Alms Ministry Patrons Gala

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    The Alms Ministry of Regalia
    is proud to be hosting
    The Patrons' Gala
    Cancelled indefinitely

    To good people and peerage of the Jewel City of the Crown Isle,

    It is my honor as Regalia's Alms Minister to invite you to an exclusive Gala, open only to those who have made a sizeable contribution to the Alms Ministry and its operations.

    As we seek to improve the lives of the less fortunate, it is a pleasure to show appreciation for our patrons, who donate their time and their coin to those in need, and to strengthen the communities around them.

    The price of admission is only a pittance to many of our wealthiest families, but will be made use of in full.

    In appreciation for your donations, this event will be catered. Additionally, a round of exclusive, limited edition prizes will be raffled off, each crafted by some of the best artisans our city has to offer.

    Please bring your families, and up to two guests if you would like. Commoners are welcome, provided that they can supply the necessary donation. Commoners who meet the donation criteria may bring up to four guests in total. Social Clubs are encouraged to raise money in groups!

    Please RSVP to enter the raffles!


    We are seeking artisans and craftspeople to supply prizes! Goods should be of some amount of luxury, such as perfumes, jewelry, weapons, or arts such as paintings. Use this as a chance to show off your business or your character-for-hire to nobility! In the best case scenario, this little party can lead to much more RP for craftspeople characters.

    Seeking Entertainers! Musical or otherwise, to show off their skills.

    Edit: Caterer has been hired! Other businesses can still come up with a luxury item to gift the raffle. No baskets of cookies. Suitable prizes would be worth thousands of regals, such as a fully catered party.


    Funny money ONLY. This event is for RP purposes, and will have zero effect on the progression system, and zero effect on the finance sheet. This is NOT the place to use wealth tokens. It's an IC party for nobility and rich people to be charitable, for commoners to prove themselves by pooling their regals to get into a party and rub elbows with the peerage, and a chance for IC businesses and artisans to show off their skills and get hired for future gigs.

    Assume the cost of entry is somewhere around 5,000 regals (about enough to cater a large party, in relative terms. Attainable to commoners only if they are particularly wealthy, or pool their resources as a group, but easily managed by anyone in the peerage). Use it as an ic excuse for some RP in raising money, but anybody should be able to reach this amount with some reasonable RP. No one will be turned away if you give an ic excuse for the funds, but try to rp it out! Anyone who donates an approved raffle item (pm me) is automatically on the guest list!

    When: August 24th, 7 PM EST
    Where: TBD

    Who: Anyone of good legal standing who can afford the donation entrance fee, or wants to work at the event



    Raffle Entry: (Give one name for me to add to the doc)
    Donor(s): (Can be an individual's name, a family, a collection like a business or club, or a group of individuals)
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    The Imperial State Faction states its intention to enter as a collection of donators united as a single group.
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    The Circus of Cards is putting forth a variety of supreme quality game sets. Marble Chess Pieces with uniquely painted boards, playing cards with detailed drawings, and dice pretty enough to put on a dress. All made with the collective help of a number of artisans and creators around Regalia.

    Raffle Entry: Laria Mogun
    Donor(s): The Circus of Cards

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