?)

    Scores will be tallied upon these criteria, with a possible 1-5 range for each, and a total of fifteen. Scores from each judge will then be averaged for a single event. The final three scores will be combined to declare the winner!

    Want to be a judge? Pen the Civics Minister Sivrid Sorenvik (Discord or Forum pm) to be added to the list! (Alchemy experience not required).

    The first place winner of this competition will be rewarded with a unique opportunity to further their research, but all participants will be thanked with special gifts from the Civics Ministry. Every noble family with a hired alchemist is encouraged to submit their challenger!

    Want to participate?

    There is no pre-registration required. Simply show up at the beginning of the event, and be sure you have your prepared alchemy, your mundane object, and your willing participant for all three levels of the competition. If you do not have these things, you will not be able to enter!
    (( Want to show interest for signing up? Please reply IC to this thread to show your support!))

    We are seeking a caterer!

    Ooc Notes/Disclaimer:
    This event is not meant to indicate that any of the actions performed can be duplicated. Assume they required expensive or rare materials, or are illegal or immoral to use outside of this very specific event. All attending parties agree not to ask for replications of the alchemy shown, because it is demonstrated as a fun way to flex creativity, and not to sway game mechanics. All attending parties agree not to argue with the effects of the alchemy, on the grounds that no alchemists in attendance of this event will be permitted to harm another person as an OOC rule. Use Common alchemy only, and just show off fun ideas. No effects are permanent, and the ingredients list should be referenced if possible, though it isn’t 100% required to only use listed ingredients from the lexicon (using wiki articles to source ingredients will improve the Innovation score). Participants must have the relevant points invested into alchemy. Effects should be justified through physical means of the alchemy. For example, you cannot simply generate a walking talking robot, or a magical painting. All effects should be within the realm of possibility of fantasy chemistry, and not magic.
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    Sivrid runs into the servants quarters, slamming a copy of her freshly printed flyer down in front of the Sorenvik family alchemist. @Jonificus
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    Iranela's face twisted into a grin as she saw this notice, scouring over it again and again. The draconic tail behind her flicked to and fro, a contemplative note washing over her face as she thought aloud.

    "Oooh... The question though- to judge... Or to participate? Hmm..."

    Either way- she snatched a copy. This was most /certainly/ going on the Rosencrae Staff board.
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    Stepping into the Rosencrae with a cup of tea in one hand and a stack of paperwork tucked under his opposite arm, Kayhdin’s gaze drifted over to the flyer, a small smile creeping onto the Cielothar’s features.

    “Oh, time for more nerd shit, then. That should be fun.”
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    "I wouldn't dare say no to this!" Said alchemist replied!

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