Academia Ministry Report I - On The Agriculture Support Committee

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    On The Agriculture Support Committee:
    What We Know, What We Plan to Learn, and Our Honorable Colleagues

    Since Mid-April, affected regions of the Regalian Archipelago have been well aware of the Blight that began within the Lorenthaus province of Shattel. Since then, this unrecognizable agricultural disease has begun to spread throughout a vast part of the mid-Archipelago region. The Agricultural Support Committee was established by Duke Cillian Mac Con soon after this Blight first appeared, and efforts were focused within the epicenter to find a way to slow it.

    Below is a collection of what the Committee has discovered. It is our hope that this information helps the general public should they wish to take the investigation into their own hands. While no one can stop individual research, it is recommended that any who wish to do so get in contact with the Committee to exchange up-to-date information which may not be published by the time of investigation, and to provide individual recommendation and assistance.

    I. What We Know

    These are the results of the Agriculture Support Committee's investigation thus far. In the event that more information is needed or clarification requested, please write to the Academia Minister for assistance.


    • The Blight affects root vegetables and has not been seen to damage other crops so far.
    • It stems from the Zzonzeer region of Hadar.
    • It is alchemical in origin with Void essence connection. [Possibly ‘Corrupted Alchemy’.]
    • It can be contained with burning, although this is a measure only in use until a less catastrophic one is found.
    • It is unaffected by some forms of purification magic.
    • The Soor-Rassa-Allar of Hadar have no records of the Blight.

    II. What We Plan To Learn

    With the educated society that is found within the Committee, there are several goals that we wish to succeed in the coming days and weeks. All of which lean towards the success in finding a way to fully rid the Archipelago of the Blight and its devastating effects. If there are any suggestions by those reading to what should be focused on next for investigation, and it is not listed below, please write to the Academia Minister.


    • A register on all known crops affected by the Blight, as well as those confirmed to be unaffected, will be drafted in the coming weeks to ensure there are no panicked burnings on crops safe from Blight.
    • A Soor-Rassa-Allar representative will help the Committee perform research within Regalia alongside willing volunteers.
    • Further exploring the use of magical/arcane forms of expelling the Blight, such as other purification magics, holy water, etc.
    • Continued alchemical research with the purposes of creating a cure from what we know of the Blight, or determining what the components are that make up the rot.

    III. Our Honorable Colleagues

    As the final section of this publication, I, Duchess Haeddi van Hal, would like to personally thank all individuals who have helped the Agriculture Committee so far. Much has been done in the matter of investigation, while there is still so much to research and discover before this issue is concluded, we could have never found ourselves as far as we have without your help. As such, I hope that readers of this equally can share my personal gratitude to these individuals.

    If you have helped the Agriculture Support Committee in the past and do not see your name, please write to the Academia Minister.

    Thank You:

    Duke Cillian Mac Conall for leading Diplomatic efforts, and providing funding.

    Duke Florian Peirgarten for leading Diplomatic efforts.

    Duchess Amelina Peirgarten for acting as Head Alchemist, leading Diplomatic efforts, and providing funding.

    Digmaan Cro-Maarx Vyzal for assisting Alchemical research.

    Ladyship Roselyne Howlester for assisting Alchemical research.

    Lord Vhilomir Bancroft for assisting Alchemical research.

    Lady Isabelle Cadieux for assisting Alchemical research.

    Lord Atum shel Morathes for assisting Alchemical research.

    Dame Mila Braunbecker for assisting Alchemical and Arcane research.

    Ser Ludwig Schusselfeld for assisting Arcane research.

    Miss Caricia Vasaretto for assisting Botany research.

    Miss Loriella Hall’aveia for assisting Botany research.

    Miss Barbossa Maz-Vyzal for assisting Alchemical research.

    Miss Nallia Qulo’ena for assisting Alchemical research.

    Magus Nora Mornala for assisting Arcane research.

    Miss Bronagh Ni Floinn for assisting Botany research.

    Miss Aeawynne for assisting Botany research.

    Mister Bel-Gyarbrin Tibaerthus for assisting Botany research.

    A Special Thanks is extended to:

    High Eminence Madelyn de Azcoissia for acting as a model to others on how to react to the Blight, and working tirelessly as our Lord Chancellor.

    Grand Duchess Sivrid Sorenvik for providing assistance at every step of the way as the Alms Minister.

    Grand Duke Abelhard Petrou for selflessly allowing the Agriculture Support Committee to visit and use the Citadel of Proagogi.

    Grand Duchess Milena Cadieux for providing funding for our travels and research.

    Lady Eponia Reinard for providing funding for our travels and research.

    Miss Emery Houle for acting as a loyal assistant and secretary to the Academia Ministry.

    The Qar-Digmaan for allowing us within Hadar for both research and communication.

    The Soor-Rassa-Allar for assisting with research and granting us a representative in Regalia.

    Our Thanks,

    Her Grace Haeddi Jehanne van Hal
    Duchess of Westerhal
    Academia Minister
    Commoner Executive

    Miss Emery Houle
    Academia Secretary
    Executive Assistant
    OOC: This was just an excuse for me to publicly thank y'all for helping. I really do appreciate it and if you ever want to rp past what is done for the Committee, ping me. :-)

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