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    Whats up, everyone!

    My name is Kade! My pronouns are he/him, I'm a college student from the US, and Minecraft is basically my relaxant. Currently, MassiveCraft is the only server I'm on since I only recently got back into it. I played MC basically 8 hours a day between like 2012 and 2015 whenever I didn't have school or sports, but once I got into High School, athletics became a priority and I started playing other games. I actually started regularly roleplaying on Minecraft as well, but then moved to other sites and in new fandoms.

    But now I'm back!

    My interests revolve around video games, mostly. Besides MC, I play Overwatch, Black Ops 4, PUBG, and Destiny 2. If I'm not playing games, I'm on Netflix or YouTube, or I'm in class. I'm also a huge fan of Critical Role! I very rarely watch NFL, but actively cheer for the Saints whenever they play. Often, though, I'll take trips back home to watch my High School play. I played volleyball, basketball for a few years before switching to management, and track and field!

    I'm excited to grow on MassiveCraft and make some cool friends! Feel free to talk whenever I'm on while I learn how to manage commands and such!
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    volleyball, dnd podcasts, minecraft... my what exquisite taste you have
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    This is so good that you come back again with your games. I also like making new friends, but this can happen when I used to play games online. Previously, all of my friends used to play their game online in a multiplayer mode, they all inspired me to play the game. But it is true that in order to play a game in a multiplayer mode we have to gain certain experience in the single-player mode. I mostly used to play my game in the single-player mode. There are many games that I found in between you and me common that is Destiny 2, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. Apart from this I also like to play Call of Duty World War 2 and Grand theft auto 5. Mostly, I keep myself ahead from Netflix, as I usually used to play my video game on the PC. For me also, playing games is like keeping yourself active in the day to day activity or helps us to decrease stress. Grand theft auto 5 is an action-adventure video game series that can be played on the various different platforms. I found this series is now available with so many creative activities. You can also buy Grand theft auto 5 if looking for a change in the video game. You can do an experiment with the vehicles, can also do robbery at the store, supermarket, etc. in order to extract more fun out of it. Which platform do you use to play your game? I simply used to play my games on the Microsoft Windows. PC is quite compatible to play all kinds of the video game in a perfect manner as compared to the other system. As we know that technology is changing day by day, one can play high-end graphics video game on the PC.
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    You're Nott gonna be a problem to have around here.

    Nott at all.

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