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    The Game Department is releasing new rules for Alt Factions which are being put into effect immediately. The gist of the rule changes, as we outline below, is that players may now have ONE Alt Faction in the ocean that consists of up to 225 chunks, and that Alt Factions may be utilized for any purpose except Faction Markets due to rules governing Faction Markets and Faction Shops which will remain in place.


    New rules for Alt Factions are:

    Alt Factions (i.e. ones that serve solely as storage, farms, and so on) are allowed if they meet the following conditions:
    • ONE Alt Faction per player is permissible.
    • Alt Factions, including darkroom Factions, may claim a maximum of 225 chunks.
    • Alt Factions (darkrooms, storages, farms, etc.) are only permitted in the ocean surrounding Essalonia. Inlets, lakes, and other bodies of water aside from the ocean may not be used for Alt Factions.
    • Alt Factions may not be used for markets. Please also read the [Faction Market Rules].
    • Daughter Factions of bigger Factions owned by an Alt account are not Alt Factions.
      • Daughter Factions function as an extension of a Parent Faction, containing active members which the Parent Faction does not contain room for.
    • Darkroom facilities may exist underground but can only be claimed if they are underneath the main Faction.
    • Any Alt Faction must have “AF” in the name at the end. For example: TestAF.
    • Alt Factions are allowed to be composed entirely of alternate accounts.
    • Alt Factions are allowed to have buildings above their Alt Faction as long as it follows our builds rules. For example: Ships, man-made islands that touch the ocean floor, pearlable floating island, castles, small structures, etc.
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