War Progression Story Allegro - The Purple Testament Of Bleeding War (part 3)

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    Bodies flung this way and that from the sheer force of Golems driving through the Regalian soldiers. Ardige Viduggla and Hengest Harhold’s men were all but caught off guard from the successful ambush tactic driven by the Silver Tear Paladins and the Golems combined. Like footwork, the tank-like Kathar fighters disarmed the Regalians’ stances and positions, thus ushering them into an urgent sense of improvisation. Many were crushed, squashed, or flattened by the sheer force. The Field Marshal Ardige Viduggla glared out across the lines in a mixture of fear but forced stoicism. He lifted a hand, striking it to his side to signal the order to charge. The Dwarven force which numbered significantly into the thousands lumbered into battle under the command of Azshalla Baal'ial. While the troops engaged, the Field Marshal Ardige Viduggla prepared for his next order, glancing around in search of Garth Viduggla’s field banner which was absent from the line. “Where the hell is Garth?!” Ardige shouted. No one responded and instead, the Field Marshal had to accomodate for once less Field Commander but the truth was the Imperial Marshal had removed a number of Ardige Viduggla’s men and stationed them in Merkars’arh for whatever reason. Garth Viduggla for example, just before the battle began, had officers within the Imperial Marshal’s column issue commands from the Imperial Marshal himself to fall back into the City and out of the battle. When Garth Viduggla protested, citing that he was a Field Commander in Ardige Viduggla’s army, he was met with a pre-written response by William Howlester’s hand, citing that he, ‘did not recognise Garth Viduggla as a Field Commander in this instance, and to immediately return to the City for its defence.’

    As such, the Viduggla column had suffered some minor setbacks logistically, but in terms of sheer numbers they held strong. Azshalla Baal'ial led the Dwarves into the thick of it, targeting the first of the golems with their assistance and that of Malruthiia and Quin the Url. Through Azshalla’s precise and timely orders, the Dwarves were able to topple the first of the large, hulking golems with ease while Quin the Url negated prospect casualties by using his brute strength to scatter incoming Wolond and Shenath troops, tossing them about like ragdolls while taking no damage in return, not even a scratch. With the first golem on the floor and temporarily out of commission, the group could spear forward. Malruthiia managed to clear a small path before being pushed back three lines by Shenath wind mages. Thankfully for her she fell on something soft, that being Akkael Daelynn, a Fin’ullen Altalar sorcerer soldier who barely had the chance to even lift a hand to fight before experiencing the full force of the muscular Maraya clatter atop of him, breaking two ribs and his left arm upon collision.

    The Dwarven units held the line tightly to Ardige’s satisfaction. What's more, with large swaths of Wolond troops showing up amongst the composition of the right flank, it was highly unlikely that an ambush from the jungle would occur. Shane Marth then took charge of a regiment of Tenpenny Men-at-Arms, alongside Saabira Zakaria, and held the line closest to the Harhold Army’s own. Shane Marth, despite his commoner status, displayed skill in Field Command tactic and strategy that would put even long term students of the subject to shame, executing a perfect spearhead maneuver which allowed Saabira and a number of highly skilled Tenpennies to splinter the column and target their officers. Saabira and Marth charged forth toward a Saivale officer only to be checked in their advance by a Silver Tear Paladin. The Kathar warrior held out his weapon to strike at Marth but was deflected in his attempt by Saabira’s polearm. The Songaskia’s expert level pole combat skill soon proved to be too much for the Paladin atop of the strikes Marth attempted and the large number of Tenpennies. Despite being able to slaughter many Tenpennies, the Paladin fell to the ground after being tripped by Saabira and before he could lift his hand to cast toward Marth, the one eyed ginger forced his blade through the Kathar’s helmet and through the back of its head.

    With success looking likely for the rightmost flank, Ardige ordered the last of his Field Commanders, Frejnir Viduggla and Rodrigo Peirgarten, to take command of the last of the Tenpenny regiments and begin routing the Kathar force from the right hand side into a pincer-like motion, on the educated assessment and advice of his tactician, Mustafa Bey, that the Howlester left flank would do the same. Thus Rodrigo and Frejnir drew their weapons, rallying the soldiers from nearby to their side. The notable members of this grouping consisted of Torhilde av Kongehjem, Sibÿllad Lykke, Forcus Ironfist and Zelgius Pavise. Utilising his knowledge of battle already, Rodrigo led Forcus and Zelgius through the fray, hugging Azshalla’s column and using their advance as a quick streamline into the thick of the battle. From that angle, he was able to quickly dispatch two Wolond troops with a couple of swipes of his sword. Zelgius Pavise was less lucky with his weapon, only felling one Kathar before taking a stab wound to his shoulder, dropping his weapon and retreating back into Rodrigo’s column out of danger. However, out of all the soldiers in that column that day, including the Field Commanders, Forcus Ironfist showed exemplary combat initiative. Despite being 90 years old, the Dwarf dispatched with almost an entire regiment consisting of dozens of Wolond single handedly until his weapon broke from the sheer force of his swings. When it finally gave way and shattered, the Dwarf charged the Saivale officer in charge of the regiment to the ground and gouged out his eyes with his bare hands before splitting his skull in half.

    Frejnir Viduggla continued on, leading Torhilde av Kongehjem and Sibyllad Lykke alongside him in his wake. The fray was muddled with Kathar involvement and swipes of weaponry all around. Torhilde was a well-suited carry for the bunch, managing to toss aside Kathar left, right, and center, thus leaving openings for Frejnir and Sibyllad to help cut down the masses. Valkari Lothgard, by Ardige Viduggla’s orders, left his side--as it became painfully apparent that he would not need a bodyguard--and hopped into the heat of the fighting. However, she endured quite a few cuts while trying to involve herself in the mixture, right alongside Sibyllad Lykke, who was doing a bit better in terms of fending off the Kathar, but did earn a bruise or two. The Kathar felt the pressure from the Regalian forces and once more jumped in to protect their brothers and sisters in arms, they began to withdraw.

    Wing Admiral Horatio de la Riviere remained out in the open water, unfortunately amidst a thwacking array of tentacles which struck at whatever it could reach. It did not tire, it did not indicate any remorse in whatever calamity it induced. Fawzi Kra’zzla took some of the worst damage, for despite his best efforts to remain afloat to withstand and combat against the deadly sea creature, his vessel was enduring some of the most direct and full-front blows the Kraken gave. A full on blow from several tentacles at once took out the entire bottom foundation of his vessel, and at once it all began to sink. With no other choice, Fawzi took to the waters, rubble all around him as he paddled for the distant shore. Captains Dedryck de la Riviere and Faell’veia Avalorn managed to keep their own vessels afloat, though witnessing Fawzi’s go down was enough of an intimidation act to ensure they acted with thought and caution. They were taking damage for certain, but their combined abilities to captain with relatively clear heads throughout the destruction was enough to keep the Kraken at bay--but they could not do it for long. The entire ocean felt like a frenzy, a clash between weapons and the strength of something far more powerful than any man or woman upon the ships. Jasper Cassim helped fend off a good portion of the tentacles in their swinging and slashing attacks, however he endured quite a few bumps and bruises from all that clattered around him. As the ships rocked violently with every thrash the Kraken made, Thibaut du Pont stood trembling in the center of one deck, holding his fingers in the Unionist Eye formation while praying incessantly. His body shook and trembled as wildly as the ocean rocked; everything around him fell apart; men were thrown overboard; cannons were ripped from the hulls; and he experienced a close call himself, for a thick wooden shrapnel broke from the side and nearly impaled him, but luckily swung just beside him, grazing his arm in the process. Noelle Peirgarten managed to snag the wounded and tend to their injuries in the close call that the situation was, doing far better than most medics could do in the case of a Kraken attack. Abelhard Latimer prevented more sunken ships by manning what cannons remained. If it were not for his swift courses of action, doom could have been even more certain for the lot.

    The Dread Dragon and the Imperial Dragon once more caught the eyes of the wary scouts and tacticians as they breached the clouds, this time the Imperial Dragon on the upper hand. The sheer force of the two beasts punching through the clouds caused a momentary slip in the clouds, a ray of light beaming down as if to announce the imminent crash down below as they sped towards the city. The Dread Dragon had her back aimed for the city, with the Imperial Dragon clawing on top of her, its jaws sawing into her neck while she cried out, her wings desperately trying to reach out for anything to turn the tide. No respite came however, and with neither of them using their wings to fly, their entangled bodies dove to the city like a comet, crashing into a watchtower that promptly collapsed, city guards barely making it out just as the stonework tumbled down like a house of cards from the slightest touch.

    Rikkira had mostly intercepted the crash, but both Dragons were weary in their fight. Some could say that the Imperial Dragon was definitely stronger, but that the Dread Dragon had more experience and thus tired the beast out much faster as it pushed desperately to keep her away from the Regalian soldiers. As soon as both came back to their senses from their drop from the sky, the brawl in the streets and plazas commenced that would unleashed a flurry of destruction and collateral recklessness for others in their way. Garth Viduggla tried to frantically rouse the city guard and its defenders to clear the path, or move others out of the way as the two Dragons wrestled and coiled across the districts. Like two eels trying to strangle each other, they rolled from street to street, knocking over houses and clawing at each other’s faces, until halting in a major central square.

    Here, the two of them returned back to their humanoid form, though perhaps not fully humanoid. Both stood covered in scales, with their burning Draconian eyes, poised to fight once more, but this time less as beast and more as man. The city guard and its defenders quickly roused to the challenge also, crawling from the rubble to meet Rikkira which was now finally in their reach to strike. The battle ensuing between the two Dragons was equally intense as the sky battle had been, yet in a more compressed form. They manifested weapons from pure white Soul Essence as they fought, the Imperial managing only crude cludgels and sharp sticks, while Rikkira effortlessly switched from Altalar Glaive to Longbow, moving with such elegance and grace that every gesture seemed like a well calculated performance.

    Indeed, by the time the defenders approached, she was definitely on the upper hand, having just impaled the Imperial with her long spear, forcing him to his knees. In an attempt to prevent a coup de grâce, Hagmer was the first to jump in, head long with his claws stretched out for her neck, pushing off in a running charge with his tail poised to strike and his lunge aimed at her neck. In the mere blink of an eye, Rikkira turned, her gaze ever indifferent and indignant towards the approach of the Manathar, as she raised her hand, snatching Hagmer from mid-air and bringing the hulk of muscle to a full stop, her nails digging into his neck. A faint hint of irritation dawned on her face, the ever so slight frown that appeared, a slight tremble in her nostrils, all to be interrupted by a barrage of Fire Magic coming from behind, as Mae Draylas attempted to distract Rikkira away from Hagmer.

    She unleashed bolt after bolt before following with a full torrent of flame, channeling nearby ruined houses and torched timber that had been set ablaze by the lights knocked over by the Dragons before. A network of flame funnels circled overhead like a great maelstrom, gathering up every bit of wildfire to overpower the Dread Dragon, Titus Evander Cretch and Fen-nan Solaveira ducking underneath the flames to try and reach the center where the fight had commenced. Rikkira had let go of Hagmer then, who fell to the ground coughing his lungs out as if he had just been drained of all energy to continue living, heaving for air. Mae continued to funnel fire towards the scaled lady and her black and blue battle dress, the fire heat causing her clothes to dance around her figure from the sheer force, yet not hurting its intended target. Much to Mae’s horror, despite her pulling everything she thought she had and then some, the Dread Dragon was merely waving her hand at the Magic cast at her, as if playing orchestral composer, yet to the tunes of Mae’s impending doom.

    As if her irritation had been built to a level where it started getting to her, she hooked her spear still attached to the fading Imperial closer to her, before giving off a cannon-ball-like kick, a movement once more so gracious that it failed to telegraph the sheer power behind it, sending the Imperial in a straight line like a bullet crashing into a building and out of sight. On his way across the pavement, he crashed into Titus Evander Cretch, who was immediately knocked out by the body of the Imperial flinging up against him, and then rolling further and away. Rikkira then did something she had never done before, and one for Mae to remember her by, something she did started turning Mae’s Magic against her. She continued to cast her flames, but could no longer stop them. It was like Rikkira was using one hand to dispel the flame brought against her, and another to turn Mae’s own magical gift against her, as she started profusely sweating from the heat, and started to feel a sensation she had never felt before: the fire burning her skin. This was not the pleasant and playful fire she had known all her life, but a hurtful and hateful fire that started eating into her hands and then her arms, and the more she tried to make it stop, the more it just kept coming. Every flame in the city, every flame on the battlefield, she could feel them all, and she could feel the disgust the Dragon had, the way she manipulated the fire to make her burn, and how she wanted to burn them all.

    And then, just like that, Lazarus Lupenzi drove a sword through Rikkira’s neck. It was as if Rikkira was so preoccupied with teaching this small creature Mae a lesson that she completely forgot others were also present, Lazarus Lupenzi having made it to her side and plunged a sword into her neck. Rikkira froze momentarily, her casting towards Mae dropped, who also immediately was freed from her torture as she fell to the ground screaming, her hands and arms still feeling that burning sensation. Lazarus had a moment of victory, a sensation of having done the impossible, while Rikkira’s hand gently trembled and tried to reach for her own neck, her head unable to move. Yet no blood came from her neck, and her eyes turned to Lazarus with malice. The gentlest of touch of her hand on the blade caused the metal to snap at the hilt, the remainder stuck in her neck fading like silver dust in the wind as she turned to him. Hagmer had gotten back up, trying to assail her with his tail, though her dragon scale seemed impervious to his attacks, while she stepped forward to Lazarus who had to step back, his sword now shattered and only his shield remaining.

    Fen’nan Solaveira and Gehrman Gahan rushed to the scene, Fen’nan using her Altalar recurve bow to take shots at Rikkira to draw her attention, while Gehrman attempted to deflect Rikkira’s oncoming attacks with his sword with his reinforced metal staff. With each blow she inflicted, his arms and weapon shook as if they would rupture and split apart, Fen’nan’s arrows deflecting off her scales yet putting her off balance to the point she could not just wipe the field. Between the two of them, they were able to hold a direct flight with Rikkira for the longest of all of them, Gehrman using his superior athletics to jump out of the way of her attacks, and almost matching her elegance in movements to draw her away from Lazarus and the others. Garth Viduggla just barely reached the scene with more soldiers in tow, ordering them to surround her, pushing the Dread Dragon into a tight formation. Her awareness of this fact dawned soon, and her response was swift. She sung into the Soul Rivers, momentarily becoming visible to all to see in the city, swirling white torrents of glittering white essence, spewing forth bolts which drew into the floor of the city. Out crawled skeletal creatures, eyes vibrant green, summoning Witchblood weaponry and attacking the defenders of the city.

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    Abelhard let an exhausted breath escape his lips, frantically barking commands to his gunnery crews "Portside, fire! Starboard, keep the damned cannons firing, and send this bastard back to the depths!" He'd raise a hand to keep a cold spray of salty water from making contact, the bulky captain took hold of the wheel of the Soft and Wet, various memories flashing through his mind- Joseph, Aleck, Leo. He could not fail here, or else those he held dearest would be at risk. He took a moment to collect himself, before the fire in his chest spurred him on to fight once more, allowing a rousing yell to rise in his throat "Come on, boys! This damned Kraken has no chance against the Soft And Wet!"
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    In the visceral grounds of war, everyone is prey.

    With this perfect line of creatures awaiting to meet their maker, surely there was no reason to hold them to wait for their prayers to be said. Remembering the hellfire of Rothburg and the severe damage caused to his body, Quin had decided perhaps it was time to project his past trauma onto something else for a time. Each small Wolond and Shenath being torn asunder with his bare hands started as living creatures, only for each body to hit the ground to begin to turn to small toys for him. Squeaking in his grasp, squishing under his hooves, nothing about them seemed like real prey at that point. While fighting, Quin had looked about his body to expect damage to be dealt- only to realize not even a knife was caught in his horn through the battle. Each violent inhalation of the battlefield's air merely gave his brain a rush of something he missed from the time he was horrendously maimed. Surely, something was watching over him that day.
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    "That's a dragon?!"

    Mustafa watched from the field as the two great beasts clashed in the sky, awestruck at what he was seeing. Even when he arrived in Regalia and heard stories of the Imperial Dragon, part of him thought it to be hyperbole. The Guneyli was already a stranger here; he thought that he had seen the strangest things possible in Sendras, but the world beyond had revealed to him that his home was but a small piece in comparison. As he watched Rikkira and the Imperial Dragon fight one another before crashing into the city below, he couldn't help but marvel, even with the scene of destruction in front of him.

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    Forcus Ironfist had smiled as he'd look at his allies, nodding to Rodrigo and Zelgius. "Good luck my friends, see you lot on the other side!" He'd follow the orders of the Peirgarten, roaring in a prideful rage as he'd swing his Dwarven Axe into the heads of many Wolond Kathar. His body pulled more and more as he'd notice that Zelgius and Rodrigo were in trouble. In which, of course, he'd respond with a strike to the Kathar's heads. When he'd look to his allies, the Dwarve's eyes were held the wrath of a storm as his back held some wings of lightning, but just for a moment to scare the Kathar. However, he'd stop as his body just continued forward to charge against the enemy regiment, being in a Dwarven Furry as his weapon dulled more and more until it got to the point where he had to hit over and over again just for the weapon to break and kill the Kathar. Finally, he saw the Saivale Officer as he himself was covered in the blood of the other Kathar he had slaughtered. He'd charge forward, using his muscular build and small stature to his advantage as he'd force the Officer to his knees, beating him with his fists to end up gauging their eyes. He'd give a loud, Dwarven battlecry as he'd break the Kathar's skull open! "We're not done yet, lot! We've still got the main party to join in!"

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    "Behold, for I am the herald of death; I wail and whine, yet ne'er did they heed my warnings. Deafness nor absence brought upon them demise from the green demons, but ignorance," said the Lich Lord to themselves, flipping through their studies of Phantasma as they continued on their soliloquy with darkness wreathing their fiery gaze.

    "With one shrill cry from the Dragon of Dread, she has done exactly as I have proclaimed and spread to the city, and yet they called me wrong. May many men die, and may many mothers weep for the loss of their sons because their fathers refused to listen."
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    The old but inexperienced admiral silently sat in his office aboard the Nautknight. Pouring over plans to counter the kraken beast, and looking out the window to see what good that had done them. News that Fawzi's ship had been sunk by the beast was ill-met with a tired sigh. The constant battering of tentacles across the ship gave him no reprieve either as he heard the shouts of men either falling overboard or fighting the beast to the last. He stood up finally to begin walking towards the door, and upon opening it was greeted with one of his sailors flying right past him and over the lip of the ship. Slowly he closed the door right back as he found it before turning about to return to his desk and take a seat once more.

    "Well, suppose everything's going exactly as planned at least."
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    In much pain did Zelgius begin to search for a medic to tend to the wound disabling his shoulder, hurriedly brushing it off before offering a quick nod towards the familiar Peirgarten and to the Dwarf, "Th'little one's right- Let's move." As the skirmishes ensued, he'd move to retrieve his fallen blade, only to then resume in what he desired most; The dispelling of the ash-skin.
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    The ground trembled beneath his feet as the dragons crashed against the watch tower and rubble began to rain down from above. Chaplain Titus Cretch dropped to his knee and raised his arm above his head to shield himself from the falling Debri. His ears rang and his vision blurred for a moment as he was overcome by a sensory overload. When his senses returned to him and he rose to his feet and before him he saw the two dragons now having partially returned to their humanoid form at the center of the square. As flames began to gather overhead, the chaplain drew his blade and began to close distance with the battling dragons. He spoke a prayer to the Spirit and all the herons which caused the Sanktist scripture which hung from his armour to emit a golden glow. The heat of battle grew ever stronger as the flames above became ever more intense. Now closer than ever the Chaplain could see now the desperate state of the fight, The Imperial driven to his knees by the spear of the voidspawne. Titus ducked behind what remained of a pillar as torrents of flame consumed where he'd previously stood and once the flames ceased momentarily a window of opportunity presented itself. The Chaplain stepped from behind the pillar and eager to rush to his death in the glorious name of the Spirit, but instead was greated by the sight of an Imperial dragon shaped projectile eagerly approaching him at about sixty miles an hour. "Spirit Protec-" Titus imediately lost conciousness upon the point of impact, his body sent hurting and skidding across the ground before settling beside a surviving rose bush. The Chaplain remained unmoving having failed his vibe check.
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    Fen’nan Solaveira sheathed her daggers into both hilts at her side as she stared out across the field of destruction, stepping over a Kathar corpse, her vivid blue-green eyes glowing, alive with adrenaline and a fiery ego. Her gaze was drawn to the sky with movement, watching the two Dragons wrestle before colliding into the nearby city. Her eyes narrowed fiercely as she tugged the Altalar recurve bow off from around her back, her lips spreading into a vicious grin even as she felt a determined jolt go through her, “I’ll take that as an invitation,” she crooned aloud with no short of cockiness, rising to some reckless challenge and ambition as she bolted for the nearby city.

    When she had arrived to the scene, the sleek Altalar dunking and dodging under flames, she should’ve been scared, intimidated, terrified as she beheld Rikkira in all her power. Strongly she felt, was the burning will to live, to protect the people she cared for. But deep down, she was terrified, knew she could be crushed any moment.
    Briefly she looked on with eyes wide, “Shitballs. Piss. Fuck. Arse. Shite. Dragons. Bloody-friggin dragons.” She rambled loudly, swallowing.

    But it wasn’t just her here, now. Her people mattered. Her grip tightened on her bow. So she ran into the scene with a brave recklessness, alongside a vaguely familiar other, notching an arrow and firing for Rikkira, her ego and cockiness flaring, taken with rising to a true challenge, a real power, as she grinned fiercely,

    “TAKE THIS BITCH-BALLS!” She shouted with a determined fire in her tone, orange firelight reflecting unto her flowing, crimson waves, giving her fiery hues as she nimbly ran about, firing arrow after arrow for the Dread Dragon, never letting herself pause, never letting the Dragon regain that balance she needed to wipe the field. Repeating all the names of those she cared for in her head as she kept her cocky grin, eyes narrowed in fierce focus.

    You-who! Big bad Altalar over hereee!” She taunted loudly and cockily as she kept arrow after arrow, the lithe, 5’8” female aiming to draw Rikkira’s attention and per usual, boast about herself.

    They’d call her mad for it, and maybe she was, just a little. But the fires that danced around her were mild compared to that which was in her heart and so she did not once relent as she pulled back her bow string and fired again and again for the dreaded Rikkira.
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    Everything was a cacophony of destruction, the chilling breath of Winter causing that of the soldier's to smoke in the breeze; It was too chaotic for the Bloodcast commander to make sense of, all he knew was that this battle consisted of the youngest of boys able to wield a blade to the oldest, most worn men- None of which deserved to fall beneath the dread that encased them.

    Where was Garth? The Bloodcast examined the fray of heads, not seeing the familiar face in view as he pressed onwards through the conflict, his crisp pale gaze falling there upon her, clear as day, the same vile dragon that has burned his city what felt like eons ago at this point, the same dragon he’d tried to speak in the past tense of to his kin in their bedtime stories- Dangerous as ever… And it scared the life out of him.

    As he prodded further forwards, he noted the dauntingly large manathar he’d encountered many months back within the sewers, gaze reigniting with a new-found respect for the man quickly causing a look of worry as Rikira merely gripped at his throat with ease. - Lazarus was too far back to stop this, the aged knight’s heart practically barging out of its cage with adrenaline as he continued.

    Suddenly, the dull skies lit up with the piercing red hot flames, causing some of the more scarm troops to backtrack somewhat in order to not be turned to crisp embers. - Lazarus’ gaze shifted from the conflict between the mage and the dragon, injured soldiers, medics, though for once he couldn't stop to help them, through a sweaty visage, he tightened a grip upon the fresh longsword he’d been gifted before his return to the frontline. ‘Glimmer’ he’d called it, to remind him of the sunshine, to remind him to keep hope to his heart and those of others wherever he could… If he had to die for this to be the case, so be it.

    Like clockwork, he took a breath and charged into the smouldering battle, Glimmer drawn high and cape flowing neurotically as he muttered a line of final words to himself in skodje, unheard by anyone other than himself due to the violent ambience of clashing metal and cries of pain; these near to completely drowning out to the man as he arrived within close proximity of the dragon.

    A cry escaped the man’s lips as he swung Glimmer forth, a look of deep uncertainty as it pierced Rikira’s throat. Surely it couldn't be, the man’s gaze slipped over his opponent as she shuddered, something was wrong. - No, it was missing. He could feel it. It took a moment for him to process it...

    No blood had been cast.

    Deep disorientation struck upon the man as the quivering figure drawn ever so close to him began lifting a trembling hand to her neck then without any time for him to comprehend it, her fingers hovering above the edge of the blade she’d be incapacitated before giving it a faint touch. The man’s treasured sword being turned to speckles of dust before him, his glimmer of hope quite literally being extinguished before him.

    The two made stark eye-contact with one another, Lazarus returning the gesture of the dragon’s spitefully burning features with what little determination what left in him, stepping back to raise his worn Duurwallis embellished shield to her, it was all he could do, the oncoming return of Hagmer merely being parried with ease by the woman as she continued her approach towards Lazarus.

    This was it, he’d met his match. In retrospect, it had only been a matter of time until he’d meet an opponent that couldn't be brought down by steel, it was just… He was so fucking close, so close to ending the conflict. Nevermind it. His eyes shut in defeat, only to quickly reopen with the sounds of arrows, the Bloodcast turning to see a pair of new combatants arriving to take up the offensive.

    Tired as could be, the Bloodcast tread back to where he’d once came, lips quivering as he looked back in disbelief, Viduggla colours. Garth’s troops flooded the scene, tightening about the dragon; the sea of new arrivals consuming Lazarus’ into their masses, he wore out his voice yelling to the group that she was impenetrable; Alas his efforts were not enough, white essence passing around the fighters as the next confrontation came to a start.

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    Ardige glared out across the line, a tingle of fear rushing through him to see the Tenpennies being crushed by living stone. But that fear was soon gripped by the horns by his other emotions, and he forced his face back to its normal state, that of cold and flat stoicness. He made the signal, and the Dwarves rushed forward to act as support. As his eyes then swept the banners he could see, he felt a flash of annoyance. Of course he wasn't...“Where the hell is Garth?!” Ardige shouted out. There was no reply, as he knew was likely. He saw his second son Frejnir look around from his position nearby, as if suddenly aware himself that his other family member was missing. Ardige muttered a string of curses in Skodje and then sighed. Well...if he wasn't in the field, maybe he'd been held up somewhat at the city...regardless, Ardige made his further orders, and the fight began in heavy earnest.

    He nodded appreciatively as he saw the Dwarves hold the line with excellence. They had been itching for a fight, unused until now, and at last some of that fine Northern-born spirit so well seen in the peoples of the Velheim, Dwarves, and Sihndar came out now in the field. Further orders were given, and Ardige noticeably brightened, allowing a small smirk to play over his lips. The Kathar were being absolutely slaughtered. While his troops stood firm, and even pushed forward (now that it became clear no attack from the jungle was to come), he allowed himself a small brief prayer to the Union of Water in thanks. She had once again come through for him here, and in spectacular fashion. After consulting with Bey (a man Ardge considered odd beyond imaging but whose competence was very high, as was it appeared his loyalty despite his distant homeland), he gave orders to his last two commanders, his own son, and the One-Handed Knight. Ardige vaguely gave a thought or two about them...for his son, he knew the boy would revel in unleashing some of that pent of Skagger-enhanced anger while for Rodrigo, well...if the crippled warrior wanted to fall for the name of his precious Unionism and the state, he was welcome to do so. Considering how well things were faring, his doubts about the skill to command of both were completely irrelevant anymore, and so he brushed them off.

    Then, just as he sent Valkari off, a nod of his head wishing her luck, the clouds parted again and Ardige watched with some level of shock as the two Dragons hurled down overhead of all and into the nearby city. Despite the sounds of battle, the rumble that this produced was heard and somewhat even felt by Ardige who gave a shiver at the sensation. Both titans were down, and now, the city had to deal with them he thought, himself turning back to focus on the field and the utter slaughter that was taking place.
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    Garth Viduggla stood at the top of the city walls of Merkars’arh, staring across the distance at the battle being waged, the lives being lost, the soil being stained. Here he stood, with no way to aid them-- Stuck on the walls of the city for defense, as per the orders of the Imperial Marshal directly. He had no possible way to leaving the inner-city without being found out, and if he were to do such, risk discharge. So he waited. He watched.

    The Dragons danced in the sky, and Garth was one of the many spectators along the city wall to witness such an ordeal. A flurry of claws, wings, and blasts of lightning. At first... it was a spectacle. But not for long, as they disappeared above the clouds. The sounds of the scrap were still booming from above, though the men to the left of the Northerner grew uneasy-- As did he. It wasn't long before that feeling of unease came forth, as the Dragons breached the clouds in a downwards spiraling fight directly for the city.

    The Viduggla was quick to act, calling out to the soldiers, "MOVE- MOVE!". He too followed his own words, quickly dispersing from the top of the wall for the grounded streets below as the Dragons crashed into the Watchtower of the city nearby. Heaps of stone and splinters of wood shot out across the nearby vicinity, as falling bodies followed suit. Whatever stragglers left were called out to by the Northern Soldier, creating the small beginning of his garrison to come. Garth lead his garrison down the busied street with urgency, as both ailor and altalar soldiers ran past. A large conglomeration of soldiers were huddled in the streets, the Northerner waving his arm. "OUT OF THE WAY-- FALL BA-"

    His voice was cut out when the two Dragons blasted through the buildings and into the streets, continuing their scuffle with no thought of the men around them. Slabs of stone fell on soldiers, pillars of wood impaled men, and Dragons crushed those unlucky to be in their path. All throughout, was the voice of the Viduggla rang true calling for soldiers to fall back to safe positions and to find any wounded still breathing. He lead his garrison forwards into the dust-filled, debris littered streets. As other soldiers fled from the Dragons, those city guards who joined Garth's garrison moved towards them.

    . . .
    The men ran throughout the streets, some tripping and stumbling, only to be picked up by their follow men-in-arms. Others peeled off from the Garrison to aid in the process of helping wounded who were unfortunate enough to be in the path of the Dragon's bout. Garth had little to say in opposition to it- He had his focus on carrying forward, no matter the number of men. Worries and doubts flooded through his mind, only to be swallowed and pushed back to allow him to carryforwards. Yells, shouts, and rumbles could be heard just nearby, though toned down in comparison to a typical thunderous crash of a Dragon. With a sharp turn, the Northerner lead his men through a tight hallway, debris-strewn all around. The city square came into view, spotting arrows flying and men desperately avoiding the attacks from an unidentified human figure. Bursting onto the scene, Garth's eye scanned about, locating each fighter- Lazarus, Mae, Hagmer, Fen'an, Gerhman. He barked out orders to the garrison: "Spread out-- Surround the Dragon! Circle Rikkira!" And with that, the City Guard spread to his left and right, creating formation to oppose the Dread Dragon for one more fight. The shouts of Lazarus Lupenzi were drowned out in Garth's own thoughts, as he tightened the round shield strapped his left arm, and raised the Skagger Axe gripped tightly in his right hand. His head lowered to meet Rikkira, taking one single step her way before stopping at the Dragon Magic. She was.. she was singing.

    White bolts shot into the floor, startling each man in the Garrison and Garth himself as they were unknowing of the effects of such an action. There was a tense moment of silence throughout the field of battle before the Dead started to rise. The Dragon of the Dread did not give the chance for the North-born man to directly oppose her. The Dead separated them, and so... the next battle began.
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