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    =| Basic Information |=
    "Don't mind me; I am nothing more than a shadow of the wall."
    • Full Name; Alazzan Izu-Vyzal [x]
    • Age; 34
      • Date of Birth: October 22nd, 274 AC
    • Sex; Male
      • Gender Identity: Male
      • Pronouns: He/Him
    • Race; Izu-Allar
    • Sexuality; Homosexual
    • Alazzan has journeyed to the City of Light in order to engage with the Allar who have made a similar journey, seeking out a community and inevitably a Digmaan to fall under. This is because the Allar had once been under Digmaan Vivassa in Hadar, since then however, Alazzan has somewhat departed from his old Digmaan, in search of a new one to fall under since his migration to the Holy City.
    • Born and raised in Hadar, Alazzan's upbringing was not extraordinarily eventful. With some other siblings—some given to other castes, the Izu-Allar felt his place in society from an early age. Fortunate enough to be born of his parent's caste, he remained with them until he met a critical figure in his development. At this young age, he boldly brought himself before the Nash-Avaq of Digmaan Vivassa, and doing so petitioned their support to begin learning the refined ways of an Izu-Allar. In some sense, he found a mentor: Ressan Izu-Vivassa. Ressan taught Alazzan almost everything he knows about Roguery and Sorcery, and practically raised the young Allar.
    • Alazzan has a natural curiosity for the arcane, one that is not overbearing like his peers in the Izu caste, but a mild one. He believes that by studying it he can unlock knowledge that he can use for his own and leverage. Though he keeps it to himself, his secondary ambition is to meet as many Arken as he can—from a safe distance of course.

    • Iron Daggers
      • In tune with his skill to use daggers, Alazzan keeps his lightweight iron daggers on him at all time. Typically they are sheathed at his side, and are drawn only when out of necessity. Alazzan finds iron-made daggers to be a practical choice, and swift way to engage in his discreet combat styles when appropriate.
    • Pocket Map
      • Alazzan keeps a map of the city so he always knows where he is going. In tune with his Pathfinding skills, Alazzan also keeps a blank pocket map in case he is to leave the city for any expeditionary purposes, able to sketch a clandestine map when needed.
    • Alchemy Belt
      • A standard alchemical belt about his waist which he carries his alchemicals on, each vial marked with his own name to dignify his craft. Below each label is a small Zasta phrase which details the components of the mixture. Alchemicals are exclusively positive and not high proficiency. Contact OOC for specific alchemicals, always carrying three vials on the belt.
    • Spiritualist Kit
      • A small kit containing Alazzan's tools for using his Arcanology skills. This kit contains a Magedust and Holy Water mixture along a Counter-Salve with a Catalyst. Alazzan uses this kit when encountering any obstacle requiring his skills as an arcane specialist to be put to use.
    • Journal of Spells
      • The Izu-Allar carries on him a journal, at first presenting as a book where he'd carry his personal ramblings, but in truth a source for him to track and write down his spells as well as their functions. The book is scribbled with arcane iconography and written purely in Zasta. (2).png
    =| Skill Information |=
    "Discretion is often a lifesaver when you don't know what you're dealing with."

    Total Points; 50 (Proficiency Baseline) + 10 (Hobby Points)

    • Core Group
      • Dagger Combat—12
      • Alchemy Science—5
    • Hobby Group
      • Pathfinding Art—15
        • 10 (Hobby Points) + 5 (Racial Boost) = 15
    • Point-Buy Group
      • Sorcery—21
      • Arcanology—0 (Racial Ability)
        • Ward Knowledge
        • Essence Knowledge
      • Linguistics—3
        • Slizzar Language
      • Roguery—9
    Body Shape
    • Physical Stat; 15
      • 12 x 1 (Dagger Combat) + 15 x 0.5 (Pathfinding Art) = 20 (Racial Limit) = 15
    • Body Shape; Slim
    • Body Fat; Low
    • Common (10/10—Free)
    • Zasta (10/10—Family)
    • Zorraana (10/10—Linguistics)
    Special Traits/Spells/Mutations
    • Racial Abilities (Izu Caste)
      • Izu-Allar Appearance
        • Alazzan adopts his physiology from a Fire Salamander, with his main body being amphibian like with soft amphibian skin and his head resembling the look of a salamander, dotted with yellow spots over his body.
      • Exclusive Body Trait
        • The Izu-Allar is able to view his surroundings widely, with his eyes having more mobility. It is difficult for him to be taken by surprise.
      • Special Abilities
        • Body Mend 2
        • Keen Mind 1
        • Keen Mind 2
        • Omniaware 2
        • Sorcery Skill 1
        • Empath Sense 5
    • Void Sorcery | Darkness (Shadow and Lightning)
      • Travel
        • True Path 1
      • Curses
        • Dark Curse 1
      • Aesthetic
        • Magic Sight 3
        • Arcane Mastery 1
      • Enchant
        • Element Brand 3
      • Combat
        • Super Self 2
        • Magic Bolt 1
        • Darkness 2
    • Roguery (Quiet Tricks)
      • Abilities
        • Rogue Gift 4
        • Rogue Gift 5
      • Packs
        • Sleight of Hand (5).png
    =| Visual Information |=
    "I think I'm quite beautiful—though that may be subjective."
    • Eye Color; Bright Yellow
    • Hair Color; N/A
    • Hair Style; N/A
    • Skin Color; Deep Brown and Dotted Yellow
    • Clothing; Simple and Light Robes
    • Height; 165cm
    • Alazzan carries upon his head slitted bright yellow irises, with a white sclera. His mouth is amphibian-like, sometimes allowing his long tongue to slide out to cool off or simply because he is bored. He lacks conventional ears due to his Allar physiology and lacks hair, instead possessing a bald scalp with smooth brown skin with dotted yellow spots. His neck also carries the same yellow spots, and they appear across his humanoid body.
    • Alazzan stands at a surprisingly above average height for his Izu-Allar peers, though small by stature—he uses this to his advantage with his stealth. Alazzan has flexible bones, allowing his body to maneuver with high mobility, and thus lets the Izu-Allar be very perceptive of his surroundings, with a wider range of motion about his neck. He has a slender form, not carrying any significant muscles and lacks in physical strength. The Izu-Allar lacks any body hair. He has a moderately long, slender tail, dotted with the yellow spots and deep brown skin of his figure.
    • For his caste, the Izu-Allar appears much like a Fire Salamander, with brown skin and yellow dots over his body. Alazzan thus prefers his clothing to compliment this—but remain simple enough and practical for everyday tasks. Alazzan keeps his clothing to a breathable and light level, with moderate and darker robes preferred. He does not try to be as extravagant as other castes, and thus remains content with the simple basics, especially considering his stealthy approach to life. He has a collection of jewelry in his home, but seldom wears it for risks of theft are very much upon his mind. He also carries his iron daggers, at all times.
    • Alazzan keeps his speech very mild and slow, preferring to be concise rather than extravagant. His voice is low and deep, with a mysterious allure to it almost. He is very careful with his words and chooses the best words for his purposes, preferring to maintain an actions over words profile to his demeanor. Hence, the Izu-Allar is unlikely to spend much time demonstrating the value of a proposition, not through words and rhetoric—but observable evidence in tune with his scholarly nature. (6).png
    =| Personality Information |=
    "Every heart has a path; winding and complex—twisting through layers of depth."
    • Character Alignment
      • Lawful Neutral
        • The Izu-Allar has respect for authorities and the orderly law that society is bound within. He seeks to serve this society as he believes it is necessary to the world's functioning. Despite himself being willing to go to shady measures, he has a personal code that he abides by—and will execute it in favor of the systems he is meant to serve. Alazzan knows without there being an authority or general sense of order in the world (in his own mind, a Digmaan), that it is destined for failure.
    • Character Personality Type
      • INTP-T—The Logician
        • Alazzan is focused on studying the world about him, and ensuring he has a handle on it. He is stealthy and decisive, preferring to stick to the sidelines in general, although interacting for the sake of his pursuits. He is capable of working with others to accomplish goals, ideally goals that he agrees with—but a natural curiosity is within his heart. Though, not so certain about the world—the Izu-Allar remains questioning of all that is around him to make sense of himself and others.
    • Choose your Character's Religion
      • The Great Alchzech (7.5/10)
        • An Alchzekkan within his heart, Alazzan follows the philosophy dearly. He believes that all faiths have some mettle to them and should be moderately considered, though he does not bend in any particular direction. If anything, he believes more in his personal freedom over religion, since religion is meant to be a spiritual elevator—he does not let the topic burden him. If he had to pick a faith closest to his own heart, he would pick Slzz the Silver Librarian's Allarian Dragon Worship, since he is quite scholarly and keen on the aspect of knowledge.
    • Covert Sensitivity
      • Alazzan tries to mask his emotions, a lot of the time since he believes they can get in the way of his role. Under the surface, he is quite a sensitive individual, and can be internally bothered by what people say to him. He lets his scholarship and skills veil this however, as to let his guard down in this form would be personally terrifying. However, this leads to him having trouble expressing his emotions to those he cares about, and results in a bad history with intimacy.
    • Hedonistic
      • The Izu-Allar knows well to stay away from alcohol and recreation when he can. Such consumption habits of his past has lead down into dark spirals, further causing him to repress himself. He prefers to focus much more on his work, because this is a troubling aspect of him. Once he starts going down the spiral of hedonism, it can take him days, weeks, and at worst: months to escape it, and he has been there more than once.
    • Perfectionist
      • Every little aspect of his life must be in order, Alazzan is a true perfectionist. If one were to point out a dirty corner of his household he would rush to clean it, tearing apart the house and re-assembling it until it is back in order. This is a characteristic that also bleeds into his work, since he will ensure that everything he does is to the best of his ability, which can lead sometimes to burnout and personal exhaustion.

    • Alazzan has a tendency to let his tongue out when he's bored—a byproduct of his physiology. Not only this, he must use his mouth to release heat. He also drinks, /a lot/ of water when he is anxious or stressed, and actively seeks out a cooling pool for him when he is undergoing immense pressure to relieve his mind. Such is likely the healthiest outlet for the hedonistic Allar.
    • Alazzan has developed the skill of Pathfinding. This came about from having to run between various Hadarian states for his Digmaan's advisory council. It was often a requirement for the young Izu-Allar under the mentorship of Ressan Izu-Vivassa to go on foreign missions, spying on other Digmaan to collect intel to fuel the political conflict between the various pseudo-clans. A natural product of these journeys came when he had to navigate the terrain, sometimes even having to briefly journey into Sendrass. It could thus never be more important for the Allar to have this skill, even if a minor hobby now.
    • Seraph
      • Any knowledge is a topic of interest for Izu-Allar, but he knows well that Seraph knowledge crowns the world when it comes to secret information. The arcane truths hidden within the legacy of the extinct and elusive, hypothesized first race will cause the Izu-Allar to instantly tune in.
    • Allar
      • Alazzan feels a sense of safety and comfort in the presence of other Allar, because of the natural sociability of the race. It is likely the few groupings of people where he is able to express his emotions, but not always. In general, being around other Allar makes him feel more comforted and at peace.
    • Cuisine
      • Particularly when it is prepared by the Als-Allar; good food is an absolute joy for Alazzan. Secretly, he judges an establishment by the quality of their food alone and above other things, prioritizing the assessment before any other factors. He is able to intricately enjoy the flavor profile with his experiences. Though this has led to him being a bit pickier than usual, since back in Hadar he only experienced exceptional quality cuisine.
    • Manipulation
      • As an individual well immersed in the shady side of dealings, Alazzan feels extremely defensive when people get close to him and upon discovering that he was being extorted in anyway will despise the individual responsible forever. He does not see himself as a piece on a chessboard, but rather the one who makes the moves and he is extremely insulted when this occurs.
    • Inefficiency
      • Hailing from a society of scientific, alchemical advancement—the Izu-Allar cannot seem to understand why the world can often be at large inefficient. At large, he tries to do what he can to mend and put back the flaws of society, but knows that many are complacent with the direct faults and insecurities of a system. Thus, it frustrates him when he comes cross this irreparable inefficiency.
    • Ignorance
      • Alazzan is well educated for himself, and from this perspective has little understanding why others wouldn't reach his standard. Perhaps it is a bit arrogant, but he does not appreciate when people are not adequately informed on a topic they attempt to speak about, and wholly believes the talking should be left to the scientists and experts.

    Most relationships Alazzan have been in have either been vastly successful, or a tremendous failure. In part to his emotional reservation, the Izu-Allar finds trouble expressing himself emotionally with people who he hasn't been comfortable with for many years. Overall, Alazzan is able to maintain relationships, but often struggles with connecting.
    • Parents
      • Alazzan's parents are located in Hadar. The Izu-Allar didn't spend a whole lot of time with his parents, and rather instead supplemented his mentor for his true parent and teacher in life. While his parents were there for him when he needed them, they also were tending to two other Izu-Allar, which made getting their attention often difficult.
    • Siblings
      • Born to parents, following four other children, Alazzan was never alone—despite that two others were given to other castes, he still found a way to remain in touch. Many of his siblings he got along with extensively well, but many interactions were often met with occasional ups and downs. As a result, he was used to his siblings rotating their favor with each other and upon leaving his family for his mentor, he felt a huge lift off his shoulders from the burden he carried with his siblings when he went on his own.
    • Ressan Izu-Vivassa
      • This was the Nash-Avaq of Digmaan Vivassa, and served as the advisor in the Lazzai's court within his Hadarian home. Ressan taught Alazzan everything he knows, notably about Roguery, and even Sorcery. Ressan raised Alazzan as his own to fit him for the role of Nash-Avaq so thatwhen he was old enough and could succeed the older Izu-Allar. Though recent events have occurred for Alazzan, and Ressan recently advised the still young Allar to travel to Regalia, and escape the politics and conflict of the homelands. Alazzan indeed, dearly misses Ressan—but understands that his placement in Regalia is not without important purpose for growth.
    • The Past
      • Embarrassingly enough, Alazzan experimented extensively in romance with other male identifying Allar. To no avail did any of his past relationships come, due to his inability to open himself up. It was difficult for Alazzan in his youth, though he did survive it—he has learned that it is best not to re-engage romantically until he is a little more rooted in life. He has thus far had about three exes, and wishes not to revisit them. (9).png
    =| Life Story |=
    "I am but a woven tapestry of raw circumstance."

    Alazzan hatched from an egg in Hadar on October 22nd, 284 AC. Fortunately, his parents were of the same caste as him, Izu-Allar and thus he was able to remain with them at first. He had four other siblings, born at the same time, two of which were given to other castes and two Izu-Allar who stayed with Alazzan. At first, he lived a simple and peaceful life. He found himself subject to Digmaan Vivassa in Southern Hadar. Within this system, he learned quickly of it's mechanisms, picking up on both Common and Zasta from those around him.

    Moving onto his early adolescence, Alazzan found interest in the courts and workings of the society, falling naturally into his role as Izu-Allar. Alazzan met many people, had a few unsuccessful romances in these adolescent years—but most notably came across Ressan Izu-Vivassa, the Nash-Avaq of Digmaan Vivassa. Ressan was known for being an unconventional advisor, living a life in the shadows to serve the Lazzai and by extension, the Digmaan. Ressan was highly skilled in stealth, and was known to be a Void Sorceror, though many had tolerated this due to their sacred role to practice Sorcery. Alazzan met Ressan himself and asked him directly to teach him, sparing no time, Ressan had Alazzan go through a series of mental trials that he constructed—grueling and tough, Alazzan came out successful. And so the Nash-Avaq agreed to take Alazzan under his wing, and teach him the ways of a proper Izu-Allar.

    Living with Ressan to study and practice, Alazzan also sought out a basic knowledge of Alchemy from local Als-Allar, who were more than willing to give him knowledge of the basics. While studying Alchemy, he also took up daggers as a form of sharp and decisive combat, in case he had ever needed to put his stealth to use. Daggers were an excellent choice for quick and effective strikes. Ressan saw Alazzan grow in this lifestyle, despite Alazzan having unconventional relationships and questionable emotional stability. Ressan was ironically enough the one responsible for teaching Alazzan how to suppress his feelings to be more effective.

    Onto his late adolescence and early adulthood, Alazzan was tasked by Ressan to do the footwork of many political spying operations, learning the ins and outs of working in the shadows for the Lazzai. Alazzan quickly picked up Pathfinding, being forced to navigate through the terrain of Hadar, and sometimes into the elusive Sendrass for various operations. This resulted in Alazzan being able to pick up Zorraana, to communicate on the odd layover in Sendrass. Alazzan's work was largely limited to spying and discretion, so this was a great opportunity for him to refine and develop his skills. With Sorcery and his studies to back him up, Alazzan felt ready to take on the world.

    Things somewhat shifted dramatically when Digmaan Vivassa fell into political tension with other local Digmaan lands, questions were raised and power struggles occurred—leaving Ressan to do many of the heavy lifting behind the curtains. This caused Ressan to be unable to continue teaching Alazzan, though Alazzan told Ressan he felt ready enough to be own his own. Ressan told Alazzan to go to Regalia, and to continue learning there. The Nash-Avaq told Alazzan that while he had mastered a variety of skills, there was still so much learn about the way of an Izu-Allar. To spare him from the ongoing tension, and occupied lifestyle of his at this shift, Ressan paid for his trip and Alazzan finds himself in Regalia—even if he remembers his old Digmaan, he knows new ones exist in the City of Light, and he is actively seeking out a new group to serve. Now within the city, Alazzan has been taken into Digmaan Vyzal and eagerly wishes to serve this collective Digmaan.
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